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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 4 Recap

Wu Hui brought Ye Xiaomei to the bathroom and saw that the master was repairing the men’s bathroom. Ye Xiaomei quietly avoided and found an old grandfather waiting for a haircut. Ye Xiaomei suddenly wanted to design a very trendy hairstyle for him. The old man was very satisfied.

Guo Sanshuang came to see Jiangdong early in the morning. Guo Jiangdong was sulking while guarding the big bouquet of red roses. He wanted to go to Lin Sufen to confess his confession, but was killed by Hou Lao. Guo Sanshuang tried his best to comfort him and cheer for him. Only after Jiangdong did he open his eyes and smile. Guo Sanshuang wanted to take a bath, but the men’s bathroom was being repaired, so Guo Jiangdong asked him to go to the women’s bathroom next to him to wash, and he stood guard at the door.

Wu Hui couldn’t understand Ye Xiaomei’s careless work attitude and complained to Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen firmly believed that Ye Xiaomei would gradually grow up. In fact, Ye Xiaomei deliberately did things unreliable and wanted Lin Sufen to give up giving her the nursing home. Someone told Jiangdong to go to the office to find Lin Sufen, and ran over Jiangdong happily, forgetting that Guo Sanshuang was taking a bath in the women’s bathroom long ago.

Ye Xiaomei was full of upset when she went out. She was upset that the health tea in the cup spilled all over her. Ye Xiaomei had to go to the bathroom to clean it. After seeing San Shuang naked in it to take a bath, both of them screamed in fright. Guo Jiangdong rushed to hear the news and saw Sanshuang squatting on the ground in a daze, mistakenly thinking that Ye Xiaomei hurt Guo Sanshuang, and kept a video card on the spot.

Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang met unexpectedly. They were both very embarrassed. Wu Hui hurriedly came to find them and asked them to accompany Granny Gui out for a walk. The two of them could only bite the bullet and head forward. On the way, Granny Gui took out the bracelet again for Ye Xiaomei to wear, and said it when Sanshuang agreed to get married.

Granny Gui took San Shuang and Ye Xiaomei to the park to play, and she forcibly held their hands together. Ye Xiaomei was very awkward, and she wanted to leave as soon as possible because of something. Granny Gui distracted Guo Sanshuang and pulled Ye Xiaomei to tell her grandson’s past when she was a child. She wanted Ye Xiaomei to learn more about her grandson. Ye Xiaomei was too disturbed, so she hurried to find a Didi driver to pick them up.

When Grandma Gui saw the children swinging on the swing, she suddenly remembered that she had brought her grandson paparazzi to play here when she was a child. Grandma Gui went to the swing in despair and said to herself not to let the paparazzi swing. Ye Xiaomei contacted the Didi driver. She came back and found that Granny Gui had disappeared, so she split up with Guo Sanshuang and found nothing. Ye Xiaomei hurriedly called Lin Sufen to report.

Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang looked around, but they never saw Granny Gui’s figure. Ye Xiaomei had to call Granny Gui’s son, but he was cold and ignored the matter. It began to rain heavily. Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang came to the house where Granny Gui lived in the rain. They learned that Granny Gui had been here just now, but now they have nowhere to go. Suddenly Ye Xiaomei remembered that Granny Gui once said to bring paparazzi in the building. When I was eating ice cream, I went to the roof with Guo Sanshuang and saw Granny Gui here.

Granny Gui held the paparazzi’s favorite ice cream in her hand. After seeing San Shuang, she happily gave the ice cream to Guo San Shuang and feasted on it. Afterwards, Guo Sanshuang went back with Granny Gui on his back, and Ye Xiaomei helped behind. Ye Xiaomei came home very late. Lin Sufen gave her a severe lesson and condemned her for not being qualified to take over the nursing home. Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to do it at all. Lin Sufen had to admit that she had advanced liver cancer and took out her own test results. Ye Xiaomei Confirmed that she was dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaomei stayed up late to look up information about liver cancer, and finally fell asleep on the table. Ye Xiaomei went to the hospital early in the morning and consulted the doctor about the treatment plan for liver cancer. Since Lin Sufen has advanced liver cancer and is not suitable for surgical resection, the doctor recommends conservative interventional treatment. Wu Hui reported to Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen didn’t hear a word because she was distracted. Ye Xiaomei suddenly broke in and forced Lin Sufen to go to the hospital for re-examination. She didn’t believe the doctor’s diagnosis, so Lin Sufen could only bite the bullet and follow her. boarding.

Wu Hui was worried and called Lin Sufen to find out the situation. Lin Sufen made an excuse to cover up the past. Ye Xiaomei lined up to take Lin Sufen to the oncology department for an examination, but the results were not available until five days later. Ye Xiaomei couldn’t wait, so she called her friend for help. The friend promised that she took Lin Sufen to the hospital where her friend was staying and encouraged Lin Sufen to take care of her. Have confidence.

Guo Sanshuang came back to report his work to the manager and took out the photo of him and the elderly in the nursing home. The manager was very satisfied with his work and gave him three thousand yuan of health care products at once and encouraged him to go to the nursing home to promote sales. After Sanshuang came to the nursing home with large bags and small bags, Zhang Shu reminded him not to sell health products.

Guo Sanshuang went to visit Granny Gui first, and learned that his grandfather was out of anger at Jiangdong, so he hurried to comfort him. Guo Jiangdong knew that he was not better than Hou Lao, and was packing his things to leave. Guo Sanshuang encouraged his grandpa to make a special dish to please Lin. Sufen, but Guo Jiangdong had already lost his sense of taste, he was not confident, Guo Sanshuang cheered for him, and Jiangdong reluctantly agreed to give it a try.

Guo Sanshuang returned to the activity room and found that Granny Gui had already given away all the health care products he had brought. Guo Sanshuang felt sorry for the 3,000 yuan goods. Granny Gui gave him a golden dog as compensation. Guo Sanshuang I left with satisfaction. That night, after Sanshuang scouted no one, he dared to tiptoe home, but he was caught by the creditor, confiscated all his money, and also robbed the little golden dog. The creditor forced Sanshuang to be in an IOU. Sign, otherwise, I went to the nursing home to ask Jiangdong for debts.

Ever since Ye Xiaomei knew about Lin Sufen’s condition, she had trouble sleeping and eating. Lin Sufen looked anxious in her eyes and made her happy with a smile. Early in the morning, Ye Xiaomei went to the vegetable market to purchase ingredients and made a health soup for Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen was sluggish because of taking painkillers, and Ye Xiaomei was distressed and took care of her in every possible way.

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