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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 16 Recap

Xia Zhuo spotted two suspicious persons in disguise. The other shot suddenly. Xia Zhuo dodged and chased after him. The gunfire caught everyone’s attention, and Xia Zhuo followed all the way and successfully hit the Blues. Lu Zheng told them not to take it lightly and expand the search range. Lu Zheng wanted to take the convoy back, and search carefully when people came back. Back in the standby warehouse, Lu Zheng commanded the drone and the team to set off.

An Lei was pleasantly surprised to learn that the two blue teams had been killed. The Battle Blade Company was just as good as it was established. After all, there are still top snipers in the army. Hearing that the special snipers were killed by Xia Zhuo, An Lei was surprised and planned to visit them at the camp, but the political commissar felt that they could not be praised. Lu Zheng was very satisfied with this exercise. It has been thirty days since the Zhanbian Company was established. Everyone has experienced a lot together, and this time they finally have the confidence to straighten their backs. The veterans can take a three-day break, and the recruits can also relax.

Xia Zhuoli and Yi Zimeng lay on the lawn and watched the stars. Recalling that they were playing games in the Internet cafe last year, they saw the Dongfeng Express missile vehicle when they came out of the Internet cafe. The scene was very shocking. At that time, the 270th brigade was conducting military exercises. Xia Zhuo, Lin Anbang, and Yi Zimeng curiously chased after them and wanted to take photos and were warned.

Xia Zhuo felt that they must be performing a special mission, but did not expect it to be a launch mission. The troop moved forward at full speed to the empty coast to prepare for the launch mission. Xia Zhuo and the trio followed and watched the entire rocket launch process. The moment they saw the missile, all of them were stupid and saw the missile troop playing flash mob.

At that moment, Xia Zhuo felt that perhaps he should be a soldier after graduation, and perhaps he didn’t have to wait until graduation. Yi Zimeng lamented that the crossroads where the guided missile vehicles were seen were the crossroads of life. Although Xia Zhuo led them as soldiers, they did not regret it because it was their own choice.

Lin Anbang officially joined the War Blade Company, Lang Yongcheng, Xia Zhuo and others were very happy. Because of the performance of the last exercise, Lu Zheng said thank you. The Battle Blade Company is a special existence. Except for the veterans, most of them are college soldiers. Lu Zheng hopes that they will regard the Battle Blade Company as a former university and old comrades. Become a professor. Lu Zheng also told a story two years ago, telling them that these veterans are no worse than professors.

After that, Shao Shuai set up a task for everyone. In the past, soldiers only needed to learn professional skills, but the Battle Blade Company needed a lot of skills without being overwhelmed. In addition to learning this major, they must also be proficient in other majors and have to obtain qualification certificates.

For example, Lang Yongcheng is the car king of the 270 brigade, but he can not only drive cars, but also launch missiles. Xia Zhuo asked how many skills needed to be trained to be qualified, and Lu Zheng replied, all. Ouyang Jun asked how long it would take to study. Lu Zheng said that it was originally scheduled for half a year, but now it only has three months. If you can’t learn it, you can leave War Blade Company immediately.

For the second major, Ouyang Jun chose two, and Xia Zhuo chose position management, intending to follow Wang Xianmin. Yi Zimeng did not fill in, but convinced Conglian to make arrangements. Yi Zimeng thought that Xia Zhuo followed Wang Xianmin, who Quanlian didn’t want to follow, because the passage was easier, but Xia Zhuo was only interested in this. Xia Zhuo asked Yi Zimeng to follow Wang Xianmin, but Yi Zimeng did not speak.

Ouyang Jun was learning to drive. The person teaching was Lin Anbang. Ouyang Jun was a little depressed. Lin Anbang took the chicken feathers and set up the frame as an arrow, and Ouyang Jun got out of the car in a fit of anger. Yi Zimeng felt a little depressed when he saw that Xia Zhuo’s posture was going to take root and stay permanently.

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