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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 3 Recap

Ye Xiaomei got up early in the morning and found that the missing piece of the comic manuscript had been pasted. She guessed that it was her grandma Lin Sufen. She went to the nursing home without saying a word, and learned that San Shuang had sent his grandfather to the nursing home in Jiangdong. As soon as Ye Xiaomei saw Ye Xiaomei, Lord Hou dragged her to spit out bitterness. After crossing Jiangdong to live in a nursing home, she quickly attracted the attention of the old ladies here. Lord Hou was robbed of the limelight, and he was very dissatisfied with him. Persuade each other.

Guo Sanshuang inspected the accommodation and food in the nursing home, and was very satisfied with it, and urged grandpa to live here at ease. Granny Gui suddenly rushed over to hug Sanshuang, and kept calling him “paparazzi”, and mistaken Guo Sanshuang for her grandson. Guo Sanshuang was so scared that she yelled and she hugged him tightly. Let it go, after Sanshuang can’t move.

Lin Sufen came to mediate upon hearing the news. Guo Jiangdong fell in love with Lin Sufen at first sight, and immediately decided to live here, ignoring Guo Sanshuang. After Lin Sufen’s various persuasion, Granny Gui released Guo Sanshuang. He took the opportunity to escape. Granny Gui woke up, crying and clamoring for paparazzi. When Ye Xiaomei witnessed this scene, she wanted to go to San Shuang for help, but found that he had already disappeared.

As soon as Guo Sanshuang arrived home, the creditor came to collect the debts. He was too scared to say anything. Ye Xiaomei came to Sanshuang according to the address and mistakenly thought he was not at home. At night, when Guo Sanshuang heard the debt collector snoring at the door, she quietly escaped from the window, accidentally sprained her foot, and was caught by Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei asked him to pretend to be Granny Gui’s grandson and give him a return. An honorarium, Guo Sanshuang fully agreed.

Wu Hui told Guo Sanshuang about Granny Gui’s situation in detail. After Granny Gui’s grandson passed away, she became depressed and became sick with Alzheimer’s disease and mistaken Guo Sanshuang for his grandson. Wu Hui brought Sanshuang to see Granny Gui. Granny Gui burst into tears with excitement, crying in her arms in her arms. Granny Gui took out the photos of her grandson when she was a child, and insisted that Sanshuang was his paparazzi.

She also tried her best to match Ye Xiaomei and Guo Sanshuang to fall in love, and forced her ancestral jade bracelet to wear on her wrist. Ye Xiaomei had to play with Sanshuang. . Guo Sanshuang took off the bracelet and gave it to Granny Gui, and gave it to Ye Xiaomei when she agreed to get married. Granny Gui had no choice but to give up and repeatedly told Sanshuang to go home and make amends to her parents.

Guo Sanshuang pretended to be Granny Gui’s grandson, and finally got her settled. Seeing that it was already dawn, Lin Sufen thanked Guo Sanshuang for her cooperation and asked Ye Xiaomei to send him away. Ye Xiaomei paid him 200 yuan on the spot, Guo Sanshuang massaged her sprained ankle and went to work. Not happy to ask Ye Xiaomei to help him with a portrait, other old people rushed to hear the news and asked Ye Xiaomei to help them portrait. Ye Xiaomei was too disturbed, and they pretended to be sick and threatened. Ye Xiaomei had to ask the guard, Uncle Zhang for help, and Uncle Zhang asked her to paint the old people in order .

The old people were very satisfied with Ye Xiaomei’s work and were full of praise for her. Lin Sufen was very pleased to see this scene. Lin Sufen considered repeatedly and decided to give the nursing home to Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei felt that she was very strong recently and did not want to continue to live under her power. She was angry and wanted to move out. Ye Xiaomei repeatedly emphasized that she only wanted to do what she likes. Lin Sufen can’t take herself. Speaking of her true condition, she only asked Ye Xiaomei to give it a try. Ye Xiaomei flatly refused, but she couldn’t stand Lin Sufen’s pleading, so she could only bite the bullet and agree.

That night, Wu Hui patrolled the nursing home inside and outside. As soon as she left, Lord Hou came to Shi Changsheng and wanted to fight Jiangdong with him. Shi Changsheng knew that he was jealous and persuaded him not to fight Lin Sufen again. Idea. Old Hou was unwilling to give up. He called Lin Sufen overnight, deliberately chatting, and he did what he wanted to download Soviet songs for Lin Sufen. Lin Sufen thanked him, and Hou stubbornly wanted to ask Lin. Sufen confessed that she couldn’t say it, so she turned the topic off and talked about the daily routine. Lin Sufen’s abdominal pain was unbearable, so she could only hold on to deal with Hou Lao.

Guo Jiangdong asked Guo Sanshuang to order a large bouquet of red roses from the flower shop. He wanted to confess to Lin Sufen that he saw Lao Hou was practicing Soviet songs and wanted to sing to Lin Sufen. Guo Jiangdong deliberately turned off the switch and hid in While having fun. Ye Xiaomei officially came to work in the nursing home. Lin Sufen asked Wu Hui to take her to familiarize herself with the work process. Wu Hui told her in detail about the work arrangements and precautions. Ye Xiaomei walked all the way and kept busy broadcasting the daily life of the nursing home.

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