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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 8 Recap

Yan Wenxiu ran to ask if Xie Xiaoni colluded with Ouyang Ziyu to see her make a fool of herself, Xie Xiaoni said helplessly, Xiaolu personally invited them. Yan Wenxiu determined that it was Xie Xiaoni deliberately and wanted to fight her. She didn’t believe that she was inferior to Xie Xiaoni, so why should I lose to her! At night, Xie Xiaoni played the ocarina again, and Ouyang Ziyu asked. Xie Xiaoni complained about Ouyang Ziyu’s arson, but Ouyang Ziyu said that Yan Wenxiu was embarrassed by himself.

He didn’t need to understand other people’s thoughts. People who wanted to know would naturally. Xie Xiaoni didn’t ask any more, Ouyang Ziyu wanted to know who had nothing to do with her. Ouyang Ziyu left, Xie Xiaoni smiled when he saw buns in his yard, buns really still love to eat buns.

Su Gongming asked Xiao Guan’s family to take Su Wenyu to open a new store to have a good experience. The Su family had difficulty embroidering this year, so Su Gongming mentioned Yan Wenxiu again. If they run the Su family together, Su Wenyu would not agree to marry Yan Wenxiu. This time I started with a pair of two. Yun Niang put Yan Wenxiu and Xie Xiaoni in a team. Yan Wenxiu was very unhappy. She was so dignified, how could Xie Xiaoni compare with her. Xie Xiaoni expressed the hope that Miss Yan, who was born with noble birth, could also beat her once.

The three-day deadline was approaching, and Xie Xiaoni had no idea in her mind. Yuan Xiang said that Yan Wenxiu had finished it early, and she could not fall behind. Xie Xiaoni observed Yan Wenxiu’s walking posture, and suddenly had an idea. This time, Yun Niang was very satisfied with the clothes, and the clothes made by Xie Xiaoni and Yan Wenxiu were also amazing, especially the skirts made by Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni did double-sided embroidery this time, and Yun Niang praised her idea and skill better. This time she won, but Yan Wenxiu was very unwilling to take off her clothes.

Yan Wenxiu suddenly fainted and developed a rash all over her body. The doctor said that Yan Wenxiu might be allergic. Yun Niang asked carefully. Yan Wenxiu said that she couldn’t touch Sophora japonica since she was a child. Whenever she met a drink, she would do this, but Xie Xiaoni knew that Yan Wenxiu was allergic to Sophora japonica, so she would never use it. Yunniang brought the dye made by Xie Xiaoni, and there appeared a locust flower that Xie Xiaoni had never used before.

Jin Chan and Yu Cui said she had done it deliberately. Yun Niang was furious. No matter what the clothes were, Xie Xiaoni made them. Xie Xiaoni expressed her willingness to be punished, and Yunniang was annoyed to ask her to go to the market to sell goods and sell a dozen silvers within three days, otherwise she would not return.

Yuanxiang and Aunt Mei were both worried about Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni was carrying things early in the morning and was going to sell goods. Aunt Mei persuaded Xie Xiaoni to say that Yunniang was too late to care about her, but this time she had to bear the weight. Yuan Xiang and Chengtian found Sophora japonica in Yan Wenxiu’s flower basket. This is obviously because Yan Wenxiu framed Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni refused to let them sue. After all, there is no evidence. Aunt Mei also asked her to go to the market to sell goods. If Yun Niang can’t be sold, she may not be driven away.

Xiaolu hurriedly told Ouyang Ziyu about this matter, and Ouyang Ziyu walked away. Yan Wenxiu came to Yun Niang to pretend to be wronged, but Yun Niang coldly told her that she should cherish sisterhood. Aunt Mei looked very uncomfortable with Yan Wenxiu. Yan Wenxiu couldn’t help but scolded her behind her back and was scolded by Yun Niang. After all, Aunt Mei had been with her for more than ten years, so no one had her turn to talk nonsense. Xie Xiaoni came to the market to buy clothes and was driven away by several merchants. Xie Xiaoni had to rent a stall in a grievance. Chengtian and Yuanxiang were worried about Xie Xiaoni and ran out secretly. Xie Xiaoni yelled hard but no one wanted to buy it.

Brother Su’s illness got worse and worse, Su Wenyu sought a doctor for treatment. Brother Su knew his physical condition, and was even more worried about the Su family and Su Wenyu. Yuanxiang and Chengtian finally found Xie Xiaoni. The business here is not so good, so Yuanxiang immediately took the clothes and yelled. In the evening, Yuanxiang called on everyone to help Xie Xiaoni. Everyone who has a good relationship with Xie Xiaoni would help her, except Yan Wenxiu. The Yunjinzhuang apprentice pretended to come to buy clothes to solicit Xie Xiaoni, and soon attracted many people. Ouyang Ziyu watched from upstairs. Upon seeing this, Yan Wenxiu ran away angrily.

Ouyang Ziyu came to Xie Xiaoni’s booth and said that these girls were childcares invited by Xie Xiaoni. Please don’t be fooled anymore. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xie Xiaoni if ​​he did business like this. Don’t you know what a young man is not deceived? There was a lot of scolding, and Xie Xiaoni quickly stated that they were all apprentices at Yunjinzhuang, but conscientiously speaking, aren’t their clothes good? What’s more, they lied to everyone. Xie Xiaoni told Ouyang Ziyu that they were liars and they could not afford it. Ouyang Ziyu said that her sharp teeth was a good material, and turned away. Yan Wenxiu went to find Yun Niang to complain that Xie Xiaoni was bluffing and cheating outside.

Yun Niang was too lazy to bother. Aunt Mei finally couldn’t help asking Yan Wenxiu why there were sophora flowers in her basket. Yan Wenxiu repeatedly denied it. Yun Niang said meaningfully that the most valuable thing about learning art is not to stand out, but to go hand in hand. If you don’t even understand this truth, Yun Niang is considered to have taught her for nothing. Chengtian ran back and said that Xie Xiaoni had sold twelve taels of silver and asked her to visit. Yunniang asked her how she sold twelve taels of silver. Xie Xiaoni confessed that she had increased the price without authorization, and Yan Wenxiu took the opportunity to say that she was ruining credit.

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