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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 7 Recap

At night, Lin Sufen tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. Seeing that Ye Xiaomei checked her test sheet to stay up late to check for cancer information, she took the opportunity to propose a drink to relieve her fatigue. Ye Xiaomei uncharacteristically agreed to her request and took out the wine hidden under the cupboard. Lin Sufen dragged Ye Xiaomei to drink with her. The grandparents and grandchildren drank freely. Lin Sufen knew that this was the first and last time for them to drink. She cherished this hard-won opportunity.

Ye Xiaomei stayed up all night to copy the shredded manga manuscript and wanted to hand it to the editor of the publishing house as soon as possible. She was shifting to the time for work. Suddenly she received a call from her mother, Golden Oriole. Ye Xiaomei didn’t buy it, she said coldly to her, and Golden Oriole didn’t mind. She promised to explain what happened before. She had a last resort and had a hard time. Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to be too long-winded with her, let her explain. Coming.

The golden oriole admitted that Lin Sufen gave her 50,000 yuan and asked her to accompany Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei made it clear that she had only her grandmother as a relative, and that the golden oriole was a stranger. She also ridiculed the golden oriole. The golden oriole repeatedly emphasized that Lin Sufen begs her. Taking care of Ye Xiaomei, Ye Xiaomei left without waiting for her to finish. Golden Oriole asked the waiter to help download the app for reading comics. She looked through Ye Xiaomei’s work from beginning to end. Ye Xiaomei poured all her expectation of maternal love on the protagonist of the comic, and her heart was mixed.

Ye Xiaomei learned how to drive with her grandmother, and she gave Lin Sufen the comics she drew by herself as a Mother’s Day gift. The comics detailed the days when the two of them were dependent on each other. Lin Sufen was very moved and promised to continue teaching her to drive tomorrow. Ye Xiaomei Doctor Zhao consulted and learned that her grandmother’s illness was very serious and she must be hospitalized immediately, otherwise her life would be in danger at any time. Ye Xiaomei took Lin Sufen to the hospital for treatment. Lin Sufen’s health was deteriorating, and Ye Xiaomei pretended to comfort Lin Sufen easily.

The boss gave Sanshuang a large bonus and had high hopes for him. He promised to promote him to vice president at the end of the year and give him shares in the company. Guo Sanshuang was flattered. The boss took the opportunity to ask him to go to the nursing home to develop new customers. Guo Sanshuang promised. He told Jiangdong the good news for the first time. Guo Jiangdong reminded him not to sell health care products to Ye Xiaomei. Lin Sufen is suffering from cancer. If he misses the condition, he will kill him. It was only after Sanshuang that he realized the seriousness of the problem. I decided to put my grandfather’s room on the Internet and rent it out, and use the rent to pay back the money for Ye Xiaomei to buy health products.

The tenant soon came to see the house. He bargained with Guo Sanshuang, and finally rented it out for 3,000 yuan a month. After Sanshuang got the rent, she came to Ye Xiaomei and lied that the products had quality problems and wanted to be recalled. Ye Xiaomei did not ask much, so she returned all the remaining health care products and forced Sanshuang out. .

Guo Sanshuang went out carrying a few large boxes of health care products, and met Sun Erniang who was collecting debts. Sun Erniang has found out that he and Ye Xiaomei defrauded Little Golden Dog and forced Sanshuang to pay back the money as soon as possible. After Sanshuang has no cents, all the belongings are These returned health care products, Sun Erniang refused to give up, and forced Guo Sanshuang to eat the health care products in person. Guo Sanshuang could only bite the bullet and swallow.

Ye Xiaomei suddenly received a notice from the hospital. She was so scared that she hurried to the hospital when she learned that Lin Sufen had a severe gastrointestinal hemorrhage. After Sanshuang, she saw Ye Xiaomei running away and guessed that Lin Sufen had a problem, so he boiled soup and sent it to the hospital. Wu Hui asked Guo Sanshuang to send Ye Xiaomei home to rest. She stayed to take care of Lin Sufen, and Ye Xiaomei had to leave in grief.

Ye Xiaomei didn’t want Lin Sufen to worry. She wanted to learn to drive as soon as possible. She asked Guo Sanshuang to teach her all night. Ye Xiaomei took the trouble to practice many times, but she finally hit a pile of bricks. She was very depressed, so she asked Guo Sanshuang to send her home. Since Lin Sufen was hospitalized, I couldn’t sleep when I crossed Jiangdong. I walked alone in the yard at night. I saw Lao Hou drinking boring wine. I also drank a sip when I crossed Jiangdong. He admitted that he had already liked Lin Sufen and asked how old Hou liked Lin Sufen. the reason.

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