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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 9 Recap

Xie Xiaoni said whether she was dishonest or not, as long as she looked at the number of orders in the next few days, Yan Wenxiu refused to let her go, but she didn’t expect Yunniang to praise her for doing well. She just asked Xie Xiaoni to sell a dozen taels without telling how to sell, and increased the price. She had already planned for the matter. Yun Niang asked Aunt Mei to cook a table of dishes. Everyone had a good time together in the evening. Yan Wenxiu refused to come under the excuse of being unwell. Everyone was finishing school soon and they were going to each other soon, so Yun Niang wished them a bright future. Yan Wenxiu was angry and annoyed by everyone’s joyful laughter.

After eating, Chengtian and Yuanxiang were drunk and still punching. Xie Xiaoni helped Aunt Mei pack things, and Aunt Mei asked her to go back and rest quickly. Xie Xiaoni went to the backyard, because he was dizzy after drinking some wine, Ouyang Ziyu sat in the yard and said that he was eager to meet next door, but he didn’t receive an invitation next door, and it itched in his heart.

Xie Xiaoni still hates Ouyang Ziyu for selling clothes, but Ouyang Ziyu thinks that she still knows nothing wrong, and Xie Xiaoni is stunned by the question. Ouyang Ziyu also said that among the many disciples of Yunjinzhuang, Xie Xiaoni’s talents are all first-class, but you must be careful not to be arrogant and deceive your customers. These words reminded Xie Xiaoni of Father Xie, and after a long time he said goodbye to Ouyang Ziyu and went back to the room.

Recently, it is the day for everyone to graduate. Yun Niang invited Zhao Tongshen and Ouyang Ziyu to be judges. After passing, they can get the name of the embroiderer, and will select a chief embroiderer. Yun Niang asked everyone to solicit business individually, and the one with the most wins. Chengtian tells everyone that Ouyang Ziyu is actually a prince, and Xie Xiaoni is not surprised. Yan Wenxiu was shocked after hearing this. She felt that Xie Xiaoni must have known his identity a long time ago and she was ugly and wanted to take revenge.

Everyone is willing to follow Xie Xiaoni, and Xie Xiaoni is also very happy. Yuan Xiang asked Xie Xiaoni where she was going to leave Yunjinzhuang. Xie Xiaoni planned to go to the capital. Yuanxiang said that she had an uncle, and asked Xie Xiaoni to join her to join her. Yuan Xiang was a little reluctant to accept Chengtian, Xinyue Jun Xinjun didn’t know, Xie Xiaoni was very anxious for her, so she pulled Yuanxiang to find Chengtian for a drink, and told him everything he wanted to say when he was drunk. Yuan Xiang took Chengtian to the kitchen with a serious expression on her face that made Chengtian stupid. Yuan Xiang couldn’t tell, she simply found a pot of wine and drank it, but she was drunk before she could tell.

The next day, Yuan Xiang couldn’t wake up because he was drunk, Xie Xiaoni and others had to leave first. Zhao Tongshen took out a piece of porcelain, and Ouyang Ziyu decided to go there in person. He was also worried about Xie Xiaoni, wondering what amazing act she would do. Xie Xiaoni and others were going to the market, but Yan Wenxiu was very disgusted and took Cuiyu away.

Xie Xiaoni gave everyone a design book, which she usually accumulated. Xie Xiaoni is very business savvy, and Yan Wenxiu has gone to many big families and only sold five sets of clothes, and she feels that Xie Xiaoni has not sold any of them. Yan Wenxiu said that she would distribute the order to Jade Jade, but at this time she regretted it again. Cui Yu scolded her for being despicable, and even the title of Chief Embroiderer was worthless!

Yuan Xiang was crying in the garden alone. She has missed the exam until she slept. Chengtian said that he helped her to complete it. It turns out that Xie Xiaoni and the others got a lot of orders. Yunniang was very satisfied with Xie Xiaoni’s performance, and Ouyang Ziyu also praised her for her great wisdom, and several people unanimously decided to make Xie Xiaoni the chief embroidery girl.

Yan Wenxiu was very dissatisfied and revealed that Yuanxiang did not go out to get the order, but Chengtian did it for her. Chengtian and Yuanxiang were very angry, Xie Xiaoni knelt down and confessed, but Yuanxiang didn’t mean it. Yuan Xiang, Chengtian and others also knelt down and pleaded guilty. Yunniang said that Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang were fined to stay in Yunjinzhuang until all orders were completed. Chengtian was fined for half a month for cleaning.

Ouyang Ziyu hoped that Xie Xiaoni would make a winter coat for him. Xie Xiaoni agreed, and almost fell when measuring his size. Ouyang Ziyu hurriedly supported her. Xie Xiaoni lowered her head shyly, Zhao Tongshen suddenly ran to Changnan Town and said that Ouyang Ziyu’s order could not be driven out, and Ouyang Ziyu decided to rush to Changnan Town immediately. Xie Xiaoni was a little bit lost. Ouyang Ziyu gave her a jade pendant as a deposit for the clothes, which he would redeem when he came back. Ouyang Ziyu left in a hurry, and Xie Xiaoni didn’t know what she was thinking about holding the jade pendant.

Yunniang asked Xie Xiaoni to sit with her and asked her if she blamed herself. In fact, she knew that Xie Xiaoni would not do that to Yan Wenxiu, but just wanted to try her patience. Xie Xiaoni just came to Yunjinzhuang to say to be a successful business woman. Yunniang said that she is doing very well, but the future is still long and she must work hard. Xie Xiaoni said that besides her family member Yunniang who is her closest relative, she also told about her family background with Yunniang.

Yunniang’s birthday was approaching, Yuan Xiang didn’t know what to prepare, Yan Wenxiu sneered beside her.

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