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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 22 Recap

Chen Haofeng came up with a way, saying that the photo was taken by Ouyang Hua himself. Ouyang Jun thought he had caught the savior, but he quickly refused after reacting. He had already lied. Chen Haofeng was only testing him, so he asked Ouyang Jun if he wanted to repair the relationship with Ouyang Hua. Of course Ouyang Jun had this thought.

Chen Haofeng patiently unraveled him, rushing to Ouyang Jun’s starting point and performance, even Li didn’t want this matter to be overwhelmed, now only Ouyang Jun’s attitude is needed. Ouyang Jun immediately understood what Chen Haofeng meant. Chen Haofeng comforted Ouyang Jun’s bulls to be nothing compared to the bulls he used to brag, and Chen Haofeng encouraged Ouyang Jun to go out.

Lin Anbang has been wondering how much money is in Xia’s poor account. Xia Zhuo said that he still spent six million without spending a cent. When the two were chatting, they heard someone talking about Ouyang Jun taking fake photos. It turned out that this matter was posted on the Internet. Lin Anbang quickly ran away when he heard the words. Xia Zhuo reacted and rushed to catch up. Lin Anbang accidentally posted the post to the public, and Xia Zhuo had a headache. By doing this, Lin Anbang simply pushed him into the abyss.

Xia Zhuo called Huang Wen, but Huang Wen couldn’t delete the post, so he had to go to the staff of immediately. Lu Zheng was also worried about deleting the post. Ouyang Jun came, and Lu Zheng quickly let Xia Zhuo go out first. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai asked Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to change posts together, hoping that Ouyang Jun would calm down and let them have time to solve this matter. Before that, Ouyang Jun and Xia Zhuo could not quarrel or do anything.

Father Xia went to the mountains to track the mine bee and was accidentally bitten by a snake. Mother Xia called him by the way and complained that there were traces of cooking seafood at home, because Xia Zhuo could not come back in the army. Xia mother thought someone had come in and immediately called the police. But it was just a misunderstanding. .

Both Xia’s father and Xia’s mother are too busy at work, and the house has been unoccupied, and even the property fees have not been paid. Mother Xia returned home and checked the surveillance at home, and found that it was indeed Xia Zhuo who had returned.

Ouyang Jun came to Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng saw that he hadn’t calmed down and asked him to go back. He didn’t expect that Ouyang Jun took the initiative to admit his mistakes. He did something wrong. No one blames him. Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo are also doing him good. Lu Zheng understood Ouyang Jun’s thoughts and patiently explained that it is impossible for a person to talk about himself behind his back in his entire life, and only those who make himself stronger and should shut up can shut up. Lu Zheng thought that Ouyang Jun wanted to start, but he did not expect that Ouyang Jun proposed to change the company and temporarily withdraw from the war blade company.

Lu Zheng was very angry, and Ouyang Jun said he wanted to find a quiet place to prepare for the military academy. Lu Zheng did not agree to Ouyang Jun’s thoughts, and simply took him to a certain weather place in the previous 334th brigade, where there has been no one for a long time. Lu Zheng asked Ouyang Jun to fix the equipment. There is a kitchen and a bedroom, but only Ouyang Jun lives alone. Lu Zheng thought Ouyang Jun would regret it, but he didn’t expect him to blurt out a word, I don’t regret it. When Lu Zheng left, Ouyang Jun was doing meteorological work here, preparing for exams with peace of mind, and also learned how to cook.

Father Xia and Mother Xia drove to visit Xia Zhuo. Xia Zhuo went to the weather station to find Lu Zheng because of Ouyang Jun alone, and asked him if this matter was over. Lu Zheng said that Ouyang Jun went to the weather station to test his studies, and it would also allow him to stay away from public opinion. Father Xia and Mother Xia got lost and strayed into the weather station, and the car broke down, so they asked Ouyang Jun to spend the night, but it was a military forbidden area and they couldn’t stay there.

But Ouyang Jun finally let them live in the dormitory, and Xia’s father made coffee for them in the evening. Xia’s father and Xia’s mother said that their son Xia Zhuo was also from the Rocket Army and also from East Sichuan University. Only then did Ouyang Jun realize that they were Xia Zhuo’s parents.

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