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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 26 Recap

Wen Gu came to the Nuo Temple and wanted to know where Duanmucui was. Hongluan told Duanmucui to go to the old site of Chongcheng. Hongluan couldn’t stop Wen Gu, so Wen Gu went to Chongcheng to find Duanmucui. Wen Gu rushed to the former site of Chongcheng and found that Duanmucui was really alive. He was very pleased. As a result, Duanmucui faced himself with swords and took him back to Penglai.

Wen Gu said that he could not look back, and he was unwilling to go to Penglai with Duanmucui to receive the penalty. Upon seeing this, Duan Mucui wanted to kill Wen Gu, and the robbery came down, Hong Luan stopped in front of Wen Gu and blocked the lightning strike for him. Before his death, Hong Luan told Duan Mucui that she was very envious of her and wanted to be a sister with her, but fate had made someone else make it to the present situation.

Hong Luan hoped that Duan Mucui would forgive Wen Gu. What Wen Gu did was for Duan Mucui’s sake. God Penglai asked Heaven to drop five barbarous thunders, slay the evil dragon, and walk the road for Heaven. Yang Jian, full of Penglai’s expectations, went to kill Wen Gu.

Thousands of years ago, Wen Gu used his own blood to rescue the untransformed Hong Luan, who grew up with Duanmu. After transforming into a human form, Hong Luan was determined to protect Wen Gu to the death. Before his death, Hong Luan advised Wen Gu to let go of his previous things, but Wen Gu did not wake up because of Hong Luan’s sacrifice. More and more people died in Qifeng City, and the situation was deteriorating. Every day, more and more people were dying because of the disease.

Duanmucui tried his best and invited Huatuo doctor in Penglai to help. The situation gradually improved. . Duanmucui felt that it was his kindness to let go of Wen Gu, which led to the current situation, and Zhanyan said that he would always be with Duanmucui. Duan Mucui saw that Zhanyan had kept the doll he gave to him, and was confused by Zhanyan, and wanted to solve it by himself.

Duanmucui assured Yang Jian that he would personally execute Wen Gu. Zhan Yan woke up and found that Duan Mu Cui was missing. He learned that Duan Mu Cui was going to find Wen Gu to clear the door and help Duan Mu Cui. Jiang Wenqing did not stop Zhan Yan, but warned Zhan Yan to be careful.

Wen Gu was so obsessed that he didn’t get the promise he wanted from Duanmucui, and the two fought. Jiang Wenqing, who had restored Jiang Yi’s memory, looked at the corpses all over the world, feeling more and more that the inaction of the immortals he had made had caused the current situation, and that he had given up the godhood to cause the tragedy. Wen Gu has the blessing of Penglai Tu’s divine power. Duanmucui is no longer his opponent. Zhanyan appeared in time, indicating that he would live and die with Duanmucui. This sentence further angered Wen Gu.

Madam Jiang was infected with the plague and her physical condition was getting worse and worse, but she did not forget to protect Jiang Wenqing’s files. Jiang Wenqing was very worried that Mrs. Jiang could not be protected, which further prompted him to make up his mind to help Duan Mucui reopen the gate of Shen Yuan and re-appoint the gods. Mrs. Jiang said that she would support Jiang Wenqing anyway and let him do what she wanted to do boldly. Shangguan Ce was very sad when he saw Madam Jiang’s condition. Jiang Wenqing entrusted Kaifeng City to Shangguan Ce, and went to Chongcheng to change everything.

Zhan Yan replied that Duan Mucui did a lot for Wen Gu, and it was Wen Gu’s mistake that caused the current situation. Wen Gu was irritated by Zhanyan’s words and injured Duanmucui and Zhanyan in one fell swoop. Wen Gu asked Duanmucui to choose between Zhanyan and Kaifeng city people. Duanmucui had no choice but to make his own choice, choosing the lives of the people in the city, in exchange for understanding medicine.

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