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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 10 Recap

Yan Wenxiu and Yuan Xiang quarreled because of Xie Xiaoni. Yan Wenxiu said that Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian had eyebrows all day long, and Yuan Xiang was very angry. Yunniang persuaded Xie Xiaoni to put down her hatred and live steadily, but Xie Xiaoni couldn’t do it. The killing of her parents and relatives was right in front of her. She lived to clean up the grievances of Xie’s family and rejuvenate the family business, otherwise it would be meaningless to live well. ,

Niang Yun hugged her into her arms and cried. Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao were not satisfied with Su Gongming’s recent performance, so they wrote a letter mocking him and asked him to get some more money. Su Gongming was very angry, but the steward Xiao only said that Su Wenyu would share the burden for him in the future and was scolded by Su Gongming. Su Wenyu had some doubts when he saw this. He asked Su Gongming to divide several shops for him to operate, but Su Gongming refused, saying that it was not the time yet.

On Yun Niang’s birthday, Xie Xiaoni and other students celebrated her birthday. Everyone took out their gifts to Yun Niang. Chengtian gave her a whip to punish him. Both Xie Xiaoni and Yan Wenxiu gave sachets. Yunniang cried after smelling Xie Xiaoni’s sachets. She said that she thought of some old things. The pear garden in Houshan was planted by Yunniang’s mother, and Xie Xiaoni’s sachets included them. Li Rui. Yunniang thanked Xiao Ni very much, and said that she would have a big meal today. In the evening, everyone had a great time together, and Yan Wenxiu was jealous of talking and laughing.

Seeing Xie Xiaoni entering the kitchen, Yan Wenxiu quietly followed. Everyone was gone after drinking. Xie Xiaoni came to the kitchen drunk to find sour plum soup. Yan Wenxiu was jealous and quietly locked the door and decided to keep her closed for the night. When Yuan Xiang passed by, Yan Wenxiu overturned the oil lamp in a panic, and the fire spread suddenly, and it was too late for Yan Wenxiu to react.

Cuiyu and Jin Chan hurriedly called people to put out the fire after they found out that the water was running, but Yan Wenxiu, who was in the spreading fire, ran away in a panic. Xie Xiaoni, who was locked up, smashed the door desperately. She definitely couldn’t die!

Everyone couldn’t put out the fire at all. Yuan Xiang remembered that Xie Xiaoni was anxious when he went to the kitchen. Yunniang and Chengtian broke into the fire despite the danger and wanted to rescue Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni had fainted, and she saw Father Xie, Mother Xie, and Xie Feng smiling at her in a daze. Chengtian finally broke open the door and rescued Xie Xiaoni, but the house collapsed before she went out. Yunniang pushed Chengtian and Xie Xiaoni out at the last moment, and her burnt beam was crushed by the fire. The entrustment is to let them live well. The kitchen collapsed and Yun Niang was buried in a sea of ​​flames. Yan Wenxiu was so frightened that Chengtian and the students were crying.

After the fire, everyone buried Yun Niang, Chengtian’s only relative in the world was gone, and she cried so much tears in front of Yun Niang’s grave. Yan Wenxiu stood up and accused Xie Xiaoni of harming Yunniang. If it weren’t for her Yunjinzhuang would not be destroyed by the fire, Chengtian said that it was not Xie Xiaoni’s fault, and the two almost quarreled. Xie Xiaoni admitted to herself that Yun Niang died for her, and she was sorry for Yun Niang, but she was locked in the kitchen on the day of taking the water, who would do that!

Brother Su’s body is not as good as the day. Su Wenyu plans to take Yan Wenxiu over tomorrow. Brother Su also wants them to get married soon, but Su Wenyu wants to make the decision by himself. Xie Xiaoni asked everyone where they were when they were locked up, and Chengtian was also on Xie Xiaoni’s side. Everyone else proved to each other, but Yan Wenxiu didn’t say a word, and even wanted to slap Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni slapped her backhand. The two parties started to quarrel, Xie Xiaoni was taken away by Chengtian, Su Wenyu came to pick up Yan Wenxiu at this time, Yan Wenxiu saw this young cousin crying, and immediately packed up things and set off. She never wanted to see Xie Xiaoni again in her life!

Yunniang’s bones were not cold, Yan Wenxiu followed Su Wenyu and left happily. Chengtian was discouraged, and Yuan Xiang and Xie Xiaoni wanted to accompany him through the first seven. They all had nowhere to go. Yuan Xiang wanted to take Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian to Beijing to join her uncle. Chengtian wiped away the tears. Since the three of them have no parents, they can only depend on each other. Xie Xiaoni is determined to take good care of Chengtian and strive to become a female businessman!

Xie Xiaoni secretly set up a monument to Yun Niang. In fact, she had already regarded Yun Niang as her mother, but she hadn’t had time to tell her that she didn’t wear neon clothes, but was called Xie Xiaoni. Chengtian and Yuanxiang came to pick her up and saw Xie Xiaoni on the tombstone, a little puzzled.

The three officially left here after biding farewell to Yunniang. Zhao Tongshen and Ouyang Ziyu came just as soon as they walked. Zhao Tongshen said that Xie Xiaoni had gone to the capital with Chengtian and Yuanxiang. Ouyang Ziyu sighed. Ouyang Ziyu found the small stele behind the tombstone. The person who erected the tombstone was named Xie Xiaoni. Ouyang Ziyu felt a little familiar, but his head hurt again when he didn’t remember it.

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