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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 22 Racap

After finding out the person who harmed Aunt Lan back then, Subei was relieved for a while. The North and South couple returned home, Kris was also there, and the family of three had a good time. However, this kind of warm scene was all seen by Lu Feier, her face was fierce and jealous.

Yu Jia called Gu Yan before surrendering. However, Gu Yan had already blocked her and couldn’t reach her through WeChat. Yu Jia was very sad. After calling Subei, she walked into the Public Security Bureau, but in the end she was still Take all the responsibilities on yourself.

Subei and Gu Yan met. Gu Yan already knew that the North and South couples pretended to divorce to find Huanzhen’s ghost, and Subei no longer concealed him, and asked him to bring down Gu Chengze to get the Gu family, so he deliberately targeted Lu Nan and For what? Gu Yan pretended to be stupid, neither admitting to knowing Yu Jia nor to targeting Lu Nan. Subei threw him the photos he had taken before, hoping that he would do it for himself.

Lu Nan’s dizziness and old problems became more serious. Yun Fan suggested surgery as soon as possible. Lu Nan refused and asked Subei not to be notified. He also said that although Huanzhen is now on the market, the obstacles he faces have not been completely eliminated, and he owes a lot of Subei, so he cannot operate. He promised Yunfan that after he removed the obstacles so that Subei could successfully take over Huanzhen, he would definitely go for surgery.

North Jiangsu came to the hotel for an appointment on Lunan, opened the door and saw balloons full of flowers, and pictures of the two passing by flashed on the TV. At this time, Lu Nan appeared and confessed to her again. Su Bei was moved and agreed with tears.

The next day, Subei suddenly got news that there was an accident in the Huanzhen environmental protection clothing warehouse. She hurried over but saw Lu Feier alone. When Lu Feier saw someone coming, she overturned the gasoline drum and prepared to set the fire. Lu Nan hurried over. At this time, Lu Feier was still obsessed with his inferiority, saying that as long as Lu Nan promised to be with him, then he would not do anything. Lu Nan seized the lighter, and Lu Feier seized the opportunity to pinch the northern part of Jiangsu. In this case, the warehouse goods fell and Lu Nan was injured in a coma in order to protect northern Jiangsu. After the police came, Lu Fei Er broke the law.

In the hospital, Lu Nan, who was injured but recovered his memory, awoke and grasped Subei’s hand tightly and apologized. At the same time, as the blood clots in his brain moved, he began to lose sight. Northern Jiangsu was worried to find the attending doctor to inquire about Lu Nan’s condition, but the doctor was entrusted by Lu Nan and did not tell the truth.

Gu Yan played golf with a major shareholder of Huanzhen, saying that he knew the status of the other party in Huanzhen, and he also knew that he did not want to be pushed by Lu Nan. If the two cooperated, then they would jointly win Huanzhen. It’s a piece of cake, the other party agrees.

Subei asked Ye Ting to pull Yunfan away. She took out a contract saying that Lu Nan was required to sign to test his condition. At this time, Lu Nan, who was already blind, was still pretending, and Subei realized that he There must be something wrong with his physical condition.

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