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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 23 Recap

Hearing that his grandson and daughter-in-law had arrived in the opposite room, Lu Jing’s grandparents immediately dressed up to attend. They came to see Liang Chen and praised Shui Ling. Liang Chen suddenly felt shy and nervous, so he hurriedly arranged his clothes and politely. Saying hello, Lu Jing hurriedly urged his grandparents to go back. Grandpa and grandma did not forget to remind them to take good care of their grandchildren and to contribute all the meat at home.

After finally dismissing the grandparents, Liang Chen asked Lu Jing nervously on WeChat what to do next, and Lu Jing also replied to Liang Chen. When he was ready to send the meeting ceremony, Taro watched the two not eating, and if they had to send a WeChat face to face, he couldn’t help reminding the two of them to eat quickly. Unexpectedly, Ma Shanshan next to him gave him a stare, and Taro shut his mouth in fright.

After sending off Liang Chen and leaving, Lu Jing was rejected by his grandparents as soon as he returned home, and forced Lu Jing to rush to send his grandson and daughter-in-law back home. When Taro was about to send Jiayun back, he ran into a fan of Lu Jing. Lu Jing’s fan came and knocked on Lu Jing’s door. Sad and desperate, Lu Jing actually had a girlfriend behind her. Lu Jing smiled helplessly, and Taro was proud of it. Snicker.

Lu Jing was reluctant to part with Liang Chen for a minute. After returning, he was invited by Taro to play a game. Lu Jing finally agreed to call Liang Chen to make an appointment to play games. Unexpectedly, the two of them were also in love in the game. Every car had to drive Taro to the back seat, because the co-pilot belonged to Liang Chen, and Lu Jing pointed a gun to her head when Taro was about to object. Taro was so frightened that Taro was obediently obedient, and he kept complaining about the two of them being so affectionate.

Taro was abused by Lu Jing and Liang Chen, and Taro had to listen to him. Whoever made the game could not beat Lu Jing, and the field KO could not beat Liang Chen.

Lu Jing hesitated after seeing the admission notice. He planned to go abroad when he was a freshman. Now that he finally received the notice, the professors had great expectations for Lu Jing, and his family had already prepared for Lu Jing’s going abroad. , Lu Jing was reluctant to bear Liang Chen. When Liang Chen was preparing a sandwich for Lu Jing, Lu Jing suddenly cried in his arms. He also said that his favorite was Liang Chen, so he wanted to hug him because Lu Jing’s phone kept ringing, and he knew it was. His parents urged him to make a decision.

Seeing Liang Chen playing the game, Lu Jing commanded from the side, but still couldn’t help but red eyes. Some thoughtful pulling Liang Chen sat on his lap and grabbed Liang Chen’s hand to play the game together. Liang Chen was enjoying this process. Lu Jing’s cell phone rang again. Although Liang Chen urged Lu Jing to answer the call, he couldn’t help complaining that the phone was not ringing at the right time.

Ma Shanshan drank too much because he was always immersed in pain and unable to extricate himself. He drove into the guardrail on the side of the road. Fortunately, there was no major incident and was taken home by taro to take care of him. Lu Jing and Liang Chen rushed over when they heard the news. Grandma Lu accidentally mentioned Lu Jing’s going abroad when she delivered soup to Ma Shanshan, and urged Lu Jing to call her father back. The family was in desperation.

Liang Chen heard these words, and was angry that Lu Jing actually kept it from her. Lu Jing didn’t know how to explain it. By coincidence, Taro did not miss the opportunity to ask why Lu Jing didn’t tell Liang Chen. It turns out Taro knew about it a long time ago. This let Liang. Chen was even more angry, and she was the only one in the world who didn’t know. It was enough to show that Lu Jing didn’t care about her at all, and Liang Chen left angrily.

Liang Chen had already driven away when Lu Jing flew out to find him. Lu Jing came downstairs to Liang Chen’s house to call Liang Chen and was always turned off. Lu Jing stayed downstairs overnight, with snow falling in the sky until the next morning. Lu Jing found that Liang Chen’s car had driven away.

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