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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 24 Recap

Duanmucui begged Yang Jian to let them go. Yang Jian was unwilling to make Duanmucui’s mistakes again and again. Duanmucui said that even though it was overwhelming, he would not hesitate. In the end, Yang Jian chose to let Duanmucui and Zhanyan go. He knew that according to Duanmucui’s temperament, he would not let it go. Wen Guweiyu found the god Nuo, killed him and buried him three zhangsan underground, and spread the plague rain to collect the power of life.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan returned to the mortal world. Since Duanmucui recovered her memory, she seemed to be indifferent to Zhanyan a lot. But Zhanyan has been following Duanmucui, unwilling to leave. The people were wounded by Wen Gu’s plague and died disastrously. Duanmucui and Zhanyan passed through Xuanping Village and found that the village was a little weird. Duanmucui did not smell the secluded atmosphere. Zhanyan proposed to stay here tonight, and Duanmucui agreed.

Duanmucui dreamed that Huban was talking in dreams, and Zhanyan held Duanmucui’s hand to comfort Duanmucui. Duan Mucui wanted to talk to Zhanyan. She thanked Zhanyan for giving herself good memories in Kaifeng City and told him about the past of Huban. Duanmucui was Duanmucui’s fiance in the Xiqi military camp a thousand years ago, but Kuchang died on the battlefield because he wanted to use Chongcheng to marry Duanmucui, and the soldiers did not come back. Duanmucui always felt that it was because of his own reasons. Will let them die, feel guilty for them, show Yan and enlighten Duan Mucui.

Suddenly a group of black old aura attacked Zhanyan, and Zhanyan fainted. Yang Jian appeared and told Duanmucui that ten miles to the east is Chongcheng. Thousands of years ago, she led the soldiers of Duanmuying to camp here, and finally attacked Chongcheng. The battle of Chongcheng suffered numerous casualties, and resentment formed an old spirit. It was suppressed by Nuo God, but recently all these old angers have spread, and there is a fear of disaster in the Three Realms. It is suspected that these old angers were released by Wen Gu to harm the world.

Duan Mucui didn’t understand why Wen Gu did this. Yang Jian told Wen Guwei that he had died for her, and he was willing to give up the godhood, inherit the throne of the You Clan, and lead the You Clan as enemies with Penglai and the world. Zhan Yan fainted because she was hurt by the qi here, and these qi came from her. If Duanmu Cui persists in her incomprehension, walks against the sky, and falls in love with mortals, she may be overwhelmed by life, and Zhan Yan will die.

After listening to Yang Jian’s words, Duan Mucui was in a heavy mood, used his own blood to repair Zhanyan’s huge fault, and decided to let Zhanyan leave. Zhan Yan woke up and found that she was in Kaifeng Mansion. He learned from Jiang Wenqing that he had been in a coma for three days, and suspected that Duanmucui was going to open Shen Yuan alone, looking for Duanmucui everywhere. Duan Mucui watched Zhanyan hurriedly looking for herself in hiding, very heartbroken.

Zhan Yan asked Jiang Wenqing and Mrs. Jiang to write an appointment letter as soon as possible, and gave the offer. He wanted to marry Duan Mucui, and Jiang Wenqing happily agreed to Zhan Yan. Zhanyan came to Yuelao Temple, hung a lamp on the marriage tree, and then wanted to let Xindie lead the way to help him find Duanmucui. Zhan Yan found that Xindie had been circling nearby. Zhan Yan realized that Duanmucui was nearby. She expressed her heart to Duanmucui and wanted to give her a home. At the same time, she promised that in this life, non-Duanmucui will not marry, and for the rest of her life. She can only be Duanmucui alone.

Duan Mucui heard the tears streaming down her face and remembered Yang Jian’s words, so she tore off the marriage certificate in front of Zhan Yan. Therefore, the anger spread to the city of Qifeng, and the people were panicked. Wen Gu came to Duanmu Caolu and vowed to rescue Duanmucui. Wen Gu succeeded in absorbing enough energy to generate vitality. He knew that Penglai would not let him go, and Kaifeng City was his last bargaining chip. Hongluan asked Wen Gu if he would be sad for him if he died in Qifeng City, but he didn’t know Wen Gu’s answer.

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