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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 25 Recap

Hong Luan cast a spell to close the gate of Kaifeng City, and everyone in Kaifeng Mansion was unable to open it. Zhanyan was afraid that Duanmucui would not be there, and the Caolu was left unattended, so she went to Duanmu Caolu to take care of it. Duanmucui appeared in time to stop Hongluan, and opened the barrier, Duanmucui also confirmed once again that these were the work of Wen Gu. Xiaoqinghua waited for Duanmucui’s return in Duanmu Caolu, and she comforted Xiaoqinghua and wanted to send Xiaoqinghua back to Duanmu Caolu, but Xiaoqinghua refused.

Zhanyan suddenly fainted at the door of Duanmu Caolu because of hard work day and night to treat the people, plus the old wounds. Duan Mucui heard that Zhanyan was in a coma and was also calling her name. Yu Xin couldn’t bear to take care of Zhanyan all night, but thinking of what Yang Jian had said to her, her approach might hurt Zhanyan, so she left cruelly. Zhan Yan. Jiang Wenqing was over-thinking about opening the city, which caused a headache.

When Jiang Wenqing saw the situation of the people in Kaifeng who were not living, he felt more and more immortal inaction. Madam Jiang specially made a sachet for him to relieve his headache, and comforted him to relax and refrain from overthinking. Duan Mucui came to Qifeng Mansion and met Jiang Wenqing, and gave Penglai Immortal Grass to Jiang Wenqing. Duanmu said that he would return to Penglai after he solved the poisonous matter, and would not drag Zhanyan again.

Duan Mucui came to Wengu Medical Hall and temporarily suppressed the poisonous gas with a magic talisman. Duan Mucui intends to find the source of the infection from the water source, and wants to test the poison by himself to find out whether there is an epidemic in the water. Zhang Yan is worried that she will be poisoned and will be prevented in time. The two are still worried about each other but they are all duplicity.

Duanmucui found that the crux is not in the water, so he went to the Nuo Temple to look for the crux, and found the scales that Wen Gu had missed in the Nuo Temple. Zhang Long was discovered by Zhao Wu after being infected with the vicious poison. Zhang Long didn’t want to impede Zhao Wu, but Zhao Wu confessed to Zhang Long, and the relationship between the two has improved. Duanmucui discovered that Wen Gu killed the god Nuo and buried it in the ground to spread the faint poison. Zhanyan wanted to defend him, but Duanmucui refused.

Duan Mucui found that the rain that Wen Gu fell was the crux, and also found that Hong Luan’s face had become old. It turned out that Hong Luan was to help Wen Gu cultivate into the power of vitality, and he did not hesitate to use the power of vitality to attract. Duanmucui knew that everything Wen Gu did was to resurrect himself, but Duanmucui felt that Wen Gu messed up the people for selfish desire and wanted to take Wen Gu’s life personally.

Wen Gu killed the guardian of the heavenly soldiers and led the You Clan into Penglai. The God of Penglai could not stop Wen Gu, Wen Gu went to Guixu to rescue Duanmucui, and Yang Jian went to stop Wen Gu. Duanmucui and Zhanyan came to Chongcheng and found that Chongcheng had indeed become a land occupied by the You Clan. Yang Jian informed Wen Gu about Duanmucui’s presence in the world. Wen Gu couldn’t do what Yang Jian said, and fought Yang Jian, but Yang Jian lost to Wen Gu. When Yang Jian was about to be killed by Wen Gu, Xiaotian rushed to rescue Yang Jian in time, and informed Wen Gu that Duanmu Cui was going to treat the ghostly poison.

Wen Gu learned that Duanmucui was still alive, and went down to find Duanmucui. Zhao Wu took Zhang Long to the Nuo Temple to look for Duanmucui’s help, but Hongluan informed Zhao Wu that Duanmucui had left the city of Kaifeng, even if it was too late to look for it. Zhang Long wanted Zhao Wu to leave the closed city in time, but Zhao Wu was unwilling to leave Zhang Long and wanted to be with Zhang Long. Wen Gu learned that Duanmucui was alive and came to the Nuo Temple to look for Duanmucui.

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