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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 20 Recap

Lu Zheng asked Xia Zhuo to swear to stay in the army and not return to university in a hurry, and Xia Zhuo asked him to pull back his WeChat account. Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng found Ouyang Hua, but Ouyang Hua hoped that they would not interfere in their private life. Xia Zhuo did not understand what was indispensable between his father and his son, but Ouyang Hua said that he was young and did not understand, and hoped that they would not talk to Ouyang. Jun said that he had met himself and gave them a little dignity. Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo had a fight and returned to the topic again. The most important thing now is to resolve the contradiction between Ouyang Hua and Ouyang Jun.

Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng waited outside Ouyanghua’s house. They took a lot of seafood and said they wanted to have a meal together. Ouyanghua still refused, saying that he should rest. Lu Zheng had to move out of Ouyang Jun’s army leader status, but Ouyang Hua still refused to agree, and the two closed their doors. Xia Zhuo took Lu Zheng back to his home. Lu Zheng was a little surprised that such a large villa belonged to Xia Zhuo himself. Ouyang Hua was a little sad at home alone, and when he recalled his past attitude towards Ouyang Jun, he regretted not the first time.

Ouyang Hua has been very strict with Ouyang Jun since he was a child, and his education is either beating or cursing, and the relationship between the two is not harmonious. Lu Zheng heard that Xia Zhuo started to wonder what Liang Nuo looks like because Liang Nuo hadn’t gone to Tsinghua University. After seeing Liang Nuo’s photo, he joked. Xia Zhuo’s starting point was actually the end of most people, so why should he be a soldier?

Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng changed their casual clothes and took the prepared seafood and went to Ouyang Hua’s house. Sure enough, they had a closed door. Xia Zhuo said that Ouyang Jun asked him to send something. Lu Zheng revealed his identity again, but Ouyang Hua remained the same. Indifferent. Suddenly Xia Zhuo gave Lu Zheng something to get him, and then moved Ouyang Hua’s car.

When Ouyang Hua heard the car’s alarm sounded, he went out to check out. Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo took the opportunity to get in. After Ouyang Hua came back, he told them that Ouyang Jun had no idea that he was in Qingdao. Ouyanghua slumped his head and drank a bottle of wine, and Lu Zheng quickly said that what they said would definitely rot in his stomach, so that he could speak out his grievances.

Ouyang Hua sighed and said that he has nothing wronged, Ouyang Jun is a good boy, and he is a arrogant trash. It turned out that Ouyang Hua had a happy family in the past, but because of drinking, he hit people and made troubles when he drank too much. He beat Ouyang Jun and his mother, but Ouyang Jun’s mother was beaten away. I haven’t even made a single phone call until now.

Since then, Ouyang Hua has used alcohol to dissipate his sorrows and intensified, pinning his best hopes on Ouyang Jun, asking him to be good and not make any mistakes. Finally once, Ouyang Jun couldn’t help resisting, he was twenty-three, and Ouyang Hua couldn’t fight as he wanted to fight! Since childhood, Ouyang Hua always beat him to death every time. He has been learning endlessly since childhood and never took a breath.

Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng accompanied Ouyang Hua to eat seafood. Ouyang Hua said that Ouyang Jun was very proud. He ran a rental here to wait for Ouyang Jun to return. Ouyang Hua also took out the photos sent back by Ouyang Jun, saying that he had been serving as a leader less than a year after serving as a soldier. Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo were taken aback when they saw it, but they did not reveal it. A year ago, Lu Zheng was sent by An Lei to bring new recruits because he had fought. As for Lu Zheng not wanting to recruit Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun, An Lei only gave him a word to use his talents. Lu Zheng couldn’t sleep, and so did Xia Zhuo.

That year, Ouyang Jun was canceled because of cheating. When Xia Zhuo knew about it, he quickly pulled Ouyang Jun to the director, saying that the department had given him a place for postgraduate research. Ouyang Jun needed more than him. Ouyang Jun was angry, feeling that Xia Zhuo was exposing his scars again and again. Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo came to the living room to talk. Ouyang Jun really made a big mistake this time.

A soldier wore a cadre uniform, but it was already a violation of discipline why he had to take a photo and send it to his family. . Xia Zhuo persuaded Lu Zheng to find a way to help Ouyang Jun. If he recites another punishment, his life will fall apart. Lu Zheng sighed that the battle blade had two sharp knives, one didn’t want to work in the army, and the other made such a low-level mistake. How could it not be worry-free.

Ouyang Hua brought something and said it was Ouyang Jun’s favorite small dried fish when he was a child. Please take it back with Lu Zheng and Xia Zhuo, as well as a video he recorded yesterday. I hope they will also bring it back. In the car, Lu Zheng wondered what kind of person Xia Zhuo was to train him so well. Xia Zhuo said that he was raised in a free range. They would not impose the definition of success on Xia Zhuo, and they would never ask him. How? This is why Xia Zhuo is happier than other children. Lu Zheng lamented that such a good person does not exist in life. The average person has six million and he really needs to think about how to do it.

When they returned to the army, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng came to pick them up early. Lu Zheng asked them to chat for a while, and then went for a run.

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