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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 29 Recap

Duan Mucui, who had once again fallen into the tragic nightmare of her childhood, had a very painful expression. It happened to be seen by the recruit Wen Gu who had passed by. Wen Gu used his Youzu healing technique to slowly relax her. Ami thought that Wen Gu wanted to harm Duanmu Cui, and fought against Wen Gu. Wen Gu said that he wanted to treat Duanmu Cui, but Ami did not believe in Wen Gu.

Duanmucui, who woke up, explained that Wen Gu was only helping himself, and that Duanmucui did not treat him differently because of the blood of Wengu’s half-human and half-you family, and let Wengu leave. Wen Gu talked about being discriminated against in You Clan because of his half-human blood, and Duan Mucui’s attitude towards him made him feel very warm.

Both Zhanyan and Yu traveled together, and both Zhanyan and Yu asked about Duanmucui. Zhanyan tried to enter Duanmu Camp through Yudu, but was told by Yudu that Duanmu Camp would not accept male soldiers, and in desperation, Zhanyan had to find another plan. Wen Gu wrote a prescription for Duanmucui and left Duanmuying. When Miss Ami saw the prescription, she knew that Wen Gu didn’t want to harm Duanmu Cui.

The Dragon King of You Clan always had deep affection for Wen Gu’s mother, but Mother Wen was unwilling to forgive his brutal killing. As a doctor, Mother Wen felt that the worst thing she had done in her life was to save the Dragon King. Wen Mu felt that the blood of the half-human and half-secluded Wen Gu was drifting away alone, so she arranged for Xiao Taohua Hongluan to find Wen Gu.

Wen Gu found in the military camp that Cheng Qi was out of the camp secretly listening to the content of the generals’ meetings, and the copper shell he left behind had a secluded atmosphere. Cheng Qi was worried that his betrayal of the human race was exposed and wanted to warn Wen Gu. Duanmucui appeared and maintained Wen Gu in time. After Gao Bojian went back, he was educated to become a beggar. He became a beggar and became anxious and took the opportunity to offer slander to Gao Bojian. He arranged for Wen Gu to patrol the Anyi City alone, and wanted to take the opportunity to get out of Wen Gu and eradicate the disaster.

When Wen Gu was besieged by people in black, Hong Luan rushed to find Wen Gu was besieged. Hong Luan hurried forward to rescue Wen Gu, but he couldn’t beat many people in black. Zhan Yan appeared in time to instruct Hong Luan to use peach blossoms. The array subdued the man in black. Ami and Duanmucui’s sisters were practicing dance, Chengqi brought a group of people to make trouble, and said that Yu was dead. At this time, Yu Du returned to camp in time to suppress Cheng Qi’s arrogance. Duanmucui’s hanging heart relaxed a little when he saw Yudu returning to camp.

Hong Luan brought Zhan Yan and the injured Wen Gu to a farmer to recover from his injuries. Hong Luan took care of Wen Gu like Wen Gu cared for herself. Yi Luo cooked some home-cooked dishes for Zhan Yan and Hong Luan. Zhan Yan learns from Yi Luo that Hong Luan likes Wen Gu, and Zhan Yan persuades Hong Luan to hold on to the person in front of him.

Yu Du told Duanmu Cui that there might be spies in the human race. Wen Gu wakes up and recognizes Hong Luan. In order to thank Zhan Yan for his rescue, Wen Gu decides to take Zhan Yan back to the barracks. Hong Luan wanted to accompany Wen Gu to the barracks. Wen Gu persuaded Hong Luan many times before Hong Luan agreed to stay at the farmer and wait for Wen Gu to return.

Chengqi and Yannv went to find clues to rescue the people from Wengu and Yudu, and found peach blossoms all over the ground. Yannv felt that this was not like what the human race did. Hong Luan forgot to take her purse, Yi Luo was about to go to deliver the purse, but Cheng Qi and Yi Luo stopped where she went, and Yi Luo was killed by them. Hong Luan came back and saw Yi Luo’s body. He was very sad and vowed to avenge Yi Luo. Yu Du went to look for clues, and Hong Luan found that Cheng Qi had killed Yi Luo, and wanted to avenge Yi Luo, but was injured by Yi Luo.

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