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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 6 Recap

The family members of those patients punched and kicked Dr. Ge, Xiaomei Ye desperately protected Dr. Ge, and moved out to be healed by netizens who “prayed” to prove that Dr. Ge was a good person. They rented a house and deceived people together. After they succeeded, they changed to another place and continued to deceive. Ye Xiaomei didn’t believe it. She wanted to let Dr. Ge save her grandma. Dr. Ge was so scared that she didn’t say a word because of guilt, and she was dumbfounded.

Lin Sufen stood alone on the top of the building in a daze, holding a photo of her joining the army in her hand. Granny Gui came to see her. Lin Sufen was very moved. Only she and Granny Gui were still alive in the photo. Lin Sufen hoped that Granny Gui would support Ye Xiaomei’s work. , Granny Gui just giggled because of her unconsciousness, and Lin Sufen’s heart was twisted.

Guo Sanshuang encouraged his grandfather to cook another good dish. Guo Jiangdong personally delivered it to Lin Sufen. He knelt down on one knee and expressed his heart to Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen was caught off guard by his sudden behavior and rejected his affection face to face. Guo Jiangdong was greatly disappointed, and went home to vomit bitterness to Guo Sanshuang.

The editor of the publishing house called and informed Ye Xiaomei that she wanted to publish a comic novel for her. Ye Xiaomei only had Lin Sufen’s illness in her mind and was not in the mood to continue painting. The editor promised to wait for her news at any time. Ye Xiaomei was sitting in the car in a daze. She accidentally saw a girl running after her mother. The mother and daughter finally cried with each other. Ye Xiaomei’s heart was mixed.

When Ye Xiaomei went home and saw Lin Sufen was not there, she immediately called and complained about her. Then she went to the nursing home and drove Lin Sufen home to rest. She continued to do the rest of the work. After she finished her work, she sat in the yard. Guo Jiangdong asked her about Lin Sufen’s preferences. Ye Xiaomei ignored him. She was upset and quarreled with Shi Changsheng to find Lin Sufen. Ye Xiaomei was even more angry and condemned them for being too angry. Selfish, only thinking of myself, never for Lin Sufen’s sake, Unhappy and Shi Changsheng have never seen Ye Xiaomei so good, they are all at a loss.

Lin Sufen asked Ye Xiaomei’s mother Golden Oriole to meet, and it was clear that she had cancer. Soon after she died, Lin Sufen gave out 50,000 yuan as a reward on the spot, asking the golden oriole to take more time to see Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei was the only relative. The golden oriole has sorrows. Afterwards, Lin Sufen took out the photos of Ye Xiaomei when she was a child. The golden oriole didn’t want to look at it, and guessed that Lin Sufen came to see her without telling Ye Xiaomei. Lin Sufen saw it and hurriedly left with the golden oriole. The golden ori couldn’t help thinking of the scene of leaving Ye Xiaomei cruelly when she was a child, and her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Wu Hui discovered cancer treatment drugs in Lin Sufen’s office, only to realize that Lin Sufen’s recent changes were due to causes. Lin Sufen was forced to rest at home for several days. She cooked a few dishes carefully, and Ye Xiaomei silently accompany her to dinner. Lin Sufen still wanted to drink a glass of wine, but Ye Xiaomei refused. Lin Sufen wanted to go to the nursing home to take a look. After the meal, Ye Xiaomei accompanied Lin Sufen to the nursing home. They watched the sleep of each elderly person at the door. Finally, Lin Sufen brought Ye Xiaomei to the yard under the big tree and talked about the sweet past of her and her husband here, grandparents and grandchildren. Promote your heart-to-heart talk.

Ye Xiaomei made two dishes and one soup by herself. Lin Sufen was full of praise for her cooking skills. Ye Xiaomei also boiled Chinese medicine. Lin Sufen bit her head to drink it. She asked Ye Xiaomei to leave for an event tomorrow. Ye Xiaomei disagreed and wanted to replace her. She went to participate, but Lin Sufen insisted on going by herself, and Ye Xiaomei had no choice but to give up. Lin Sufen went for a walk after dinner and learned from the fish shop owner that Ye Xiaomei bought three fish at once. Lin Sufen found three stewed fish in the refrigerator, and realized that Ye Xiaomei practiced with these three fishes. She brought them out and tasted them one by one. .

Wu Hui accompanied Lin Sufen to participate in the “Hospice Care” event. The video shows those terminally ill patients crying goodbye to their families. Wu Hui couldn’t stand it and ran out crying. Lin Sufen followed out to comfort Wu Hui in every possible way. .

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