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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 21 Recap

Xia Zhuo forgot to bring back Yi Zimeng’s guitar, and he really forgot to buy Lin Anbang’s list, so he could only agree to transfer the money to them to buy it himself. Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng both thought that Xia Zhuo had gone to Liang Nuo. Xia Zhuo said he did go, but he didn’t find it. At lunch time, there was an extra salted fish in the cafeteria. Ouyang Jun had a familiar taste after eating. Xia Zhuo craned his neck and asked him how it tasted.

Ouyang Jun remembered the scene when his mother was pickling salted fish when he was a child. At this time, Shao Shuai came over and said that the salted fish was sent by a soldier’s father on a commission, and also put the video of Ouyang Hua. Seeing Ouyang Hua appearing on the big screen, Ouyang Jun lowered his head, clenched his fists, and finally couldn’t help but burst out, gritted his teeth and glanced at Xia Zhuo and left.

Xia Zhuo wanted to catch up and was stopped by Shao Shuai, saying that he would solve it. Shao Shuai said that Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng were Ouyanghua who met by chance, but Ouyang Jun thought they had gone for a home visit. He didn’t understand why he had to expose his scars. How old is Xia Zhuo? No matter how their father-son relationship is, it has nothing to do with Xia Zhuo. Shao Shuai wanted to warm up the video posted by Ouyang Juncai, but he didn’t expect it to be self-defeating, and his classmates treated him well, why not be friends and brothers. Ouyang Jun said stubbornly that they were classmates or comrades-in-arms, but they were neither friends nor brothers. Shao Shuai asked Ouyang Jun to think about how the military uniform would end. They actually wanted to help him.

Ouyang Jun locked himself up and was emotional. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai had a headache because of Ouyang Jun’s affairs. Ouyang Jun has been in the army for more than a year and has been very proactive. The relationship between Ouyang Jun and his father is a knot, and he will definitely not be able to solve it. Peace of mind.

Hearing that Ouyang Jun had locked himself in the storage room, Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai were shocked again. Ouyang Jun refused to open the door, and Shao Shuai asked Lu Zheng and Lin Anbang to go back first, and he was here to deal with them. Shao Shuai detoured the back door, expressing his understanding of Ouyang Jun’s current mood.

Now, except for Xia Zhuo, Lu Zheng, and Shao Shuai, no one else knows about this matter. I hope Ouyang Jun can come out and solve the problem. Lu Zhengmang ran over and ordered Ouyang Jun to open the door with his throat. Shao Shuai hurriedly stopped him, letting Ouyang Jun stay inside and figure things out. Lu Zheng and Shao Shuai were worried about Ouyang Jun’s accident and hurriedly turned on the surveillance in the storage room.

a year ago. An Lei hopes to have a psychiatrist, and the increase in troops in the fall will require more psychological assessments, so Huang Wen came. Huang Wen is currently studying for his Ph.D. This time he is also collecting data for the subject. At this moment, Ouyang Jun happened to come, he offered to chat with An Lei alone, An Lei asked him to say directly here, Ouyang Jun asked for a request and left. Those who passed the physical examination all came to participate in the psychological test.

Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang passed smoothly, but Ouyang Jun did not. Ouyang Jun’s last hope was gone, he couldn’t graduate or become a soldier, and Xia Zhuo was a little worried about him. Ouyang Jun went to Huang Wen to find out where he was unqualified, but in the end he didn’t ask why. In the evening, Ouyang Jun was at the food stall to relieve his sorrows, and in the end Xia Zhuo carried him back to the bedroom.

The next day, Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng came to see Huang Wen. Huang Wen guessed that he came for Ouyang Jun’s affairs. He could only indicate that his evaluation results were not ideal. Xia Zhuo asked to look at their system evaluation, because Ouyang Jun was just a little withdrawn, but not to the point where he could not serve as a soldier. Huang Wen thought his actions were naive and drove him away. Ouyang Jun woke up with a hangover, and the breakfast Xia Zhuo had left him on the table.

In the standby library, Xia Zhuo wrote an email to Huang Wen. Although they had experienced a lot together, the moment Ouyang Jun opened his heart was only the moment of life and death. Xia Zhuo wanted to help him and let Ouyang Jun put aside his coat. Be a happy person. Lin Anbang came to Xia Zhuo and said that Wang Xianmin was looking for him, and Xia Zhuo gave the computer to Lin Anbang.

Lin Anbang was very excited to add a few words to the end of the email. Chen Haofeng came, Ouyang Jun opened the door for him, and Chen Haofeng asked him to talk about what was going on. Although he was a rough person, he understood that he could not listen to stories from outsiders. Ouyang Jun said that he was sure to borrow someone else’s military uniform and send it to his family, but he felt that it was only a matter of time before he was admitted to the military academy.

Ouyang Jun also told Chen Haofeng that he had cheated at school, as well as Ouyang Hua’s domestic violence against him. Ouyang Hua killed him every time he was beaten since he was a child. Ouyang Jun also wanted to prove it to Ouyang Hua. Chen Haofeng asked Ouyang Jun who else knew about this. Ouyang Jun was emotional again. Only the two of them knew about it. He wanted to be admitted to the military academy and then dressed upright in military uniform and told Ouyang Hua that he is now an officer of the Rocket Army. No longer, he can no longer hit people casually!

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