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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 1 Recap

Morinaga High School has always been ranked among the top three key middle schools in Haven City. It has two campuses. They are the South School, which specializes in sports, and the North School, which specializes in culture. Sports students are physically strong and work hard on the sports field. But there is no room for two tigers. The cultural students of the North Campus have always looked down upon the simple-minded and well-developed physical education students, and the physical education students also regard cultural students as the puppets of the learning machine teachers.

The monitor went to the South School to get the handbook, and the students were a little worried after hearing these rumors. There were 24 people in the class, but the monitor only received 20 copies. A friend sent her pictures of four boys to make her be careful of these people. She just happened to see the person with his head sticking out of the window when she raised her head. For one of them, she said that all twenty-four copies were collected.

Several boys gathered around a little boy. The little boy cried and they were at a loss. They just wanted the little boy to take them on diamonds. The little boy said they were too bad for him. The boy handed the boy a comic book. The boy took the comic book and cried. Several boys coaxed the boy. Yun Xiang ran over and told them that it was not good that the North School sent someone to collect the manual.

The boy wondered if the manual was in the broadcasting room. The key was still with them. Yun Xiang said that the girl said that all 24 copies were collected. The boy said that if the manual was taken away by her, the people from the North School would go up a bit, and when Lao Bai saw it, he would be finished. The little boy took the opportunity to leave.

The person who came to receive the handbook this time was Yuan Caixi, the monitor of the second class. Yuan Caixi was selected as the monitor of the class by teachers and classmates since the first year of high school. She never left late for the annual full attendance award. She never participated in any activities other than studying.

Several people came to the broadcast room and found the manual. Yuan Caixi also came to the broadcast room. Only they had the key to the broadcast room, so Yuan Caixi made them think she got it and waited for them to come to the broadcast room to confirm. Several people prevented Yuan Caixi from leaving and asked her to put down the manual. Naturally, Yuan Caixi would not put down the manual. Yuan Caixi tripped and fell and just turned on the radio. The exchange between Yuan Caixi and Li He was heard by the whole school.

Li He and others saw the comments made by people on the forum, and they decided to get back their face. Yuan Caixi said that she must win the first place once in her senior year of high school so that she can get a scholarship. In the physical test on the playground, Li He proposed to help them reach the standard in the cultural and biological test, and help them to stretch before the test. The teacher agreed. Li He and others avenged their personal revenge. When doing sit-ups, they always said that they were not doing the standard and repeated them over and over again, and finally quarreled.

The two people decided to compete against a dodge ball. Seeing that only Ning Zeyu and Yuan Caixi were left in the cultural life camp, someone from the cultural student deliberately sprinkled water on the ground and Jiangwon fell and was hit. Someone from the sports student saw the cultural student sprinkling water. In one scene, the two parties quarreled again.

There was chaos on the court. The director came to visit and was hit by a sudden ball. He was very angry and brought Ning Zeyu, Yuan Caixi and Li He to the office and called their respective head teachers. Coach Bai, Li He’s head teacher, spoke about Li He symbolically, while Ning Zeyu and Yuan Caixi’s head teacher Luo Xiyan defended them. Luo Xiyan said that the students made mistakes because they were ignorant, and the teacher failed to teach well because the teacher neglected his duty. She asked Coach Bai if she had anything to say.

The director didn’t say anything to ask them to go back for a 1,500-character review. Li He reluctantly said apologizing, and the director immediately added 2,000 words to them. The director called the two head teachers to the front, and asked Coach Bai to think about it a little bit before speaking, and almost talked out about the joint school. Both head teachers felt that it was inappropriate to join the school. The director said that he had to join the school anyway.

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