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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 15 Recap

Lang Yongcheng bitterly persuades Lu Zheng to give Lin Anbang a chance. Lu Zheng relaxes a bit, and Lang Yongcheng feels it is interesting. When Lu Zheng went to the bathroom, he found Lin Anbang hiding behind the door reading, and asked him to learn from Lang Yongcheng. One big goose died, and Yan Yibing blamed himself. Hou Jidong thought that since it was already dead, he might as well just eat it. Ouyang Jun quickly stopped and offered to bury the goose. Hou Jidong said that wasting food is a great crime. He picked up the goose and left. Ouyang Jun quickly grabbed it back.

Even if he ate it, he couldn’t eat the goose. Hou Jidong and Ouyang Jun robbed them. Hou Jidong was thrown into a squat with too much force. Ouyang Jun quickly apologized. Yan Yibing asked Ouyang Jun why he persisted, and Ouyang Jun replied that this was something he had promised. Hou Jidong and Chen Haofeng were very optimistic about Ouyang Jun, and they fought for this apprentice, and Shao Shuai was stunned when they saw this.

Yi Zimeng didn’t answer his first combat readiness call. Wang Xianmin saw that he knew better than anyone else. Yi Zimeng raised his tail and said that he was testing them, just to keep them in a state of combat alertness all the time. Wang Xianmin felt that the child must be suffocating mad, so he promised to give Yi Zimeng a substitute for two days and let Yi Zimeng go out to breathe.

Yi Zimeng left the standby room like Sa Huan’s little bird. He returned to the camp and said that he had come back with special approval. Shao Shuai didn’t believe Wang Xianmin’s move to find Yi Zimeng to change the squad. This month, Wang Xianmin could be worth a lot for them. class!

Chen Haofeng and Hou Jidong rushed to swear, Wang Xianmin’s wife and children finally came over, and the children could not go home every day before they reached their first birthday. Today they discussed to go down the mountain to see their family members. As a result, Yi Zimeng and Wang Xianmin changed their shifts, and Chen Haofeng tolerated them. long time. How could Wang Xianmin not worry about his family, but just to let these recruits stay longer and give them a three-month shift, Yi Zimeng felt very guilty after hearing this.

Lu Zheng turned his head and took Wang Xianmin down the mountain, and Lu Zheng directly returned to the meeting with Yi Zimeng. Lang Yongcheng signed up for Lin Anbang’s qualification exam for next week, and Lin Anbang quickly stated that he had passed the exam once. Lu Zheng held an emergency video conference and laid down rules to say that it would be better for the veterans to take the place of the squad!

Wang Xianmin felt that he was very happy to be able to go home, and smiled and said that he was taking the initiative. Lu Zheng was still very angry and decided to let the entire company’s officers and soldiers send Wang Xianmin a run home. Lu Zheng took Wang Xianmin home with the soldiers from the camp. Wang Xianmin was very moved. After running home, he finally saw his wife, daughter, and his newborn son.

Lu Zheng asked Yi Zimeng and himself to return to the storage room overnight. Lin Anbang said that he was inhuman when he saw him, but Yi Zimeng was angry. How big is the matter so serious? Yi Zimeng was very emotional, saying that she and Lin Anbang and others were both senior intellectuals, but Lin Anbang was wiping the tires of the car here. Anyone with a primary school diploma can do a job. Lin Anbang said he was floating, but didn’t respond to him.

Yi Zimeng felt aggrieved, sitting alone in the corner crying. Yi Zimeng University studied music. Music is as important as hair. But cutting his hair short when he joined the army made him feel wronged. At the university farewell party, the military representative Yi Zimeng came on stage to perform guitar and singing, but Yi Zimeng said that he didn’t want to sing anymore, and said that he didn’t want to be a soldier!

Yi Zimeng was reluctant to be a soldier from the beginning. When he first joined the army, he almost fought with Lu Zheng because he didn’t want to eat. Wang Xianmin came back and gave Yi Zimeng an apple he brought from home. Yi Zimeng shed tears when he was wronged. Wang Xianmin and Lang Yongcheng hurriedly coaxed him. It is indeed not easy for the Rocket Army to stay in the cave, but someone must do these things, and they have their own glory, but he hasn’t survived this day, and Yi Zimeng cried and laughed again.

The missile vehicle equipment pulls the drill, and the recruits are assigned to the security team. Xia Zhuo tells Yi Zimeng not to run away. This act has nothing to do with the launch mission, and Lin Anbang can also see Lang Yong’s honest exercise, and he is very excited. Ouyang Jun and Yi Zimeng found two suspicious persons, and the other side kept saying that they were performing a secret mission.

After confirming their identities, Lu Zheng said that they were the backbone of the military-civilian joint defense, Lao Niu and Da Zhu, and asked them to let them go. Lao Niu had been a soldier before, and he liked this uniform very much, and he especially asked them to come to him again after the military-civilian joint defense.

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