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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 16 Recap

Shui Wuxia always felt sorry for the old lady, Jiang Baiyu became normal after canceling the marriage contract. Jiang Tianling came to talk to Jiang Baiyu. Jiang Tianling said that Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia had only two days from their engagement to the cancellation of their marriage. Jiang Tianling asked Jiang Baiyu what happened in the past two days and when did he start with Shui Wuxia. Yes, how can they succumb to fate if they truly love each other.

Jiang Baiyu said that from the first time he saw Shui Wuxia, he knew that fate had arranged them together. It was a pity that their fate prevented them from getting married, but they still had countless days and nights. He said that he believed that one day this Jiang Mansion would be here. The lanterns and red silk of Jiangfu will be hung again for them.

Shui Wuxia and Shen Qingli met and talked about the dissolution of their marriage. After a busy day, Shui Wuxia was a little hungry. Shen Qingli had already prepared snacks for her. The two sat upstairs to watch Chong’an. Shen Qingli asked Shui Wuxia what they did next. Shui Wuxia said that the average couple would take a walk or find a place to chat after eating something. But Shen Qingli felt that these were not interesting enough. He wanted to give her a starry sky. Shen Qingli took off his cloak and put it on top of the two of them. After opening the box, a starry sky appeared on the cloak. Shui Wuxia was very moved.

The next day Jiang Baiyu had a fever and caught a cold. The grandmother gave her a candied fruit. Knowing that Jiang Baiyu was sick, the old lady and the master came to see Jiang Baiyu. The master gave him a pulse and found that his blood and qi deficiency was unstable.

The old lady suggested to do a full-body examination for him, but Jiang Baiyu was injured and he quickly said no, the master went to dispense his medicine. The old lady asked Shui Wuxia Jiang Baiyu the reason for his illness, but Shui Wuxia did not know it, but Jiang Baiyu did have some strange symptoms. He sometimes sweats for no reason, sometimes he is very cold, sometimes nervous, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. One day he actually put his face in the basin to cool down.

A few days ago, the strange behavior of Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu Xiangke disturbed the old lady’s heart. She thought that maybe it would be fine if the marriage contract was terminated and they returned to their usual state, but she didn’t expect it to be so bad. Jiang Baiyu quickly got up and explained that the unstable pulse condition might be the change of seasons. Besides, since he was ignorant, he liked to take some wolf and tiger medicine to replenish his body, so the old lady don’t think too much. For the good of them, the old lady decided to ask Shui Wuxia to leave Jiang Mansion.

The old lady persuaded Shui Wuxia to leave Jiang Mansion, but Jiang Baiyu refused to leave Shui Wuxia, but Shui Wuxia had already decided to leave Jiang Mansion. She moved back to the wing house today and will leave Jiang Mansion tomorrow. After the old lady left, Jiang Baiyu told Shui Wuxia that he would find a way to let her stay.

Shui Wuxia asked Jiang Baiyu and the other four to go to Huadengfang to drink and stay drunk. Shui Wuxia Fang Yuncheng Qi Delong and Jiang Tianling had already arrived, but Jiang Baiyu hadn’t come. He was stopped by the grandmother, and the old lady said that the two of them don’t need to see each other again. , Shui Wuxia will leave Jiang Mansion early tomorrow morning. Shui Wuxia and others did not wait for Jiang Baiyu to start drinking. Qi Delong suggested that everyone talk about the happiest and most regrettable things with Shui Wuxia. Qi Delong said that her happiest thing is that she has been compared with Shui Wuxia.

In her opinion, Shui Wuxia can be regarded as her lifelong friend and a lifetime opponent. What she regrets most is that she always treats Shui Wuxia as an opponent, even though she is always under pressure. , But only Shui Wuxia has been with her for so many years. What Fang Yuncheng regrets most is that Jiang Baiyu’s maid changed from Qi Delong to Shui Wuxia, and Shui Wuxia cured Jiang Baiyu’s heart disease. He saw a lot of hope in Jiang Baiyu’s eyes, and this was his happiest thing. Jiang Tianling’s happiest thing is Jiang Baiyu’s progress. He said that he once had flawlessness in his heart, but it was a pity that it was too late.

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