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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 4 Recap

Gu Ling and Any Xia found each other, and at the same time looked at the dark sky with sparse meteor showers. The next day, they found out that they couldn’t board the game anymore. At this time, they still don’t know that they are facing a great change.

At night, any man found that his right hand would glow, and the next day he had to put the glowing hand in his trouser pocket. Dadong reminded him to go for training today, and the coach must make a list of training for the next stage. Any man had to go to the coach and lied that he was sick. The coach asked him to take out his hand. Any man could only slowly remove the bandage that was wrapped around his hands. At this moment, Gu Ling appeared to help him out.

Unlike any hero, Gu Ling has no sequelae. Any Xia thought of Long Ziche, and dragged Gu Ling to find him. Long Ziche was amused and even wanted to take photos and post on his Moments. Any man is not understood, and he is extremely angry. Long Ziche gave him the sheath so that the bandage would not be too conspicuous. Any Xia bitterly took it.

Afterwards, Long Ziche told his girlfriend Yan Yufei about the incident, so that she could go and see any knight if she had time. In the beginning, Long Ziche chased Yu Fei, who gave her a loving breakfast every day, and finally moved the beautiful psychiatrist. Yan Yufei asked him if he really didn’t want to ride a bike, and after receiving a positive answer, she didn’t force it anymore.

When Long Ziche wanted to drink while taking a bath, the cup accidentally fell to the ground and broke, but the red wine in the cup did not move with his hands. He relaxed, the red wine fell to the ground with a slap, and he looked at his hand. Showing an incredible look. Ren Xia and Gu Ling asked Bai Fumei for help, asking her to ask her brother for help to get the information about Xiaoyaosheng. Bai Fumei agrees, but she asks any man to admit that he is Gu Ling’s boyfriend. Any Xia was forced to agree, got the information about Xiaoyaosheng as he wished, and called him. When Xiaoyaosheng answered the phone, a child fell and his hand touched the child’s wound, and the wound healed magically.

Xiaoyao’s name is Xiao Hanlin. He is a graduate student of law, but he has a phobia of strangers. He expressed his guess, because of the battle that night, they all possessed the abilities of the characters in the fantasy game. I learned that he will have an interview tomorrow, but because of illness I can’t do a complete self-interview.

Any Xia decided to help him and hired Bai Fumei, Hu Miaomiao and others as his interviewers. Xiao Hanlin gave up at first, and later plucked up the courage to finally introduce himself completely. The interview on the second day happened to be the company where Long Ziche worked. Long Ziche asked him to introduce himself again, this time he stumbled a bit.

The two recognized each other as Long Zhanyuye and Xiaoyaosheng in the game, and Long Ziche asked him to help find any Xia Xia and Gu Ling. The next day, the three of them went to meet in Long Ziche’s villa and met the intellectual beauty, Long Ziche’s girlfriend, Yu Fei. Long Ziche used his super powers to give any one of the knights a smashing power.

When the two met, they fought each other, and Yan Yufei used the super powers of the game character Feiyannu to freeze the two. Now, except for Gu Ling, everyone else has the super powers of their respective game characters, which makes her a little puzzled. Long Ziche’s team retrieved the data, and they can finally log in to the game.

But the strange thing is that the characters in the game have their own consciousness and mind, like artificial intelligence. Except for Yan Yufei and Xiao Hanlin, the other three have dialogues with their respective game characters. Yan Yufei could see that the release of superpowers might be related to people’s emotions and moods. She gave Gu Ling a business card so that she could have time to chat with herself and avoid depression.

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