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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 19 Recap

The queen said that if the emperor did not forgive the prince, he would not forgive himself. The emperor assured the queen that the prince was their eldest son after all. He would give the prince a chance to make corrections, and after the imperial examination, he would arrange a few capable ones for the prince. The courtiers assisted the prince well. The emperor read the papers of this scientific expedition, praised Du Ning’s papers, and listed Duning as the first class.

When Du Ning became an official, he went to Fu Yin to talk about his feelings, and asked Fu Yin for a kiss. As long as Fu Yin agreed, he would immediately go home and report to his parents, and then propose to Fu Yin’s parents. Fu Yin Naturally agreed.

On this day, the emperor led the princes and Du Ning for a walk in the back garden to give lectures, but the prince was always thinking about Chen Ji’s affairs, absent-minded, and frequently confused. The emperor took the opportunity to remind the prince to abide by the etiquette and asked him to write down what Zhan Xuanzhi said. In my heart.

After teaching the prince, the king of Han proposed to the emperor that he wanted to edit a topographical book. The emperor listened to the idea of ​​the king and admired him a lot. He also allowed him to open a literature museum in the mansion and recruit talents to repair the book. The prince was here. Xizhong kept yawning, the emperor was a little dissatisfied, and asked the prince to go back to rest.

The emperor ordered the prince to leave. On this day, the emperor came to visit the queen and saw the prince sleeping next to the queen’s bed. Only then did he learn that the prince took care of the queen every day in addition to handling government affairs. Everyone lost a lot of weight. The emperor knew that he had blamed the prince and felt a little distressed. The ground put on a cloak for the prince.

Fu Rou made an appointment to meet with Sheng Chumu. As soon as he left the palace, Yan Zifang suddenly appeared. Fu Rou asked him why he hadn’t told himself his true identity before. Yan Zifang was about to speak. Sheng Chumu appeared and said that Yan Zifang was before. Pirates, so I had no face and said to Fu Rou that the two of them were jealous because of Fu Rou’s struggle.

Fu Rou explained to Yan Zifang that she had only brother and sister affection for him. When several people were arguing, King Zhou suddenly came and said that Fu Rou liked herself. , I even kissed Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu was about to get angry, Ma Hainiu suddenly came out to talk about her being kissed by Sheng Chumu, Sheng Chumu lost her arrogance, and quickly pulled Fu Rou to explain, Zhou Wang , Sheng Chumu and Yan Zifang had a quarrel, and the three even had a fight.

Taking advantage of the fight between the three of them, Fu Rou couldn’t help herself, so she went back to Fu’s house first. Fu Yin said that she was going to marry, and asked Fu Rou to help herself put on the bracelet that the third wife had left for her. After Sheng Chumu went home, he remembered that he was going to secretly bring Fu Tao back to Fu’s house. He and Fu Tao came to Fu’s house, but they still didn’t catch up. Fu Rou had already gone back to the palace.

Fu Tao and Fu Yin were ready to leave after recounting their old age. He told Fu Rou not to tell others about his return, because Lu Yunji did not know his true identity, so he set Lu Yunji on fire and killed the Fu family. Mrs. Fu told Fu Yin about the matter. Fu Yin knew the truth for a while, but he couldn’t accept it.

The prince came to give the emperor the cloak. When he wanted to retire, the emperor left the prince and said a few words. The emperor actually had great expectations for the prince. He hoped that the prince would not let himself down again. The prince wanted to explain himself and Chen Ji. It was just a friend of friends, but the emperor was very stubborn, thinking that Chen Ji led the prince astray, and said that he would choose some loyal and righteous officials to assist the prince.

The prince repaired Chen Ji’s tomb in the East Palace. He couldn’t sleep at night and wanted to see Chen Ji, but found that Sun Lingshu was confessing in front of Chen Ji’s tomb. When Sun Lingshu picked wild flowers, he saw Chen Ji fall and let Chen Ji stay in the East Palace temporarily, and then he had everything that happened afterwards.

Fu Rou went to Li Baolin as a guest. Li Baolin was worrying about the chirping white finches outside and wanted to knock down their nests in person. However, the queen and the emperor thought that the white finches built their nests for auspiciousness and were for the queen’s recovery. Gao Ge, when the two arrived at Huayin Pavilion, they saw Li Baolin knocking down the white bird’s nest. The emperor felt that Li Baolin had ruined auspiciousness and wanted to punish Li Baolin. Fu Rou stood up and spoke for Li Baolin. This made the emperor relieved. Li Baolin’s punishment, seeing Fu Rou can speak well, promoted her to act as a secretary.

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