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Mouse 마우스 Episode 15 Recap

Zheng Barin saw the bloody photos on the wall of the secret room, and was surprised to find that the things in his memory were very different from reality. He was acting from beginning to end, and he was the genetically perverted murderer. Zheng Barin remembered meeting Gao Wuzhi for the first time. There was a pool of bird droppings on his arm. Zheng Barin wanted to choke the bird to death. The bird flew away suddenly. Zheng Barin hurried to chase him. When he crashed into Gao Wuzhi’s car, Gao Wuzhi mistakenly thought he was trying to save a bird.

Zheng Barin learned that Luo Zhiguo had recovered his memory. He clearly remembered that he personally severely injured Luo Zhiguo. Zheng Barin did not dare to face such a vicious self, so he sighed anxiously. Gao Wuzhi reported to the team leader that the murder weapon had been replaced. Both the team leader and Police Officer Park suspected that it was caused by someone inside the police station. Gao Wuzhi retrieved the surveillance video in the corridor of the evidence team and found that a part of it had been deleted, Gao Wuzhi He immediately found someone to restore the data, and quickly found the suspicious vehicle. He rushed to the hotel where the vehicle was parked, turned around and was driven away.

Zheng Barin clearly remembers the day he went to the prison to perform on the show. He and Luo Zhiguo carried the props to the backstage. Zheng Barin was murderous against Luo Zhiguo. Zheng Barin saw him not pleasing to his eyes since he was in school. Feeling that Luo Zhiguo was pretending to be hypocritical, Zheng Barin tricked him into the underground pipe and bitterly assassinated Luo Zhiguo, and then put him naked and put him into the item box.

Zheng Barin hardened his scalp and came to the hospital. He was afraid to enter. Dong Jiu forced him in. Gao Wuzhi and others also came to visit Luo Zhiguo. Luo Zhiguo saw Zheng Barin very excited and took the initiative to embrace him, Zheng Ba Lin was so scared that Liushen Wuzhu, Dong Jiu mistakenly thought he was excited. When the visit time was up, the doctor threw Zheng Barin and the others out. Zheng Barin hurriedly avoided, worrying that something was wrong with him.

Wu Fengyi called Zheng Barin suddenly and was about to leave. She couldn’t help but think of the killing of Grandma Wu. Grandma Wu was followed. She called Zheng Barin for help, claiming to find a picture of the student murderer, and Zheng Barin hurriedly rushed. In the past, he killed Grandma Wu.

Zheng Barin still remembers that he personally killed the priest by live broadcast to Gao Wuzhi. He felt very uncomfortable and could only go to the church to make atonement. When he returned to the ruins of the demolition to collect gold from the Korean body, he found that the body was gone. Zheng Barin guessed When Daniel was hiding, he came to him to reason, and Daniel pushed all the blame on Cheng Yaohan.

Gao Wuzhi remembered that Luo Zhiguo was weird when he embraced Zheng Barin. He suspected that there was something hidden in it, so he went directly to the hospital to look for Luo Zhiguo. Luo Zhiguo made a fuss and didn’t remember anything. Gao Wuzhi came to the scene of the crime to simulate Luo Zhiguo. The process of being transferred to the stage.

When Jung Barin saw Kim Korea’s mothers handing out flyers on the street, he told her the news of Kim Korea’s death. The news was broadcast on the big screen of the mall. Someone accidentally discovered Kim Korea’s body. Jung Barin and Kim’s mother hurriedly rushed. In the past, Go Wuzhi had been investigating there and found that Kim Korea’s lungs had been removed. Gao Wuzhi was heartbroken and felt that he had killed Kim Korea. Zheng Barin was condemned for his conscience, and he hurriedly left.

Zheng Barin went home in despair. He wanted to shoot himself and died, but was forcibly stopped by Daniel. Zheng Barin couldn’t accept the fact that he was a murderous maniac. When he wanted to die, Daniel had to admit that Zheng Barin could not live long. Urged him to use the remaining time to atone for his sins, so that Yao Han became innocent.

Many years ago, Daniel received two mice from Han Xujun and guessed that he had successfully completed the gene conversion. Daniel observed one of the mice for a month. The mouse finally died. Later, Daniel received Cui Hongzhu’s After consulting the phone, he determined that Cheng Yaohan had inherited Han Xujun’s abnormal genes, and he decisively returned to China to follow Cheng Yaohan. Gradually, he discovered that Cheng Yaohan was a kind child, one percent of the genius, and Daniel discovered that the murderer was Zheng Barin. At the time, they cleverly moved the body, and the police mistakenly thought Cheng Yaohan was the murderer.

Zheng Barin secretly vowed to purge Seong Yaohan from the crime. He saw that the citizens were all sacrificing Kim Korea on the street. Wu Fengyi accidentally learned that Cui Hongzhu had given birth to Cheng Yaohan’s son, and she was dumbfounded. The nanny abused him in every possible way. Cui Hongzhu came home from get off work and found his son crying constantly, so he sang nursery rhymes to him. Cui Hongzhu couldn’t help but think of his childhood. Someone broke into the house and kidnapped the brothers and sisters and threw them into the trunk. Cui Hongzhu untied the rope and escaped with his brother while crossing the tunnel. Cui Hongzhu hid her younger brother, she deliberately sang to attract the kidnappers’ attention.

Cui Hongzhu found that his son was blue and purple, so he turned on the surveillance at home and found evidence that the nanny had abused his son. Zheng Barin collected evidence from various places, hoping to remove the suspicion for Cheng Yaohan. Wu Fengyi didn’t come to work in the morning. Cui Hongzhu called Zheng Barin to inquire, and Zheng Barin didn’t know. Cui Hongzhu went to visit Wu Fengyi at home. Wu Fengyi exposed the murderer’s son and vowed to curse them for life. Zheng Barin clearly saw this scene.

Zheng Barin apologized for his death. He wrote a confession to prove that he was the real murderer. Zheng Barin wanted to jump off the top of the building. At first, Cheng Yaohan came to Zheng Barin’s tenant, Kim Korea, but Zheng Barin flatly refused. Cheng Yaohan wanted to kill Zheng Barin himself to prevent more people from being killed. Two people fought, Cheng Yaohan lured Zheng Barin. Going to the top of the building, he was hit by Gao Wuzhi on the spot, and Cheng Yaohan died with hatred.

Just as Zheng Barin wanted to jump down, he suddenly received a message from Luo Zhiguo and asked him to come to the hospital. Zheng Barin hurried over. Luo Zhiguo exposed that Zheng Barin was the murderer and persuaded him to surrender to Cheng Yao. Han was charged, he hurriedly hid in the bathroom in fright. When Gao Wuzhi came to the hospital, he saw Luo Zhiguo die because of ineffective treatment. He saw Zheng Barin leaving in despair, and immediately shouted to him.

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