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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 1 Recap

The first ray of sunlight in the morning falls on the earth, and people start a new day of life and work in the morning sun. In the “Sunshine Home” nursing home, the deputy dean Wu Huizheng took the elderly to do morning exercises. Dean Lin Sufen came to work early. She first checked the record sheet of the night patrol to learn more about the sleep conditions of each elderly person, and then went again. The canteen checks today’s dishes to ensure that the elderly can eat delicious and healthy dishes. Lin Sufen finds that the dishes are not fresh and decides to go to the market to trace the roots.

Not happy to be one of the members of the nursing home, he was addicted to alcohol, so he secretly went to the kitchen to steal cooking wine. Lin Sufen learned that an elderly person was wasting food, so she went to the cafeteria to eat. Suddenly she felt unbearable abdominal pain. She knocked a bowl of rice to the ground. She was unhappy and hurried over to greet her and reminded her not to waste food. Suffering can’t tell, can only stand firm. Guo Sanshuang is a sales representative of a health care product company. He gathered many elderly people who came to attend the class. With his three-inch tongue, he brainwashed the old people. The old people enthusiastically buy health care products.

Guo Sanshuang’s sales performance has soared, and he is about to be promoted to the position of store manager. He didn’t expect someone to come to collect debts. He only learned that his ex-girlfriend Joey borrowed 100,000 yuan from the APP by stealing his ID card.

When his girlfriend broke up, he tried his best to get rid of the relationship, but the other party refused to forgive him and forced him to sign and fingerprint on the repayment agreement. He also threatened to go to his grandfather to collect debts in Jiangdong. Guo Sanshuang entangled with them in every possible way, taking advantage of the fact that he was not prepared to flee. .

Ye Xiaomei just broke up and was unemployed again. She was sleeping late at her grandma Lin Sufen’s house. A friend introduced her to a translation job and asked her to go for an interview now. Ye Xiaomei hurried to the company early in the morning and ended up using her manga manuscript as a resume. The HR manager should get a formal resume before noon, otherwise she will never be hired. Ye Xiaomei didn’t dare to delay, she hurried home to get it, only to find that she had forgotten to bring the house key when she went out, she had to call her grandma Lin Sufen, and Lin Sufen asked her to go to the nursing home to wait.

Lin Sufen is leading the staff to investigate in the vegetable market, urging the owner of the vegetable farm Li to replace the canteen with fresh dishes as soon as possible, otherwise he will never cooperate in the future. Lin Sufen knows the physical condition of each elderly person well, and specially buys them for them. Suitable dishes.

Ye Xiaomei was waiting for Lin Sufen in the nursing home. She was not happy to come over to greet her. She complained that Ye Xiaomei didn’t come to see him. Ye Xiaomei smelled the smell of smoke and alcohol on him, so she scolded him with a straight face. If they didn’t agree, they had a big quarrel, unhappy pretending to be anxious and fainting on the spot.

Lin Sufen rushed to the hospital when she heard the news. Then her unhappy son rushed over and cursed Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei turned over the mineral water bottle she had hidden in her unhappy body. The Erguotou inside. She publicly exposed that she was unhappy about smoking and drinking without a doubt. Happiness is pretending to be sick, and he hurriedly opened his eyes to argue. He fainted again because of his emotions. The unhappy son pushed all the guilt on Ye Xiaomei and criticized her. Lin Sufen forced Ye Xiaomei to apologize to them.

The creditor’s sudden door-to-door debt collection caused a very bad effect. Guo Sanshuang’s promotion to the store manager temporarily ran aground. The manager severely criticized him and forced him to take orders for the elderly in the “Sunshine Home” nursing home as soon as possible. After Guo Sanshuang went home in despair, he suddenly saw the creditor come to the door, and he hurriedly hid in fright. Thanks to his grandfather’s absence, the creditor sprayed the words “repay the money” on the door with red paint, and then left angrily.

After Sanshuang, I had to buy red paint from a hardware store and simply painted the door red. Guo Jiangdong went home and saw that the door changed its color. He was puzzled. Guo Sanshuang claimed that the master had asked for fortune-telling. Guo Jiangdong had to give up and urged Guo Sanshuang to cook as soon as possible. Lin Sufen was unhappy when he went to the hospital to visit, and reminded him not to pretend to be ill, so as not to delay the condition, and he was unhappy and scared to make amends. Lin Sufen felt unbearable abdominal pain when she went out. She insisted on going to the hospital for an examination. It turned out that the liver cancer was in the late stage. Although Lin Sufen had been mentally prepared, she was still lost.

Ye Xiaomei found her grandmother Lin Sufen sitting in a daze in the room with a dark lamp, and hurried over to ask her for help. Lin Sufen could no longer control her, and tears of sadness came from her eyes.

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