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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 17 Recap

Yi Zimeng said that he was determined not to learn anything, but he was reluctant to Xia Zhuo and them. When Wang Xianmin came, Xia Zhuo called his master, but Wang Xianmin said that he was better than himself. For so many years, he wanted to draw the lines here, but he always got it right. Xia Zhuo got it right in just a few days. I admire it very much. Shao Shuai came to Lu Zheng and said that there were some students who had partial subjects, and even 80% of them had learned to drive and launch. There were almost no other people, but Lu Zheng felt that they should not intervene and just look at the final result of the assessment.

Anyway, In the end, those with the strongest overall ability stay, and those with partial subjects or single subjects are eliminated. Shao Shuai agreed to Lu Zheng’s suggestion, and he also reported that he would talk to recruits about the importance of comprehensive development. Lu Zheng was very happy to see that Xia Zhuo was the only one under Wang Xianmin. He heard that Yi Zimeng hadn’t reported a single one to Shao Shuai to take a good look.

Wang Xianmin’s child was ill and had to ask for leave. Xia Zhuo felt relieved, but he still told him a lot of things, and then ran home with the old rules. The professional distribution was posted. Everyone was discussing a Yi Zimeng who hadn’t learned. Yi Zimeng hurried to find Xia Zhuo and asked him to tell Wang Xianmin that he wanted to worship him as a teacher.

Xia Zhuo said he turned to ask. , Took him to the back mountain, said to check the ventilation ducts, and found a piece of wood for Yi Zimeng to make a new guitar. Life in the cave is still boring and interesting. Lin Anbang and Ouyang Jun play basketball together, looking at Yan Yibing from time to time.

In Chen Haofeng’s missile inspection class, Chen Haofeng explained to the recruits the importance of missile inspection, and then asked Ouyang Jun to distribute the materials, and Lin Anbang enthusiastically helped Ouyang Jun to distribute the materials. Xia Zhuo felt that the air in the cave was very awkward, even if the ventilation system was turned on, it was useless, and soon he found that the electricity in a place was cut off. Ouyang Jun returned to the dormitory and found that Lin Anbang was actually sleeping, and he reminded Lin Anbang to cherish the opportunity. After all, it is not easy to come back, so don’t let it go. Yi Zimeng gave Xia Zhuo a flashlight.

Xia Zhuo was busy repairing the circuit, and then went to the master control room to turn on the circuit. The ventilation system immediately began to operate, and the air in the cave was much more comfortable. When Wang Xianmin came back, he knew that Xia Zhuo had opened the air channel, and which air channel had been opened and which air channel had been closed. When I guessed it accurately, Xia Zhuo admired him endlessly.

The business assessment officially began. Everyone must master the operations of the four numbers, and Lu Zheng asked them to draw numbers into groups. Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang, Yi Zimeng and Ouyang Jun happened to get a group. When Ouyang Jun walked into this group, he looked very unlovable. Xia Zhuo drew the driver, Lin Anbang drew the communication trumpeter, Yi Zimeng drew the trumpeter for measurement, launching and control, and Ouyang Jun was naturally the commanding trumpeter. Yi Zimeng was very nervous and said that he couldn’t do it. Ouyang Jun opened his mouth and prepared to let everyone go through all the processes.

Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were both easy to find, and Lin Anbang did not make a mistake. Only Yi Zimeng squatted. No word was right. Xia Zhuo and Lin Anbang comforted him not to be nervous, Ouyang Jun was a little impatient, this is an assessment, failure will be eliminated! Xia Zhuo asked Ouyang Jun to wait. They still have time. Now they are a whole, and no one can do it alone. Yi Zimeng became even more nervous, and finally got the process right. Just familiar with the process, it was their turn to take an assessment.

Fortunately, the entire assessment process went smoothly. After the trumpeter’s command was issued, Xia Zhuo, Ouyang Jun, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng each performed their duties and successfully completed the test. Lu Zheng and the four elders met the four. People’s collaboration and cooperation also expressed satisfaction.

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