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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 24 Recap

Lu Jing rushed to chase Liang Chen’s car, but fell to the ground due to lack of physical strength. Liang Chen sitting in the car did not notice Lu Jing behind. He was still worried, and suddenly found that his mobile phone was dead. Now, let Ke Ke help charge. During the rehearsal, Liang Chen was too worried about Lu Jing’s affairs and had no intention of singing at all. Just as Liang Chen asked to take a break, Ke Ke looked up and saw Lu Jing standing under the stage and quickly told Liang Chen. Liang Chen looked at Lu Jing and wished Lu Jingzhen more.

There was a reasonable explanation, but Lu Jing suddenly didn’t know how to meet Liang Chen’s gaze. Liang Chen continued to practice singing in a fit of anger, but kept calling for a halt because of his voice. Liang Chen still kept saving for rehearsal. Lu Jing saw distressed in the center of his eyes. He sent a message to Liang Chen and left. When Liang Chen again When he looked up, he found that Lu Jing was no longer there.

When Liang Chen was about to leave, he received a call from Taro. He learned that Lu’s grandparents were all looking for Lu Jing crazy, because Lu Jing hadn’t gone back yesterday, and he hadn’t answered the phone. Taro also explained that Lu Jing hadn’t returned. Jing didn’t think he needed to tell Liang Chen because he didn’t plan to go abroad, and hoped that Liang Chen would not be angry.

Liang Chen opened the elevator door and found that Lu Jing was sitting in the corridor. Liang Chen felt a little distressed. He walked in front of Lu Jing and blamed Lu Jing for not answering the phone at home. Lu Jing nervously took out his mobile phone and realized that it was turned off. .

Seeing Lu Jing shivering from the cold, Liang Chen felt distressed and put his scarf on Lu Jing. He also said that he no longer minded Lu Jing’s concealment, and he believed that the distance could not separate them, and they could stand it. For the test, Lu Jing didn’t worry about their separation, and it might be because of his distrust of them. Although Liang Chen felt sorry for Lu Jing, he obviously did not forgive Lu Jing for his expiration. He politely asked Lu Jing to go home first. Lu Jing was also very unhappy about this.

After Lu Jing went back, Zhou Zhou and the others thought that Lu Jing was dumped by Gu Feiming, so they became angry by running. So a few people discussed and tied Gu Feiming’s five flowers to the chair and asked Gu Feiming if it was right. Little box, Gu Feiming explained that he was not a little box, and had not been contacted by Lu Jing for a long time. Only then did several people realize that they might have made a mistake.

Ma Shanshan came to Liang Chen and persuaded Liang Chen to find a mature and stable man. Just like Jiayun, Jiayun can solve all the problems she wants to solve, not an immature boy, but Liang Chen confirms Because if she is looking for a young boy, she likes the sweet and happy gaze of being watched, instead of Jiayun who has done everything for you, Liang Chen also said that she will continue to be with Lu Jing. of.

Zhou Zhou and several people squatted on the basketball court, but Lu Jing kept running laps. Several people took Lu Jing’s clothes and put on them. When they found their mobile phones, they had to send WeChat to the small box and told the small box anxiously. Lu Jing has been running for two hours and may be about to collapse. Liang Chen heard that he was very anxious and said that he would rush over as soon as possible.

What Zhou Zhou and others didn’t expect was that the people who came were actually Liang Chen. They were so scared that they all squatted on the ground. Liang Chen yelled to Lu Jing, and Lu Jing rushed over and found that he was wearing thin clothes. He took the clothes and earbags from Zhou Zhou and the others, wrapped them in Liang Chen, and sent them away impatiently.

Lu Jing explained that not going to study abroad was a decision made after careful consideration, because his parents are abroad all year round, his grandparents are getting older, and there must be people by his side, and everything in the country is very good, delicious food, and his most important person Liang Chen is here, so he doesn’t want to go. Liang Chen said that she was angry because she, as Lu Jing’s girlfriend, was able to participate when she wanted to make important decisions, and she didn’t want her presence to affect Lu Jing’s life trajectory, and she also hoped that Lu Jing could believe in their feelings. It can stand the test.

Because Liang Chen is a public figure, he is also worried that it will affect the people around him. He also hopes that Lu Jing can be prepared. Lu Jing expressed his willingness to accompany Liang Chen and accept everything about her, and the two embraced tightly. When the two left, Zhou Zhou and others asked whether they were reconciled. Lu Jing deliberately lied that there was no reconciliation. The three immediately stopped Liang Chen and told Lu Jing’s various benefits one by one, which attracted Lu Jing. Jing and Liang Chen laughed happily. The three people found out that they had been fooled. Liang Chen returned the earbags. The three immediately began to snatch the earbags worn by Liang Chen. Liang Chen and Lu Jing watched the three chasing backs even more. It is forbearing to laugh.

When Liang Chen was about to go back, Lu Jing suddenly hugged Liang Chen from behind. He was really reluctant to let Liang Chen go back alone, and drove Liang Chen back on his bicycle. Liang Chen nestled happily on Lu Jing’s back, and Lu Jing was in full bloom. . Although it is cold, the hearts of the two people are warm.

Taro was at home watching Ma Shanshan’s funny video while eating. Ma Shanshan suddenly called to ask if the taro had eaten. The taro lied that he had not eaten yet, just waiting for Ma Shanshan to invite him to eat. The taro is as if it hasn’t eaten for hundreds of years. It’s ugly to eat when it’s been eaten. Ma Shanshan can’t eat it anymore, so he can only lie that he has no appetite to eat. After the meal, Ma Shanshan was going to pay the bill but was stopped by taro.

He had to pull Ma Shanshan to eat the King’s meal, and he was still running wild on the road outside, making Ma Shanshan a little angry. Taro then took out the check-out list and told Ma Shanshan that he had already settled the bill, and he was so angry that Ma Shanshan wanted to make taro.

Seeing Ma Shanshan sitting on a chair, in order to get close to the taro, Ma Shanshan moved a little bit aside, and the taro chased it all the way. Ma Shanshan moved all the way, but one accidentally sat down from the chair. To the ground.

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