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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 23 Racap

Under the pressure of Subei, Lu Nan was helpless to inform him of his condition. Subei persuaded him to perform the operation as soon as possible, and Lu Nan promised to do it after removing the obstacles. Ye Ting on the other side also blamed Yun Fan very angrily after learning about Lu Nan’s condition. She ate durian in front of others and asked Yun Fan to kneel and break the durian shell before she was willing to forgive him.

Lu Nan was preparing for surgery. At a high-level meeting, he announced that North Jiangsu would temporarily take over as chairman of the board in order to prepare to explore the European market. Guo Dong, who had already cooperated with Gu Yan, realized that there was a problem with Lu Nan’s sudden visit to Europe this time, so he informed Gu Yan of the matter. Gu Yan said that he is now collecting Huanzhen’s scattered shares, and hopes that Guo Dong can help to get to know more directors. He intends to make Gu the largest shareholder of Huanzhen.

Lu Nan began to pack his things and prepare to go abroad for surgery. Kreis handed him a superman doll, saying that his father would look at this doll for himself if he wanted to. The next day, Lu Nan set off for a foreign country, at the airport, and the family said goodbye to each other. Subei is determined to help him hold Huanzhen.

Huanzhen began to prepare a project called NS, and Subei was looking for designers across the country. On the other side, Gu Yan signed an equity transfer agreement with the directors with high remuneration under the arrangement of Guo Dong. At the same time, he asked someone to investigate Lu Nan’s condition and the results came out. The next day, the news broke out about the serious illness of the chairman of Huanzhen Lu Nan. As soon as Subei saw the news, he guessed it was Gu Yan. Huanzhen stock plummeted.

At the Huanzhen high-level meeting, Gu Yan walked into the office arrogantly, saying that he was now one of Huanzhen’s directors. Northern Jiangsu’s power was weak, coupled with Guo Dong’s fanfare, the directors planned A show of hands voted to remove the directorship of Lunan and Subei. At the time of the crisis, Lu Nan suddenly came back. He threw out a share of the 24% Gu Group shares he held. Since Gu Yan wanted to acquire Huanzhen’s shares, he also bought Gu’s shares. The shares have become the largest shareholder, and this is the so-called rule of the human body.

It turned out that after the leak of Huanzhen’s new clothes, Lu Nan began to suspect that Gu Yan was impure, so he sent Yunfan to collect Gu’s scattered stocks, just in case, now it just came in handy. On that day, he didn’t really leave the country by plane. The so-called farewell to the airport was just for the watchman sent by Gu Yan.

Lu Nan became the largest shareholder of the Gu family, and Gu Yan left Huanzhen in a hurry. After the meeting, Lu Nan, who was already dying ill, finally couldn’t hold on and fainted. The doctor told Subei that his current situation is very dangerous and that he should be operated on in time, and the success rate of the operation is not more than 50%. The conversation between the doctor and Subei was heard by Lu Nan. Subei hoped that he would undergo the operation as soon as possible, but Lu Nan was unwilling to risk 50% blindness. He thinks that he owes Subei and Kreis too much, and there are still many beautiful things that he has not experienced. If the operation fails, he cannot accept it.

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