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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Sufen hugged Ye Xiaomei and wept and wept, regretting that her life is too fast, so Ye Xiaomei is not clear, so she can only persuade her kindly. Guo Sanshuang absentmindedly prepared the food. He has been a chef for the first half of his life in Jiangdong, and he has no taste, but he is still picky about the food of Guo Sanshuang. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Guo Sanshuang mistakenly thought it was the creditor who came to the door. He was frightened and panicked. He didn’t expect it was the aunt of the neighborhood committee to call for the gas bill. After Sanshuang was relieved, he discussed with Guo Jiangdong about moving. Resolutely don’t do it.

Ye Xiaomei took the initiative to apologize for being unhappy, but she didn’t buy it. Ye Xiaomei promised not to expose him secretly using mineral water to bottle liquor, so she refused to give up when she was unhappy. Ye Xiaomei found that the paper bag containing the manga was empty, and she hurriedly searched around. Master Hou claimed to ask her to buy cigarettes and be respectful, so she promised to help her find it.

Guo Sanshuang was ordered to come to the “Sunshine Home” nursing home to promote health care products. As soon as he entered the door, he was caught by Ye Xiaomei, who forcibly drove Guo Sanshuang away. Ye Xiaomei secretly bought a pack of cigarettes for Master Hou, and couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of her drawing. Master Hou asked three questions, and just wanted to trick a pack of cigarettes into smoking, Ye Xiaomei was speechless.

At this moment, Ye Xiaomei heard that a group of volunteers had come to the nursing home, and one of them was very handsome. Shi Changsheng came to see what happened. After Sanshuang used card games to sell health products to the elderly, Shi Changsheng believed in him deeply and threatened to live to be 135 years old. Ye Xiaomei hurried over and publicly revealed that she was a liar through Sanshuang, but Shi Changsheng insisted that he was the uncle of Sanshuang, and other grandparents were brainwashed by Sanshuang, and they all supported Sanshuang.

Ye Xiaomei came to the guardian’s uncle to find out how Sanshuang was fooled, and then she knew that Sanshuang came with college student volunteers and brought a formal letter of introduction. Ye Xiaomei asked Master Hou to pretend to be Teacher Li from the University Activity Office and call The volunteers drove Guo Sanshuang away on the phone. Guo Sanshuang had to leave angrily, and Ye Xiaomei warned him not to come again. Shi Changsheng peddled health products to the elderly, boasting about its efficacy, but Ye Xiaomei forcibly confiscated the medicines, but she accidentally scattered the medicines on the ground. Ye Xiaomei had to take a broom and dustpan to clean it up.

Granny Gui was confused. She was sitting on a chair tearing paper. Ye Xiaomei looked at the scraps of paper all over the floor and was miserable. Granny Gui madly pulled Ye Xiaomei to call her grandson-in-law. Ye Xiaomei couldn’t be disturbed. She found that the ground was the first one she had painted. The manuscript of a short comic book was so angry that she was speechless. Lord Hou persuaded her not to mind, and also revealed to her the life experience of Granny Gui. A long time ago Granny Gui took her grandson out to play, but she accidentally had an accident, Granny Gui Since then, she has become mad, and Ye Xiaomei feels worried, so she has to squat on the ground and pick up the pieces one by one.

Lin Sufen found out that Ye Xiaomei was buying cigarettes for Master Hou secretly, and she gave her a severe lesson. Ye Xiaomei was very wronged. She grew up with Lin Sufen and grew up in a nursing home. She knew that smoking and drinking are harmful to the body. She would never commit such a crime. A low-level error, Ye Xiaomei verified that it was a quit smoking candy on the spot, and then left with anger. Lin Sufen blames herself very much. She bought a fish specially after get off work and wanted to make it for Ye Xiaomei.

Guo Sanshuang considered repeatedly and decided to let his grandfather live in the “Sunshine Home” nursing home, so he can be honest and promote health care products. Guo Jiangdong firmly refused to agree. Guo Sanshuang claimed to be very familiar with the dean Lin Sufen, and deliberately revealed that Lin Sufen was also too. Single, Guo Jiangdong was immediately tempted.

Ye Xiaomei came home very late. Lin Sufen repeatedly apologized to her and admitted that she had been wronged during the day. She also taught her how to make fish. Ye Xiaomei was clumsy and made mistakes, and it took many troubles to make it. The result was so unpalatable that she couldn’t swallow, Lin Sufen reminded. She must do it next time.

Lin Sufen wanted to take Ye Xiaomei to practice the car overnight. Ye Xiaomei strongly protested, but she couldn’t stand Lin Sufen’s insistence. Lin Sufen wanted to teach Ye Xiaomei all the things she knew in her lifetime, otherwise she would not be able to ignore her. Lin Sufen was sitting in the co-pilot and instructed Ye Xiaomei to drive step by step. Ye Xiaomei hadn’t touched the car in three years. She was very resistant, and she didn’t know what to do. Lin Sufen no longer insisted on the excuse of going home to sleep when he was tired.

At night, Lin Sufen could not fall asleep tossing and turning, and quietly came to Ye Xiaomei’s room and covered her with a quilt. Lin Sufen accidentally discovered that Ye Xiaomei was splicing the torn manga works, and found that there was a small difference. Lin Sufen went back to the nursing home overnight. , Finally found the piece under the chair.

Lin Sufen knew that she didn’t have much time. She took Wu Hui to find a professional manager to take over the nursing home. As a result, those people used the nursing home as a tool to make money. This went against Lin Sufen’s wishes. She had never been able to find a suitable candidate. . Ye Xiaomei received a call from the guardian uncle early in the morning and learned that Sanshuang had come to the nursing home to promote health care products. She didn’t want to get involved with this, but Lin Sufen and Wu Hui were not there, so Ye Xiaomei hurried over to see what happened.

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