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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 27 Recap

Duanmucui killed Zhanyan with a giant fault in order to unblock the people of the city, and Duanmucui hugged the baby in sadness. Wen Gu comforted Duanmucui and wanted to return to the original life with Duanmucui. Duan Mucui had long known that there was no antidote to You Toxin, and that the You Toxin could only be resolved unless Wen Gu died, so the killing of Zhan Yan was only to fool Wen Gu and kill Wen Gu. Duan Mucui trapped Wen Gu with his lock finger, trying to solve everything.

Yang Jian brought five barbaric thunders and heavenly soldiers and generals to slay Wen Gu. Duan Mucui said that Wen Gu made these mistakes for his own sake, and all the causes were because of himself, so he wanted to use his own magical power to protect him. Wen Gu. Wen Gu looked at Duanmu in order to die for himself, and finally repented, pushed Duanmu Cui away, and suffered five wild thunders by himself.

Wen alone endured the mana of the five wild thunders, and eventually his soul flew away, and the heavy rain and faint poison also resolved. Madam Jiang and Zhang Long also detoxified and woke up. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu understood each other’s intentions, and finally a lover finally got married.

The faint poison has been removed, but Zhan Yan hasn’t woken up yet. Jiang Wenqing told Duan Mucui that everything is caused by the old qi, so if the qi is not completely eliminated in one day, the Three Realms will be in danger. The grievances are all caused by the battle of Chongcheng, and the tragic death of the battle of Chongcheng will lead to the dying of the anger. Jiang Wenqing told Duan Mucui that Shen Yuan could be opened to comfort the undead.

Only by finding the deepest obsession of the soldiers who died tragically, letting the soldiers let go of their obsessions, and bringing back the original love and kindness in their hearts, can the old anger be resolved. Duan Mucui was worried about Zhanyan’s safety, hesitated in his heart, but still wanted to start Shen Yuan to recover. Duanmu bid farewell to Zhanyan, and went to Chongcheng to open Shen Yuan with Jiang Wenqing.

Duan Mucui and Jiang Wenqing came to the gate of Chongcheng and used their blood as a guide to open the gate of Shen Yuan. Zhanyan woke up and learned through Xindie that Duanmucui had gone to open Shen Yuan, and he also saw the Qiankun bag and giant fault left by Duanmucui. Zhanyan also led the way to the gate of Chongcheng through Xindie. Jiang Wenqing prevented Zhanyan from entering Shen Yuan. Ke Zhanyan said that he must go to Shen Yuan to bring Duanmucui back, so he followed Duanmucui and jumped into the vortex of Shenyuan.

Duan Mucui and Zhan Yan met in Shen Yuan, and the hands held by the two were separated by Shen Yuan. Back in time, the vicissitudes of life, everything has returned to a thousand years ago. Shangxian Duanmu, who opened the gate of Shen Yuan, returned to the world of the Xiqi barracks a thousand years ago, without any memory, and became the female general Duanmucui who commanded the army and killed the fruit. And Zhanyan, who followed Duanmucui to Shen Yuan, a different world, also felt very strange. He was walking in the dense forest of the dark night and suddenly saw Duanmucui and Yang Jian passing by, but Zhanyan found that Duanmucui was completely I don’t remember myself, Zhan Yan is stunned.

Duan Mucui and Yang Jian went to support Huban because they were worried about the safety of Huban, but they were met by Huban’s comments. The Central Bureau of the Hubang Design Bureau killed You Clan general Fei Zhong, and also accused that if Duan Mucui and Yang Jian appeared, it would cause Huban to be unable to kill Fei Zhong. You clan general Fei Zhong was killed by Huban, and the last remaining line of the You clan’s defense was in jeopardy.

The son of You King took the initiative to fight, wanting to defend the last line of defense. Duanmucui’s remarks angered Duanmucui, and the two broke up unhappy. Returning from the big victory of Huban, Jiang Yi held a huge celebration banquet for Huban. At the celebration banquet, Duan Mucui was ridiculed by Gao Bojian, and Duan Mucui confronted Gao Bojian.

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