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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 6 Recap

Gu Ling was worried that any Xia Xia would be unhappy when he met his rival, so he suggested to vent. But Ren Xia did not agree, he received Xiao Fei’s message, she asked him to eat together. Any man just felt strange in his heart, and had no other feelings, he readily agreed to dinner tonight. Gu Ling was not calm, worried that George and Xiao Fei wanted to embarrass any of them. Bai Fumei gave her an idea and asked her to dress nicely and follow any chivalrous man to dinner, so that he was not so embarrassed. Not only that, Gu Ling also called Yan Yufei and Xiao Hanlin to help. In this meeting, Xiao Fei actually pushed Gu Ling and Any Xia one step closer.

They accidentally saw the wine in the cup shaking. When they looked upstairs, Long Ziche really came, and Yan Yufei could see that Long Ziche’s goal was not any hero. He wanted to teach George that any chivalrous man poured the wine first and accidentally poured it on George. George was very angry and walked away on the spot, but fortunately he did not find Long Ziche.

Neither Xia, Long Ziche, or Gu Ling can’t find George who is proud of himself, and intends to teach him a lesson. Yan Yufei and Xiao Hanlin did not participate, and the other three settled in the company ahead of time to give George a slap in the face. Gu Ling’s invisibility ability played a huge role, scaring George into dismay.

In the toilet, Long Ziche used his ability to control the water to give George a severe lesson. George yelled a ghost and ran away embarrassedly. The three people behind laughed. Although Yan Yufei couldn’t tell, he still came to help them clean up the mess. When she came, Bai Fushuai almost looked for a security guard to catch them.

Fortunately, Yan Yufei had a hypnotic ability that helped them solve this trouble, but she didn’t know how long the hypnotic charm could last. After teaching George, Ren Xia and Long Ziche were very happy, and they agreed to play games together. Either Xia and Gu Ling were thinking about each other. He sent a message to Gu Ling and asked her if she was asleep.

Gu Ling, who was not asleep, went to the basketball hall to meet Ren Xia, and Ren Xia took off her hair tie and gave her a watch that could monitor heart rate and heartbeat. Gu Ling was very moved and answered his question. Gu Ling said that she had no home and grew up in an orphanage. Any Xia looked at her silently, with sympathy and pity in his eyes. Any Xia helped Gu Ling save the hair tie, holding her hair tie in one hand at night, his heartbeat accelerated, and he finally understood why he quickly let go of Xiao Fei, who had liked her for ten years. Gu Ling asked No Xia to send herself to Bai Fume’s house, and any Xia sent her to leave immediately.

Gu Ling didn’t know what was going on with him, but Bai Fumei and Hu Miaomiao knew well. Asked how he felt about any knight, Gu Ling repeatedly denied that he didn’t like him, but the affirmative tone of the two roommates made Gu Ling also start to doubt himself. Dadong and Gu Ling are high school classmates. Any Xia curiously asked about Gu Ling’s past.

Dadong took out the school magazine from high school, and she could see that she was very lonely at that time, even taking pictures away from others. . Bai Fushuai remembered what happened that night and called the security department to ask them to pass the surveillance video to him. Bai Fushuai found out that Long Ziche was most likely a ghost that night.

In order to retaliate against him, Bai Fushuai showed the chairman the video of Long Ziche putting clothes on Gu Ling and described it exaggeratedly. The chairman did not favor any of them, and only said that they would let them solve the problems they caused. Later, Bai Fushuai called the surveillance and interviewed the reporter. Long Ziche realized that he wanted to expose the video, and immediately contacted Gu Ling and others to solve the problem.

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