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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 8 Recap

Old Hou admits that he likes Lin Sufen’s beauty. Guo Jiangdong thinks Lin Sufen is as clean and tasteful as boiled cabbage heart. The two rivals drank booze while chatting about their feelings for Lin Sufen. They both wanted to use alcohol to numb themselves. Wu Hui came to the nursing home to inspect. Remind them not to take this as an example and not to drink anymore in the future.

Ye Xiaomei took care of Lin Sufen in the hospital. She accidentally heard that the children of cancer patients were arguing about giving up treatment. She was in a heavy heart. Lin Sufen didn’t want to wait for death in the hospital soon. She wanted to leave the hospital and return to the nursing home as soon as possible, so Ye Xiaomei had to look for it. The doctor consulted. The doctor worried that Lin Sufen’s life would be in danger after he was discharged from the hospital, and advised Ye Xiaomei to consider it carefully.

Guo Jiangdong personally stewed the turtle soup, Hou Lao was there to help taste the taste, they just wanted to send it to Lin Sufen, Ye Xiaomei hurried back, wanting to set up a house for her grandma, Guo Sanshuang took the initiative to help her, and also accompanied Ye Xiaomei. The hospital goes through the formalities. The doctor asked Ye Xiaomei to sign the agreement to give up the treatment.

Guo Sanshuang couldn’t help but remember that his mother was terminally ill. His father Guo Tielin also signed such an agreement. Guo Sanshuang is still in his heart, which is tantamount to giving up the patient’s Life is as cruel. After completing the formalities, Ye Xiaomei pushed Lin Sufen back to the nursing home, followed by Guo Sanshuang.

At night, Lin Sufen woke up suddenly. She dreamed that Ye Xiaomei would sing her a song, and she also dreamed that her wife was wearing a white scarf and wanted to take her along. Ye Xiaomei went to sleep with Lin Sufen and listened to her continue to talk about her dreams. In the early hours of the morning, Lin Sufen saw that Ye Xiaomei next to her was asleep, so she quietly got up and wrote a letter to Ye Xiaomei.

Lin Sufen confessed his funeral to Wu Hui, and solemnly handed her the bank card, real estate certificate and various documents of the nursing home to her for safekeeping, and asked Wu Hui to transfer her diary to Ye Xiaomei. After that, Lin Sufen called Guo Sanshuang and asked him.

On June 12, I gave Ye Xiaomei a birthday gift and recorded a video on the spot. Lin Sufen listed all the foods that Ye Xiaomei loves and wrote “I love you” on the birthday cake. Ye Xiaomei considered repeatedly and begged the old people in the nursing home to help organize a sorority that went back in time, so that grandma could return to her young age. First, she found out the white scarf that grandpa wore when she was alive.

Ye Xiaomei meticulously put on light makeup for Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen was refreshed. She was very satisfied. She wanted to take the opportunity to take a beautiful portrait, so Ye Xiaomei had to do it. Lin Sufen brought Ye Xiaomei to the vegetable market and introduced Ye Xiaomei to the bosses one by one, hoping that they would provide the freshest ingredients for the nursing home. Finally, Lin Sufen introduced Ye Xiaomei to the director of the neighborhood committee and asked him to support Ye Xiaomei’s work in the future.

Ye Xiaomei stayed busy until dark to accompany Lin Sufen home. Seeing a carnation on the table and the white scarf, Lin Sufen couldn’t help crying. The room suddenly lit up and the elderly people in the nursing home. Let’s sing together “Night in the Outskirts of Moscow”. Ye Xiaomei ties a white scarf to Lin Sufen by herself, and the grandparents and grandchildren dance to the beat of the music.

Soon afterwards, Lin Sufen’s condition worsened and died. The golden ori came to the mourning hall to mourn Lin Sufen’s funeral. Lao Hou lost his love. He was heartbroken and squatted on the ground. He took out the cigarette in his pocket and wanted to take a sip, but Wu Hui was killed by Wu Hui. Hou Lao had no choice but to throw it away quietly. As the days passed, Ye Xiaomei gradually smoothed out the daily routine of the nursing home.

Guo Sanshuang continued to sell health products. She saw the phone prompt and learned that it was Ye Xiaomei’s birthday, so she ordered a birthday cake in the name of Lin Sufen and asked it to be delivered. The clerk sent it to Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei opened the cake and saw the video recorded by her grandma during her lifetime. She watched it with tears and made a wish at the candle.

Ye Xiaomei pulled out Lin Sufen’s diary, which detailed the little bit of her and Ye Xiaomei’s dependence on each other. Lin Sufen was most worried about the nursing home. This was no longer a simple nursing home, but Lin Sufen’s home. Lin Sufen asked Ye Xiaomei to manage it. The nursing home is also regarded as one’s own home.

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