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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 28 Recap

Gao Bojian and Duanmucui had a conflict at the celebration banquet. Duanmucui said that because of Gao Bojian’s carelessness, all the soldiers in Duanmuying died on the battlefield, so Duanmucui was angry and left the celebration banquet. Duan Mucui came to Old Yue’s camp to accompany the dead brothers. Thinking of the grief of the comrades who had sacrificed, he felt more and more responsible and vowed to protect them.

Huban blamed Duanmucui for playing a child’s temper, and Duanmucui retorted that it was because of Gao Bojian that the Duanmuying brothers were killed and injured, and the two could not talk together after all. Both Huchang’s mother and younger sister were humiliated to death by the You clan, and Huchang wanted to kill all the You clan, thinking that Duanmu at that time should also be able to let go of his own worries.

Gao Bojian’s subordinate Chengqi made a private statement to provoke the female soldiers of Duanmuying, Duanmucui’s good sister Ami and all the female soldiers couldn’t bear to beggars. Ami Yue Chengqi met in the woods at night and designed Chengqi Xiaoxiao. Chengqi was beaten by a fat woman from Duanmuying, and she was very angry.

The beggar became a beggar because he had nowhere to vent because of his anger. It happened to be taken advantage of by the subordinates sent by the Prince Tail Dragon of the You clan to instigate him to rebel against the human clan. The arrogant Cheng Qi bullied the recruit Wen Gu in the barracks was taught by Duanmucui, and Chengqi’s hatred for Duanmucui increased by 10%. Jiang Wenqing, who followed Duanmucui to Shen Yuan, also went through some disguise and came to the place of conscription. He knew that it was the rebellion of Cheng beg that led to the defeat of the Battle of Chongcheng thousands of years ago. He wanted to change the original history and re-appoint him. God.

When Jiang Wenqing was enlisting troops, he approached Mr. Yue and succeeded in gaining Mr. Yue’s trust, and took advantage of the opportunity to enter the Human Race Barracks. Jiang Wenqing planned to hide in the barracks and wait for action. Gao Bojian and Cheng Qi still targeted Duanmucui everywhere, and at the meeting to discuss the fight against the You Clan, they used aggressive methods to force the only male soldier in Duanmu Camp, Yu Du, to go to the You Clan Camp for scouts alone to inquire about news. The female soldiers of Duanmuying were not at ease with Yu Du, and they were still very careful with him before they set off. Duanmu Cui hoped that Yu Du could come back alive, but Yu Du was captured by You Clan as soon as he went out to inquire about the news.

After some inquiries, Zhan Yan knew his current situation, and he secretly decided to find Duan Mucui as soon as possible to restore her memory. Zhan Yan took off the You Clan’s clothes and disguised himself as You Clan.

Duan Mucui dreamed of a man, but he couldn’t see his face clearly. Ami asked if Duanmucui likes Hubang, Duanmucui did not answer Duanmucui’s question, just answering this marriage contract is good for everyone. Zhan Yan bribed a You Clan with copper shells and successfully entered the You Clan team escorting Yu Capital. Zhan Yan learned from the Youzu conversation that when he was a child, Duan Mucui and his mother were kept in a coffin for three days. Zhan Yan finally understood why Duan Mucui was afraid of the dark. Yu Du was rescued by Zhan Yan, who was disguised as a You Clan, and during the dialogue with Yu Du, Zhan Yan became more deeply aware of the responsibility and heart knot that Duan Mucui shoulders in the Xiqi Barracks.

There have been many You Clan in Qifeng City recently. The people in Qifeng City are very scared, and Shangguan Ce doesn’t know how to manage You Clan. Shangguance’s carriage went out of control. At a critical moment, Youzu He Xue rescued the child who was about to be hit. Shangguance had a good opinion of He Xue. Duanmucui dreamed that he was locked in a coffin. Suddenly, he rescued Duanmucui with two hands from the coffin. This person is Zhanyan.

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