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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 21 Racap

In Gu’s company, Gu Yan confessed to Subei with a bouquet of flowers. After seeing this, Yu Jia falsely stated that there was an important thing for Subei to come forward, and Subei took the opportunity to leave. Yu Jia is jealous.

The matter of Gu Yan’s pursuit of northern Jiangsu reached the Huanzhen Group. The employees couldn’t help comparing Gu Yan with his own boss. They generally believed that Lu Nan was not kind enough and kept his face all day long. Lu Nan was jealous and very angry. Feeling that there was a green grassland on his head, he asked Northern Jiangsu to stop the plan. This idea was stopped by Yun Fan.

Lu Feier found Yu Jia and began to provoke the discord, saying that Gu Yan is now pursuing northern Jiangsu. If the two of them are really together one day, then Yu Jia is afraid that she will never get Gu Yan. She was willing to help her, but Yu Jia compromised after hearing this.

Subei blamed Yu Jia for the problem of tailoring a piece of clothing. Gu Yan stood on the side of Subei without any hesitation. He also said that anyone in the company who didn’t handle it could cut it off, and Yu Jia was wronged and left. After get off work that day, she went to Gu Yan’s house and asked if she really likes Subei because of the fake show.

Gu Yan said that she was just doing a show, and she would marry her after she defeated Lu Nan. Yu Jia was coaxed. it is good. Unexpectedly, the situation and scenes of the two of them were all photographed by the people sent by the North and South couples. Subei realized that Yu Jia was Gu Yan’s person, so Huanzhen’s new clothes were leaked and Aunt Lan became a vegetable. One thing is bound to have nothing to do with it.

On the second day, Yu Jia called Subei to inform that the bank settlement of Aunt Lan’s factory had been completed and that Subei was required to sign and that Subei would go to the appointment. At the restaurant, Yu Jia apologized and said that it was her fault to cut the clothes last time, betraying Subei’s trust, and hoped that she would not hate herself. After that, she left under the pretext that the bank had follow-up matters.

Subei came out of the restaurant and was dizzy as soon as she arrived in the garage. She thought of the coffee that Yu Jia drank in the restaurant and realized that she was drugged. Before she became unconscious, she tried to open the WeChat account and share the location with Lunan. . Lu Feier brought Subei to the KTV and called Gu Yan. Lu Nan hurriedly appeared at this time, thinking that Gu Yan was cheating, but Gu Yan claimed that he was also deceived by Lu Feier.

Lu Nan wanted to hand over Lu Feier to her grandmother, but she escaped halfway through her unexpectedly. She had no choice but to tell her grandmother what she had done. Grandma Lu was very sad after hearing this, and expressed her apologies to Subei for misunderstanding her for many years.

Lu Feier threatened her with what Yu Jia had done before, and Yu Jia had no choice but to temporarily take her in. The hospital informed Aunt Lan that there was a possibility of being sober, and Yu Jia quickly notified Gu Yan. Aunt Lan knew of all the bad things that Yu and Gu had done before. Gu Yan became very ruthless and planned to do nothing and kill others.

In the hospital, Yu Jia took off Aunt Lan’s oxygen mask and happened to be hit by Subei. Yu Jia hysterically told the whole story. In order to obtain the Phixiangjin craft, she cooperated with Gu, first pretending to place an order and wait for Aunt Lan to sign. After signing a huge contract for breach of contract, she burned her factory on fire. She thought that the factory would never recover. However, she did not expect that Aunt Lan eventually mortgaged the Pixiangjin craft to Huanzhen to compensate for the liquidated damages. When conflicts arose, Aunt Lan had a heart attack and eventually became a vegetable.

The northern part of Jiangsu hopes that Yu Jia will hand over Gu Yan’s criminal evidence, but Yu Jia is obsessed and takes all the responsibilities on herself. Subei suggested that she surrender herself.

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