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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 23 Recap

The ground push activities went well, especially Song Ziyan’s performance received a lot of praise. Even Zou Cheng was very proud of it, and finally understood that his wife gave up too many beautiful moments for the family. As the performance of the orchestra ended, the owner of a music early education organization sent an invitation, hoping that Song Ziyan could spare time to teach her children to play drums, and she was willing to give her a satisfactory salary.

At first, Song Ziyan was worried that she would not be able to integrate into the children’s circle, so she refused, but Ahao felt that Song Ziyan was suitable for a lot of contact. Maybe it could change her current perception, which is a good thing. A Hao agreed in place of Song Ziyan. Looking at the business card in her hand, Song Ziyan felt complicated.

Shen’s mother and Qi’s mother followed the tour group to go sightseeing. The two went to get acquainted with each other. They didn’t expect that the children of both sides would go to the same major, and even the zodiac signs would be the same. The two mothers had an idea, and planned to match their children to meet with each other after returning, and resolve lifelong issues as soon as possible. As a result, Shen’s mother accidentally learned that Qi’s son was a round younger than her daughter. Not only did she change his face instantly, but also the mineral water she originally bought. Put it back, complaining that the other party wasted his time.

Although the ground promotion activity has come to an end for the time being, the sales of new energy vehicles cannot be slackened. Qi Xiao suggested that the previously ordered products should be returned and replaced with something that is more popular and affordable. Shen Ruoxin agrees with Qi Xiao’s idea, yes. He was very pleased.

The next morning, Shen Ruoxin felt uncomfortable on the way to work. Qi Xiao didn’t say a word. He directly grasped Shen Ruoxin’s wrist and pulse, and the atmosphere between the two seemed even more ambiguous. When taking the elevator, Qi Xiao used her body to help Shen Ruoxin block the crowds due to the large number of people in the space. Even in a meeting, she couldn’t help staring at Shen Ruoxin in a daze.

Qi Xiao was preparing for the campus push event, and at the same time he pulled Su Yang into the group and assigned tasks to him and You Sijia. After finishing all this, Qi Xiao saw Shen Ruoxin lying on the desk asleep, so he blocked her from the sun with documents. After get off work, Qi Xiao brought Shen Ruoxin to the Science and Technology Museum, enjoying the beautiful view of the Milky Way.

Su Yang and Qi Xiao were painting for the exhibition hall and chatting about love at the same time. Shen Ruoxin woke up and found no one around him. After going out, he saw Qi Xiao lying on the ground and falling asleep. The two of them painted all night. Su Yang left first, Qi Xiao was completely sleepy, staying beside Shen Ruoxin, listening to her telling the story of her childhood.

Since the accommodation arranged by the tour group was for two people, Shen’s mother and Qi’s mother naturally lived together. Although Shen’s mother was very cold, she couldn’t bear Qi’s lively talk, and she felt that she gradually adapted from the initial distance. If we delve into the opportunity to improve the relationship between the two, it is entirely due to a mandatory shopping tour of a tour group, because Shen’s mother and the female tour guide are fighting for reasons, and Qi’s mother is helping Shen’s mother to criticize the tour group’s fraud. The external attitude completely broke the previous deadlock.

That night, Shen’s mother and Qi’s mother talked in the room. At the same time, they talked about their first love when they went to the countryside to be an educated youth. Even if they were in love to death, they were defeated by reality in the end. They would rather give up the chance for their lovers to return to the city. Shen’s mother has experienced an unfortunate marriage, so she hopes that her daughter can find her own happiness, but compared with Shen’s mother’s cautiousness, Qi’s mother can bravely pursue love, not only has the husband’s favor, but also the son’s filial piety.

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