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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 9 Recap

Wen Jinchen took Yuan Yueyue back to Wen’s house, warned her not to play again, and suddenly disappeared, and kissed her forcibly. He also said that he planned to live here and slowly cultivate relationships with her, but Yueyue believed that he was blatantly rebelling against his immediate boss. After learning about this, Zhang Guiyi warmly welcomed Manager Wen’s arrival. In order to avoid suspicion, Yueyue wanted to escape the Wen family by herself. However, Wen Jinchen, who was already familiar with his routine, locked all the doors of the house, and Zhang Guiyi downstairs was also patrolling in real time to prevent her from running away if she didn’t agree with her.

Wen Jinchen asked why Yueyue would accompany Pei Xiuzhe to the hotel before. Yueyue criticized him very severely, saying that she is also a person with a fiance now, so she should not stay with him without any hesitation. However, Manager Wen It seemed that he didn’t care about it at all.

Ye Zhiyu thinks that Wen Jinchen has already been smashed by Yuan Siya. He told Wen Liangye of this. Wen Liangye said she was jealous, but Ye Zhiyu denied it.

Wen Liangye came to the bar again to find Pei Xiuzhe, who was already drunk, and directly said that he deliberately wanted to approach him, saying that there was a man who was very similar to Pei who had been pestering his girlfriend. In fact, the man in his mouth is Pei Xiuzhe, and his girlfriend is Yuan Siya. After hearing that Pei Xiuzhe said that he planned to pursue Yuan Siya all the time, Wen Liangye’s face suddenly became very heavy, who realized that the dog skin plaster couldn’t get rid of it.

At night, Wen Jinchen once again lowered his voice and turned off the lights to talk to Yuan Yueyue, saying that he did not expect to ask the manager to be confused by “Yuan Siya” and become a fool. He hoped that “Yuan Siya” would not resign for the time being and would work hard to assist Wen. The manager took the case of Chengguan commercial area development. Yueyue apologized for this and took all the responsibility on her. Wen Jinchen taught her to use beauty tricks to seduce Manager Wen and try to assist him in his work. Yueyue was very puzzled.

Wen Jinchen pretended to be depressed and asked for a week of leave. Wen Jun told Yueyue about the matter through Long Smile, and Yueyue hurriedly found the hotel. Wen Jinchen deliberately smashed the wine glass, pretending to be sick. Yueyue saw that he was alcoholic and decadent, and even had some self-evaluation obstacles. He realized that Manager Wen might be criticized by his boss for depression because of the failure of the last auction. He understood the severity of the matter and was very worried. . With Wen Jun’s “help”, he intends to give Manager Wen the most sincere care and help, hoping to take him out of the gloom of depression.

Yueyue ordered a large table of food, and Wen Jinchen, who had been hungry for a day, couldn’t help but swept away the dishes on this table. Seeing that he could eat and drink, Yueyue was temporarily relieved. However, Wen Jinchen still pretended to be depressed, and Yueyue reluctantly agreed to take care of him all night.

That night, Yueyue, who suddenly woke up in the middle of her sleep, was shocked when she saw Manager Wen sitting next to her, while Wen Jinchen took the opportunity to hug Yueyue to sleep all night on the pretext of insomnia and fear of the dark.

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