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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 8 Recap

Wen Liangye followed Yuan Yueyue’s network and found Pei Xiuzhe who was drinking in a bar. He had a good excuse to fight the table and chatted with him. He said that a man was chasing his girlfriend now, but his mentality was different from him. Reluctantly, he also advised Pei Xiuzhe to tell his thoughts instead of drinking, so that he would be more comfortable. Pei Xiuzhe, who had drunk too much, didn’t defend himself and told him all about his experience.

Long Xiaorong notified Jan Yueyue by phone, saying that “Manager Wen” was under house arrest by the chairman and had been spending the night in the office for several days. Now the whole company is discussing this matter. Worried about the safety of her master, Yueyue decides to return to Wenda City to deal with the mess she left behind. She is bound to have a break with her husband Wen Jinchen.

Wen Group and Tianyi Group held a high-level meeting to discuss cooperation between the two parties. After the meeting, Ye Zhiyu asked to find someone with Wen Jinchen, but she had to go to dinner first, and Wen Jinchen reluctantly agreed.

Yueyue returned to Wen’s house and met Wen Liangye by chance. She mistakenly believed that she was her husband Wen Jinchen, so she led others to criticize and demanded that the marriage contract be terminated immediately. Wen Liangye watched her for fun, so he joked that as long as “Yuan Siya” stayed with him for one night, the marriage contract would be terminated immediately, and Yueyue agreed.

Yuan Yueyue and Wen Liangye came to the night market to eat skewers. Yueyue did not expect this person to be so grounded as the president of a listed company. On the other side, Wen Jinchen and Ye Zhiyu also went to another roadside stall to eat skewers. The four of them were in two places, but they were eating the same food.

After the meal, Wen Liangye brought Yuan Yueyue to the hotel, threatening that the consequences of breaching the gambling agreement with Yuan’s father were unimaginable. Yueyue agreed to stay with him for one night. However, Wen Liangye was just playing with her. Seeing Yuan Yueyue’s tangled appearance, he smiled helplessly and left. Downstairs of the hotel, he happened to see Pei Xiuzhe who came to pick up Yueyue, so he took a picture of the two and sent it to Ye Zhiyu, and Ye showed it to Wen Jinchen.

On the way home, Yueyue told Pei Xiuzhe her thoughts. Once she really liked him, and she was really sad when she knew that he liked her sister. However, after so many things, she recognized her heart. Now It’s really just treating him as a brother. The ties between the siblings were uncovered.

In the early morning of the next day, Yuan Yueyue, who spent the night at Long Xiaorong’s house, got up early to make a lunch for Wen Jinchen, and Tuolong gave it to him when he went to work.

At noon, Wen Jinchen just took a bite and tasted that this box of bento was made by “Yuan Siya”, so he found Long Smile for questioning, but before he could say a few words, he fainted. In the hospital, Long Xiaorong hurriedly called Jan Yueyue to inform that Manager Wen was poisoned and hospitalized after eating the food in the lunch box!

Long Xiaolian, who thought that Yuan Yueyue wanted revenge for the murder, fully mobilized the knowledge of law in her brain. She was afraid that she would be held responsible if she sent the lunch. When she was anxious, Wen Jun sent a bottle of water and said that she was thinking too much.

Yueyue hurriedly came to the hospital ward to visit Wen Jinchen. As soon as he walked in, he was full of arms. It turned out that all the so-called poisoning was performed, and the purpose was to induce herself to appear.

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