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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 5 Recap

Gu Ling didn’t know what was going on, but she hadn’t spoken since returning from Long Ziche’s house. Any Xia noticed that something was wrong with her and walked into the elevator with her. The elevator malfunctioned, and Gu Ling suddenly became flustered, restless, and frightened. Seeing this, any Xia used the light of his palm to comfort Gu Ling.

Gu Ling said that he had claustrophobia, which any man thought was nothing. The two talked to Li Yuan. When any Xia met Li Yuan, he was just a gamer who didn’t want to talk. The two of them talked, smiled and shook hands. Any Xia’s heartbeat became very fast, as if there was a force to be released, and he instantly used the super power to sweep the army.

As a result, the elevator door opened, but any hero used his superpowers for the first time, and fell asleep with exhaustion. Gu Ling struggled to pull him out and asked Dadong to come and pick him up. When Gu Ling returned to the dormitory, Bai Fumei and Hu Miaomiao found that the computer turned on automatically, the paper towels were also hanging in the air, and the door opened automatically. This strange scene frightened the two of them.

They screamed in fear, and Gu Ling found out that he was invisible through the mirror. Gu Ling went to find any knight, and the light in his hand could illuminate the invisible Gu Ling, and it could be seen that this was the invisibility ability of the game character Bone Elf Shura. But she couldn’t control this ability, any man asked her to try to shout like herself.

Gu Lingzhen yelled out, but it was useless. She did not dare to go back to the dormitory, fearing that Princess Bai and Hu Miaomiao would be frightened by herself again. Any Xia took her to the basketball hall and let her sleep there all night. But Ren Xia forgot to have basketball training the next day. Gu Ling saw a group of boys coming in and was forced to hide in the locker room.

When she saw Dadong was about to change clothes and take a bath, she ran out shouting. There was a lot of rumors about this incident in school, saying that there were female perverts in male bathrooms, but no one could see what the female perverts looked like. Hu Miaomiao, Bai Fumei, and Dadong went to the studio to look for Gu Ling, but they only saw the man, the studio and Gu Ling’s mobile phone, they had to suspect that the two were dating.

After the three people left, any Xia attacked Gu Ling and swept the army, finally let Gu Ling show himself. The five people gathered together, Gu Ling was emotionally ups and downs, and was forced to hide. Any knight went back to the dormitory and asked the game character sword knight about Gu Ling’s situation, but he didn’t know what was going on.

While they are dealing with strange superpowers in the real world, the game characters are also hurrying to find and destroy the barbarian king. The Barbarian King took the lead in finding them and wanted to destroy them with black wind, but he didn’t get his wish. The Barbarian King told Li Yuan about any Xia and others getting superpowers. Li Yuan decided to take precautions and bring the super powers in the game world to the real world.

Long Ziche was going to report to the chairman the next day on project work, but it was not the chairman who came, but his long-time rival financial director Bai Fushuai. Although the two grew up together, they have always been hostile. . Bai Fushuai thinks that Long Ziche’s project is meaningless and will only burn money, while Long Ziche thinks that he is short-sighted and full of money. The two finally broke up. Long Ziche waited for his father to return home and asked him why he didn’t come to listen to the report today, but his father ignored him, thinking that Bai Fushuai would be there, and Long Ziche became even more angry.

Gu Ling asked any man to explain clearly to Bai Fumi with himself, but Bai Fume believed that their relationship was not ordinary, reminding Gu Ling to be clean and self-love, and warn any man to take responsibility. Bai Fumei’s brother Bai Fushuai (George) appeared. Only then did Ren Xia know that George who had robbed his first love was Bai Fumei’s brother. Last time, he helped himself and Gu Ling.

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