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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 18 Recap

East Sichuan University received a call from the organizer of the Super Brain. Xia Zhuo’s participation in the championship in 2017 has been determined. The principal is very happy and quickly notified Xia Zhuo. Lu Li deliberately granted Xia Zhuo a fake, and Lu Zheng took him away, and Xia Zhuo was very unbelievable along the way. Xia Zhuo resumed his honorary bonus, and Lu Zheng was very envious when he heard that there were one million dollars.

A year ago, in the Super Brain Finals, Xia Zhuo and another Westerner entered the finals. After winning the first round, Xia Zhuo chose to give up in the second round because his answer was guessed. Xia Zhuo guessed it right. If he hadn’t given up just now, he would have won the championship, but Xia Zhuo didn’t regret it, because the most important thing for Chinese college students is integrity.

In the third round, Xia Zhuo won the game by virtue of his talents. At that time, East Sichuan University was caught in a cheering atmosphere, except for Ouyang Jun. After the game, Xia Zhuo decided to donate the prize money to his alma mater because he felt that he was so young and that having such a sum of money might be a double-edged sword and might ruin him. It is better to donate to the school to help more people in need. The principal asked him to take the check back first, saying that the donation process was troublesome, and he hoped that Xia Zhuo would benefit the country no matter where he worked in the future.

That night, Xia Zhuo ate with Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang at a roadside stall. Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang were a bit low because he donated all the money. At that time, Xia Zhuo agreed to help Yi Zimeng buy the piano in the future. Bring interest to Lin Anbang US$20,000. In this game, Ouyang Jun lost to Xia Zhuo by one point, and his relationship with everyone is not very good. The dinner party originally called Ouyang Jun, but Ouyang Jun also did not come. This made Yi Zimeng and others. Very helpless. After the dinner, the three of them returned to school and heard news that something went wrong. Some people slandered Xia Zhuo and handed it over to the organizing committee for deliberation. The three met with Ouyang Jun’s suspicion.

Xia Zhuo asked Ouyang Jun to meet on the rooftop. Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang also found out that this ID belonged to Ouyang Jun, but Ouyang Jun denied that his ID had been stolen and he was not so busy. But Xia Zhuo didn’t believe it, and Lin Anbang punched Ouyang Jun in a rage. Xia Zhuo was questioned by the principal, and all the evidence pointed to Xia Zhuo’s cheating, but Xia Zhuo insisted that he had never used any means. The organizing committee wants to withdraw Xia Zhuo’s title and bonus. Xia Zhuo is willing to be withdrawn, but he is unwilling to be withdrawn. He wants to tell them that the Chinese are not easy to bully!

Xia Zhuo and Lu Zheng went straight to the Internet cafe. Xia Zhuo was very happy to see the apology letter, but there was no mention of the black hand behind the scenes on the Internet. The owner of the Internet cafe heard that the PLA didn’t ask for money, and they gave some food. On the way back, Xia Zhuo was very excited and poked her head out to sing a song. Xia Zhuo was wronged, and everyone in the brigade was happy for him. Shao Shuai also praised Xia Zhuo, hoping that he will study hard in the future and become an ace player as soon as possible!

Lu Zheng immediately announced that a soldier rank ceremony will be held tomorrow. These recruits will change from private soldiers to senior soldiers, and the recruits will finally become veterans. Lu Zheng also reminded everyone that after becoming a veteran, they must set a higher standard for themselves and become a truly strong soldier. Xia Zhuo, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang celebrated with water instead of wine. Xia Zhuo also said that they had their share of the bonus. The two asked Xia Zhuo whether he was going to continue working in the army, or if he insisted on going out and starting a business for another year.

Xia Zhuo began to hesitate, but Yi Zimeng and Lin Anbang began to fantasize about how to spend one million dollars. Xia Zhuo actually had no idea about money, and didn’t think about how to spend it. Rank promotion ceremony. Lang Yongcheng, Wang Xianmin, Hou Jidong, and Chen Haofeng conferred military ranks on Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, Yi Zimeng, and Lin Anbang. They both expressed their feelings for their experiences and gratified their growth.

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