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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 23 Recap

Zhanyan and Duanmucui successfully met through Yuelao. Zhanyan was very anxious to see the locked scene of Duanmucui. Duanmucui lied that the lock was for emergency healing, but Zhanyan saw that she was lying. Duanmucui was worried that Zhanyan would do stupid things for himself. He broke away from the rope and wanted to find Zhanyan, but was blocked by Yang Jian. He told Duanmucui that they had no destiny and could not get entangled anymore, so he cast a spell to make Duanmucui sleep well. Sleep.

Wen Gu returned to the Jiu Prison and rescued Hong Luan from prison. Hong Luan found that Wen Gu had changed a lot. Although he did not know what Wen Gu had experienced, Hong Luan was still willing to accompany him. , Wen Gu became You King, Hong Luan assisted him in letting go of the suppressed You Clan, and opened the Seal of the Nine Prisons with Penglai Tu’s supernatural power on his body. Those Jiu Prison You Clan who had been imprisoned for a long time came to open the city and began to kill.

Jiang Wenqing guessed that You Clan made the chaos because Wen Gu destroyed the Penglai map and opened the Seal of the Nine Prisons. At this time, only Penglai’s immortals can work together to turn the tide, but now the Penglai gods can’t take care of themselves and have no energy to take care of mortal matters. Zhan Yan heard that Jiang Wenqing realized that Duanmucui would be in danger, and was distraught.

Jiang Wenqing thought that Duanmucui should be trapped by love locks, and thought that if the love locks can be cut off and the memory of Duanmucui’s love debts can be restored, she will reopen at that time. Shen Yuan, everything can be done again, and he can re-appoint the gods. Jiang Wenqing told Zhanyan that he could use the supernatural power of the giant to ascend Penglai, but even if he had a sword-spirited body, mortals would have to endure pain that ordinary people could not bear. Jiang Wenqing informed Zhan Yan of the method of ascending to the sky and helped Zhanyan ascend to the sky.

Wen Gu took Hongluan to the old site of Chongcheng, lamenting that after a thousand years he still returned to this place, the place that was once the most annoying has now become a home. Hong Luan was very sad when he heard the news of Duanmucui’s death from Wen Gu. Wen Gu wanted to awaken Duan Mucui with the secret technique of the secluded clan to awaken Duanmu Cui, which uses innocent creatures to pave the way for life. It is against the way of heaven and will be condemned by the heavens in the future. Hongluan wanted to persuade Wen Gu, but Wen Gu had decided. Hongluan decided to help Wen Guweiyu fulfill his wish.

When Zhanyan came to the entrance of Penglai, he was stopped by the Penglai guards. Zhanyan used the giant fault to knock them down, and went to Guixu to cut off the love lock that had locked Duanmucui. Thousands of years ago, Duanmucui died in the Battle of Chongcheng, and Jiang Yi surrendered his divine envoy, Duanmucui.

Duanmu Cui learned that he was a descendant of the goddess after sealing the gods, and wanted to use all of his use to open Shen Yuan and return the soldiers who died in the Battle of Chongcheng. Seeing that Duanmucui was so obsessed with Yang Jian, Yang Jian could only lock Duanmucui’s memory into Guixu. As long as she is not emotional in the future, she will never suffer from this emotional debt again. Duanmucui regained the memory of a thousand years ago and regained consciousness.

Wen Gu came to the temple of the plague god, killed the plague god, and released the old aura of being suppressed by the plague god. When Yang Jian learned that Zhanyan had broken into Penglai, he immediately led people to return to the market, but it was too late. Duanmucui had remembered everything. Yang Jian accused Zhanyan of trespassing into Penglai’s return to the market and cut off the binding Duanmucui Zhanyan said that she only knew that Duanmucui shouldn’t be here, and wanted to take Duanmucui away, and the two fought against it. Zhanyan confronted Yang Jian, and his mana was completely lost to Yang Jian, and Yang Jian was seriously injured.

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