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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 24 End Racap

Lu Nan’s condition is getting worse and worse, his eyesight has deteriorated so badly that even ordinary daily life is difficult to go on smoothly. But he still agreed to accompany Chris to the aquarium. Kris is a big kid, and he took the opportunity to visit the aquarium to ease the relationship between the North and South couples.

Lu Nan finally decided to go for surgery, and this time Subei planned to bring Kreis to accompany him. Kris was going to school to say goodbye to his teachers and classmates, but when he left school, he was picked up by Gu Yan. Gu Yan kidnapped Chris to threaten Lunan, but Lunan suddenly disappeared when he met by appointment. Subei hurried to call the police.

Gu Yan took Lunan to a ruined building. It turned out that 22 years ago, when Gu Yan was still living in the orphanage “little mouse” in the orphanage, he was often bullied by other children. Once, he passed by by accident. Nan helped him scare away other bully children, and the two became friends ever since. Lu Nan promised “Little Mouse” to let his parents adopt him.

However, when Lu’s father and Lu’s mother came to the orphanage, it happened that the “little mouse” fell ill, and the teacher did not include his name in the list of children who could be adopted. At this time, I knew that a couple would come to adopt a child. Wang Ying (Lu Feier) deliberately pretended to be a sensible little girl in front of everyone, and eventually she was taken away by the Lu family. But the “little mouse” who was recuperating upstairs in the orphanage witnessed all this with his own eyes. The parents of his friends were supposed to take themselves away, but eventually took others away.

Since then, Gu Yan has unanimously believed that if he was taken away by the Lu family in advance, he would not be recognized by the Gu family as an illegitimate child, nor would he be bullied by Gu Chengze for more than two decades. In his opinion, if it weren’t for Lu Nan’s betrayal, he would not have spent more than 20 years so hard, and that is the case, now he would take everything that Zhao Nan had had.

When the two quarreled, Kreis suddenly ran over, but did not see a well in front of him. Lu Nan Gu Yan saw this and ran towards him at the same time. Gu Yan crossed the well to rescue Kreis, and Lu Nan Suddenly he fell dazzled and fell downstairs. In the end, the police arrived in time and Gu Yan was brought to justice.

Six months later, Lu Nan successfully completed the operation and recovered well. Subei was also pregnant with the baby. Ye Ting and Yunfan on the other side also gradually assumed greater responsibilities within the Huanzhen Group, but Yunfan still couldn’t beat Ye Ting.

At night, Lu Nan told North Jiangsu the story of a sunny boy who was himself. When he was eighteen, his parents were killed in an accident, and he had to shoulder the responsibility of the family company. He thought his life would be so dim and lonely. After going on, but fortunately, I met a girl named Subei later, and the boy’s life became brighter. Northern Jiangsu was moved.

The North and South couple had a very happy holiday by the sea, and Kreis also met a beautiful young lady. The North and South couples have gone through many years of ups and downs, misunderstandings and betrayals, but in the end love has overcome everything, and everything will be bright in the future.

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