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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 19 Recap

An Lei came and was very pleased to see Xia Zhuo, who had become a veteran. He heard that he had received a bonus of six million and told him that he must not float, and that he should work. Xia Zhuo said that the school wanted him to go there in person, and An Lei asked Lu Zheng to accompany Xia Zhuo back. This was a happy event for Xia Zhuo and Lu Li. Xia Zhuo gave An Lei a bear hug with excitement. , Ouyang Jun looked absent-minded on the side.

Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng reluctantly sent Xia Zhuo away. Yi Zimeng asked Xia Zhuo to bring back the piano he promised to buy. Lin Anbang was even more exaggerated and made a very long list. Lu Zheng drove Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang back, and set off with Xia Zhuo. Lu Zheng said that he did not expect to be able to go to Qingdao under Xia Zhuo’s light. He did not have time to see the city scenery a few days this year.

Ouyang Jun got the phone and remembered the scene when he was caught cheating. He wanted to throw the note to a girl, but he was caught by the teacher, and Ouyang Jun admitted that he had cheated. Ouyang Jun called the teaching director, and the director asked about Xia Zhuo as soon as he came up. Ouyang Jun said that if he could not get his university diploma, he would have to go to the military academy for two years. A year was wasted. He knew that he had made mistakes, but working hard in the army wanted to wash away his previous mistakes.

The dean said that the school had heard about their performance and knew that Ouyang Jun performed very well, and he also knew that Ouyang Jun wanted the school to give him another opportunity to reply. But he really can’t help with this. According to the school rules and regulations, he can only get a certificate of completion. Until now, he doesn’t understand why Ouyang Jun cheated, but he must pay for his mistakes. Ouyang Jun pleaded repeatedly, and the dean of teaching agreed to fight for him.

East Sichuan University. Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng introduced the school, and they also received a lot of admiration from school girls who asked to take photos with him. Lu Zheng could only go shopping by himself. Xia Zhuo met a figure who looked like Liang Nuo and hurriedly chased him up, but found that it was not her.

A classmate from the Department of Management said that Liang Nuo hadn’t come to class for a long time. Xia Zhuo and Liang Nuo were high school classmates. When they graduated, Xia Zhuo gave up Tsinghua University and applied to East Sichuan University with Liang Nuo, and they were naturally together.

Xia Zhuo suddenly proposed that she wanted to be a soldier, but Liang Nuo was unhappy, because she couldn’t let the boy she liked ruin her future for her. Xia Zhuo was very depressed, and Lin Anbang’s words made him start. Although they did not make it clear that they were together, which of the things Liang Nuo has done in recent years is not something his girlfriend should do. The last time the two met was at the soldier’s farewell meeting, Liang Nuo came on stage to sing.

Xia Zhuo met a younger sister who liked Lin Anbang very much, and inadvertently envied Xia Zhuo and Liang Nuo to be close. Xia Zhuo was taken aback, he had been looking for Liang Nuo for a year! Xia Zhuo bought an ice cream for his junior sister before telling the truth.

It turned out that Liang Nuo had taken a break from school for two years to support teaching, and the teaching support place was very close to their troops. The younger sister knew Liang Nuo’s address, and Xia Zhuo added Liang Nuo’s WeChat account. The principal let Xia Zhuo not donate money to the school, hoping that he can use it in more meaningful places. The school was very happy for Xia Zhuo.

Lu Zheng said that Xia Zhuo would continue to stay in the Rocket Army. Unexpectedly, Xia Zhuo said he was willing to come back to study. Lu Zheng was very angry and scolded Xia Zhuo as the white-eyed wolf, but he regarded Xia Zhuo as his future successor. Xia Zhuo explained that it was a polite remark, but he hesitated again when asked if he wanted to stay in the army.

Lu Zheng got into the taxi in a fit of anger, and Xia Zhuo quickly found a car to follow. The driver master saw the armband of the Rocket Army on his shoulder and said that his son was also from the Rocket Army. Speaking of the environment of the army, Xia Zhuo said that their environment was similar, maybe it was the same army. Xia Zhuo accidentally saw the master’s license plate called Ouyang Hua, and asked him if he knew Ouyang Jun.

The master stopped the car in a hurry. Lu Zheng saw that Xia Zhuo didn’t follow him and turned around. Xia Zhuo said that the relationship between Ouyang Hua and Ouyang Jun was not very harmonious. Just asked him if he knew Ouyang Jun, Ouyang Hua braked and threw Xia Zhuo old. The two felt that this matter could not be ignored,

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