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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 7 Recap

The land auction started, and Jan Yueyue arrived on time to accompany Wen Jinchen to the meeting. At the time of the bidding, Wen Jinchen was already determined to win this. However, his ex-girlfriend Ye Zhiyu suddenly appeared as the new president of Tianyi Group. Wen Jinchen was taken aback for a while. Ye Zhiyu bought this for a price of 900 million yuan. Lot of land for bidding.

After the auction, Wen Jun saw Ye Zhiyu and quickly took Yuan Yueyue to another hotel room full of balloons and flowers, saying that this was a surprise specially prepared for her by the master. Yuan Yueyue learned that the woman just now was herself. The master’s first love was very depressed, and he left with the excuse that there was still something to deal with. Ye Zhiyu on the other side told Wen Jinchen that she had come for him this time, and Wen Jinchen dismissed it.

Wen Jinchen came to the hotel room and saw Wen Jun alone but did not see “Yuan Siya”. Wen Jun told him that Yuan Siya was a little unhappy because of her first love. Wen Jinchen originally planned to directly identify his identity after the auction was over, and re-confess “Yuan Siya”, but he did not expect the plan to fail.

Grandpa Wen thought that the land that was originally intended to be acquired was auctioned off by the small company that suddenly emerged at a high price of 900 million yuan. There may be problems in this. Wen Jinchen set out to investigate the Tianyi Group. Grandpa plans to contact Ye Zhiyu to try his best to promote the cooperation between Wen’s and Tianyi Group.

Pei Xiuzhe found someone to investigate Yuan Siya’s whereabouts and was threatened by the other party. He realized that Yuan Siya was deliberately hiding her information and someone was helping her, and the other party was very powerful. Pei Xiuzhe was hit, and she borrowed wine to pour her sorrows. Yuan Yueyue found him. Xiuzhe showed her pictures of Yuan Siya hugging other men. It turned out that her sister had escaped marriage for other men. Yueyue was hit again. Blow.

Ye Zhiyu took the initiative to meet with Grandpa Wen to discuss the cooperation between the two parties to win the development rights of Chengguan Commercial District, and put forward the only request. She asked Wen Jinchen to be responsible for the cooperation matters, and Grandpa Wen readily agreed. Yueyue returned to work at the company and met Grandpa Wen who was discussing matters. She was scolded away.

Wen Jinchen went home but couldn’t see Yuan Yueyue and couldn’t get through the phone. He was very anxious. Ye Zhiyu and Wen Liangye talked on the phone and asked for help to find “Yuan Siya”. Now this person is very important in Wen Jinchen’s heart. If he can’t find it, it may affect the cooperation between the two companies. Wen Liangye agreed.

Yueyue took a taxi back to her home in Kawada City to take care of her mother who had a fever. Yuan’s mother clamored for hot pot, but Yueyue reluctantly agreed. At this time, he received a call from Wen Jinchen from the front desk of the company. He lowered his voice again, saying that the auction had failed and he did not intend to dissolve the marriage contract. Now that “Yuan Siya” has run away, the account will be settled. On the head of her master.

Yueyue was worried about the safety of her master, so she asked Long smile to pay attention to the latest developments of her master, and smile readily agreed. Wen Liangye came to the company to find Wen Jinchen, and Wen Jinchen took the opportunity to let him beat himself up. Wen Liangye fell over and couldn’t help but cooperate. The scene where Wen Jinchen was beaten happened to be seen by Long Smile, and she quickly informed Yueyue. Wen Jinchen persuaded his brother to return to work at the company, but Wen Liangye refused on the grounds that his grandfather did not like him.

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