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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 21 Recap

Liang Chen told Lu Jing truthfully that she wanted to choose a gift for Jiayun. Lu Jing asked that the birthday time was actually Christmas Eve. This day was originally the first holiday that Liang Chen and Lu Jing had agreed to spend together, but Jia Yun had to go to his birthday. Lu Jing offered to help Jia Yun choose a gift, and even chose a tortoise as a gift. Liang Chen couldn’t help but smile, seeing Lu Jing deliberately.

From the taro out of the kitchen, Lu Jing looked at Lu Jing’s arms around Liang Chen’s shoulders. He was surprised at the relationship between the two. What he didn’t expect was that Lu Jing took Liang Chen’s hand further, officially announcing that the two had held hands. I was so angry that Taro drove away the two people at that time, thinking that they were here to spread dog food. After coming out of Yutou’s house, Liang Chen and Lu Jing went to the cinema to watch a movie together, holding hands and smiling, full of happiness in their hearts.

Ma Shanshan suddenly received a call from the scumbag. But I hope Ma Shanshan can talk to Liang Chen about choosing his songs to participate in the show. Ma Shanshan hung up the phone with anger, and tears could not stop. The taro came to feed Ma Shanshan and wanted to spend time together. For dinner, he was unceremoniously driven away by Ma Shanshan. Taro saw the torn picture in the garbage bin of Ma Shanshan’s house.

Lu Jing sent Liang Chen back, full of grievances that he could not spend Christmas Eve together. Liang Chen promised to go ahead and spend Christmas Eve with Lu Jing. Lu Jing immediately said happily to pick up Liang Chen, but also told Liang Chen not to change for him. He will wait for Liang Chen no matter how late it is.

Taro suddenly called Lu Jing to ask for the secret of how to win the hearts of women. Lu Jing sent a link to Taro, and at the same time, he was also curious to ask Taro to go to Jiayun for his birthday. Why didn’t he go quickly? Jiayun cancelled the birthday party. At this time, at the birthday party, the scene was very romantic, but there were only Jia Yun and Liang Chen. Liang Chen seemed to understand something when the music sounded, and Jia Yun expressed his love to Liang Chen. Liang Chen also generously admitted that he already has someone he likes. Jiayun also expressed that he would respect Liang Chen’s choice.

Lu Jing came to the place agreed with Liang Chen and waited, wandering back and forth nervously, already guessing that Jiayun’s birthday party must be a deliberately arranged pursuit confession ceremony. But Lu Jing also knew that he couldn’t bother. Liang Chen suddenly appeared when he was unsure. Lu Jing was ecstatic, while Jia Yun frowned when he looked at the ring hidden in the cake, thinking about the first time I saw him. When he arrived at Liang Chen, Liang Chen had always attracted him all the way, but the late confession might have come too late.

Lu Jing carefully prepared a bag with a Ping An fruit in it. The two saw Santa Claus singing on the street. Liang Chen hoped that he could sing his favorite songs. Lu Jing immediately went to give Santa some money. I hope Liang Chen can sing. Liang Chen sings the guitar and attracts many people. When everyone wakes up and realizes that it is Liang Chen, Lu Jing has quickly pulled Liang Chen away.

Liang Chen and Lu Jing came down to the small box puppet under the direction of the light arrow. Lu Jing’s singing came from the puppet. Although the five sounds were not complete, Liang Chen liked it very much and kissed Lu Jing’s as requested. On cheeks, after returning home, she was also happily listening to the songs of the puppets. Ke Ke couldn’t help saying that the singing of the puppets was too unpleasant, but Liang Chen said she liked it.

Everyone is not optimistic about Liang Chen’s singing of rock and roll, and they are one-sided on the Internet. They even think that Liang Chen’s rock and roll is an insult to rock, but Liang Chen said that she only wants to sing the songs she wants to sing.

Suddenly someone in the school hung up a banner to show love to Lu Jing’s girlfriend. This news soon became a hot search. Liang Chen had to truthfully tell that he was already in love, it was Lu Jing, just hoping that this matter would not affect her. This game has an impact.

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