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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 5 Recap

Since learning about Lin Sufen’s condition, Ye Xiaomei matured overnight. She took on all the housework, arranged Lin Sufen’s life properly, and changed her style to make nutritious food. Although the food is awful, but Lin Sufen felt very relieved.

Guo Sanshuang encouraged his grandfather to go to Jiangdong to make good dishes to please Lin Sufen. Guo Sanshuang lost his taste and worried that he could not do well. Guo Sanshuang cheered him on. Guo Jiangdong carefully prepared a delicacy, but he didn’t have the courage to give it to Lin Sufen. Guo Sanshuang brought a glass of wine to make him courageous, and Guo Jiangdong served it up and drank it.

At this moment, a group of people broke in and asked Master Sanshuang Hing for their crimes. They were all family members of Mrs. Xu. They forced Sanshuang to take out the little golden dog. It was only after Sanshuang that Granny Gui had stolen Mrs. Xu. Wu Hui came to mediate with the little golden dog from him, and Guo Sanshuang had to admit that he had paid off the little golden dog.

Wu Hui didn’t know what to do for a while, so she had to call Lin Sufen to report. Ye Xiaomei was accompany Lin Sufen for treatment in the hospital. She called Wu Hui back under the covers of Lin Sufen, promising to deal with the matter as soon as possible and let Guo Sanshuang stay Waiting for her at the gate of the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei brought Sanshuang to the small loan company to find her boss, Sun Erniang, and Guo Sanshuang introduced Sun Erniang to a big deal. She wanted a commission, and Sun Erniang promised.

Ye Xiaomei kept talking about business with Sun Erniang. She claimed that she needed a sum of money for medical treatment. She had to mortgage the old house with a loan of 750,000 and also bring a real estate certificate. Sun Erniang signed a contract with Ye Xiaomei on the spot. Ye Xiaomei took the opportunity to buy back the little golden dog. She reluctantly agreed. She took out the little golden dog. Ye Xiaomei lied that she didn’t bring her ID card today. She promised to send her over to sign the contract tomorrow. She also asked Sun Erniang to deduct the money from the loan. Sun Erniang believed it was true. They are gone.

It turned out that the real estate certificate was a prop that Ye Xiaomei borrowed from a friend’s film and television company. They successfully brought back the little golden dog. Ye Xiaomei took Sanshuang back to the nursing home to see Mrs. Xu’s family and returned the little golden dog to them. Unexpectedly, Lin Sufen came from the hospital to deal with the matter. Ye Xiaomei couldn’t help but complain about her. Lin Sufen didn’t explain, and took Ye Xiaomei back to the hospital and asked the doctor to explain her condition. The doctor clearly stated that Lin Sufen’s condition was very serious and was not suitable for interventional treatment. She could only take some hepatoprotective drugs for temporary maintenance, and Ye Xiaomei was dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaomei was unwilling to give up. She went to the Internet overnight to search for information and a well-known doctor who treated liver cancer. Finally, she came to a cruel reality. Lin Sufen’s illness was already powerless, and Ye Xiaomei fell into confusion. Early the next morning, Ye Xiaomei came to work in the nursing home early. Wu Huizheng took the elderly to do morning exercises. Ye Xiaomei called Shi Changsheng away alone and asked him about health care products. Shi Changsheng took out a longevity secret book and strongly recommended three to Ye Xiaomei. Cool health products.

Guo Sanshuang went back to the company to find the manager to explain the truth. He lost four boxes of health care products. The manager forced him to sell ten boxes in the nursing home, otherwise he would make him compensate the four boxes of 3,000 yuan. Ye Xiaomei hurriedly came to Sanshuang to buy health care products, and paid for ten boxes on the spot. The manager was full of praise for Guo Sanshuang and called on others to learn from him. Guo Sanshuang was happy.

Ye Xiaomei took the health care products home and couldn’t wait to make Lin Sufen a cup. Lin Sufen persuaded her to give up as soon as possible, but Ye Xiaomei was not reconciled. Lin Sufen bit her scalp and took a sip. She vomited on the spot. Ye Xiaomei gave Lin Sufen another cup. Sufen, Lin Sufen is very resistant. She just wants to focus her limited energy on the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei hates hearing the three words nursing home. Lin Sufen picked it up in anger and drank it before shutting herself into the room.

In the middle of the night, Lin Sufen woke up from the pain. She struggled to get up and drank a glass of water. Suddenly, her abdominal pain was unbearable. She could not stand steady and fainted on the spot. Ye Xiaomei suddenly received a message from a female patient whose online name is “Blessing”. She hurried over. The girl claimed to be also a cancer patient. She lost her hair due to chemotherapy. She took out her test sheet and case, and Ye Xiaomei knew about her. I took a medicine from an old Chinese doctor and my condition is stable now.

Ye Xiaomei was ecstatic and found the old Chinese doctor Dr. Ge’s home the first time. Ye Xiaomei opened the door to explain her intentions. Dr. Ge didn’t want to lose her life, so she could not be said to drive her away. Ye Xiaomei knelt at the door of Dr. Ge’s house and waited until the moment he agreed. . After Ye Xiaomei knelt for a long time, Dr. Ge called her into the room and asked for 90,000 treatment fees. Ye Xiaomei hurried out to call to raise money. At this moment, a group of patients’ family members came to ask Dr. Ge Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and cursed him for making money and killing him. Ye Xiaomei hurriedly stood up to relieve Dr. Ge.

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