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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 18 Recap

Sun Tan learned that Sun Lingshu had caused trouble in the East Palace recently and angered the queen several times. He was so angry that he was angry with his wife. Sun Lingwei heard it outside the house and couldn’t help telling her parents what Sun Lingshu had told her. , Sun Tan was heartbroken when he learned that the prince was not doing his job.

Lu Yingying entered the palace to speak with the queen, and ran into Yan Zifang on the street, so she stopped him, returned the pearls Yan Zifang gave him, and told him that he was going to marry. Yan Zifang did not have much reaction. , Just saying congratulations, Lu Yingying slapped Yan Zifang with anger.

The memorial sued Chang Guogong for accepting bribes and buying and selling official positions. The prince spoke for Chang Guogong. The emperor summoned Chang Guogong to interrogate him in person. In this case, the emperor saw the memorial saying that Shi Xuchang cursed the queen. He was furious and Sheng Chu.

Mu also heard about this person, saying that this person has no real ability, even the teacher does not recognize him, just relying on his ability to speak and know the way, often enters the palace to give lectures to the nobles in the palace, but recently the queen has reorganized The palace rules did not allow Taoist monks to enter the palace. Perhaps because of this, Xu Chang cherished grudges and cursed the queen.

Chang Guogong once asked Xuchang to go to the mansion to treat his son’s illness. After Chang Guogong’s son recovered from the medicine given by the emperor, Chang Guogong proclaimed that his son’s illness was due to Xuchang’s practices. The emperor was furious and wanted to give Chang Guo. The prince wanted to protect the Prince Chang, but the emperor reprimanded him, saying that he was deceived by the villain.

Sun Tan took the opportunity to tell Chen Ji about Chen Ji. Sun Tan felt that the prince and Chen Ji were depraved. The emperor asked the emperor to teach the prince, but the emperor made a big fire and asked the prince to kill Chen Ji, otherwise his position as prince would be abolished. Fu Rou heard it outside the palace and looked for Sheng Chuling everywhere in the palace, but Sheng Chuling was in harmony with Xinnan With the princesses together, Fu Rou happened to see Lu Yingying and asked her to help spread the word.

Lu Yingying told Chen Ji that the emperor wanted the prince to kill Chen Ji and that Chen Ji should run away, but Chen Ji didn’t want to encumber the prince and let Lu Yingying go back. To convey my gratitude, the scholar died for his confidant, and the prince treated him as a confidant, and he was willing to die for the prince. The prince led troops to Chen Ji’s small courtyard. He wanted to make Chen Ji escape quickly, but when he entered the door, he saw Chen Ji’s body.

Sun Lingshu learned that his father had filed a lawsuit before the imperial court and learned that the emperor wanted the prince to kill Chen Ji. Her heart felt cold. She knelt down in the East Palace and pleaded guilty. After the prince came back desperately, she just threw Chen Ji’s suicide dagger in front of Sun Lingshu. The next day, both Sun Lingshu and Princess Han pleaded guilty in front of the Queen’s palace.

The Queen thought she was pregnant when Sun Lingshu was pregnant, so she got up and left. Sheng Chu ordered the patrol to pass by and saw Princess Han kneeling, so she went to Princess Xin Nan for help. Under Princess Nan’s plea, the queen let Princess Han go, but she also rewarded King Han with two beauties and asked Princess Han to take them back.

The favor Yan Zifang wants Sheng Chumu to repay is that Sheng Chuling takes Mahainiu to go boating. After Mahainiu is satisfied, the favor is paid off. When the two of them accidentally fall from the boat when they are fighting, Mahainiu pretends to be drowning. In a coma, when Sheng Chumu gritted her teeth and wanted to give Mahainiu artificial respiration, Mahainiu took the initiative to kiss Sheng Chumu, and Sheng Chumu hurriedly fled after seeing that she had been deceived.

Chang Guogong was sent back to his hometown by the emperor for accepting bribes and Xuchang. After Chang Guogong left, Lu Yunji took the opportunity to stand beside the prince and deliberately provoke the relationship between the prince and Sheng Chumu Han. The marriage between Lu Yingying and Chang Guogong’s son fell through. She remembered what Chen Ji said that people should not let her down, so she decided to pursue Yan Zifang.

Yan Zifang found out that Lu Yingying was following her, so she scared her and said that she was going to destroy Lu Yingying. Lu Yunji was distraught, but Lu Yingying proactively kissed Yan Zifang. Yan Zifang was startled, letting go of Lu Yingying.

The queen’s illness became more and more serious. When the emperor came to visit the queen, he said that the prince was disappointing.

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