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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 7 Recap

Ouyang Ziyu chose Xie Xiaoni, and Yunniang asked her to listen to Ouyang Ziyu’s dispatch. Although Xie Xiaoni said they had never seen her before, Ouyang Ziyu always found her familiar. Yan Wenxiu sarcastically satirizes Xie Xiaoni, Chengtian secretly tells Xie Xiaoni that Ouyang Ziyu can’t afford to offend. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xie Xiaoni to go to the market with him. Xie Xiaoni kept his head down and did not dare to look at him. Ouyang Ziyu said that he wanted to ask for a price.

Xie Xiaoni was very business-minded. Ouyang Ziyu watched Xie Xiaoni fall into doubt again. Haven’t you seen it? Xie Xiaoni spoke eloquently, but in a daze he caused Ouyang Ziyu’s deep memory, but he had a headache before he remembered it. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xie Xiaoni to do a camellia embroidery, and Xie Xiaoni agreed.

Yan Wenxiu and Chengtian met by chance, and they both came to follow Xie Xiaoni. Chengtian liked Xie Xiaoni, and Yan Wenxiu took the opportunity to say that Ouyang Ziyu might appreciate Xie Xiaoni’s beauty. Chengtian became anxious and promised to cooperate with Yan Wenxiu to separate them. Chengtian came to Xie Xiaoni and said that Yun Niang was looking for her in a hurry. Yan Wenxiu immediately followed up and said that she was willing to serve him. Ouyang Ziyu said that she had something important to do and asked her to go back.

Chengtian brought Xie Xiaoni to drink tea. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Ziyu was next door and asked Xie Xiaoni why he didn’t want to follow him. Xie Xiaoni said that he would have to stay up all night to make up for the work he didn’t do. He only wanted his own convenience and didn’t say that he wanted to do business with Yunjinzhuang. Ouyang Ziyu retorted, but didn’t want Xie Xiaoni to slander in his heart that he was a prince’s business. Ouyang Ziyu said that the guide Xie Xiaoni was unqualified, and he must teach her to understand today. Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian sat aside, Chengtian was planning to make amends for Ouyang Ziyu, but did not want Xie Xiaoni to answer well.

Su Gongming mentioned the Yan family in Huaizhou and said that Yan Wenxiu was studying art at Yunjinzhuang. After the school, the Yan family wanted Yan Wenxiu to come to the capital to meet the world, so Su Gongming asked Su Wenyu to pick up Yan Wenxiu. He also said that they had a baby kiss when they were young, and they just settled down. .

Su Wenyu disagrees with 10,000 people, he only regards Yan Wenxiu as his younger sister. Walking to the already dilapidated Xie Mansion, Su Wenyu thought about Xie Xiaoni depressedly. At night, Xie Xiaoni was doing embroidery in the garden. Ouyang Ziyu was playing a flute on the wall, and Xie Xiaoni took out an ocarina to play with him. Ouyang Ziyu went over curiously, and found that it was Xie Xiaoni who said that her rhythm was bad, and that she was willing to point her to her. Xie Xiaoni said that she didn’t need it and went back.

Xie Xiaoni felt more and more familiar, and Ouyang Ziyu asked Xiaolu to ask what happened in the days when he disappeared. He must have lost something familiar. Ouyang Ziyu intends to stay here for more days. The next day Xie Xiaoni went to pick flowers and met him again. He walked to the bridge where Xie Feng fell from the cliff. Xie Xiaoni conditioned to leave. Ouyang Ziyu laughed at her for being timid, and Xie Xiaoni walked on the bridge, and every time she walked, the sight of her family being killed appeared. Xie Xiaoni couldn’t stand firmly, Ouyang Ziyu quickly stepped forward and hugged her, and steadily hugged her across the bridge.

The students made clothes for Aunt Mei. Yan Wenxiu didn’t like the clothes made by Aunt Mei. She couldn’t work if she was dressed like this. Aunt Mei made by Xie Xiaoni really likes it because she doesn’t like fancy, this dress is unpretentious and easy to work. Yan Wenxiu said that this dress was not beautiful, and Aunt Mei was partial to Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni explained his opinion that this dress can be worn on both sides and is also very beautiful.

Yunniang was very satisfied with this and announced that only Xie Xiaoni was qualified for this class. When Ouyang Ziyu saw Xie Xiaoni tidying Aunt Mei’s hair, he felt a little familiar. He wanted Xie Xiaoni to accompany him to the market. Yan Wenxiu said that Xie Xiaoni had not rested for several days for the exam and offered to accompany him. Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu had an appointment, but Chengtian told her that Ouyang Ziyu and Yan Wenxiu were gone, and took Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang to go shopping.

Ouyang Ziyu was walking down the street feeling dull, and he left without taking a few steps. Yan Wenxiu reluctantly followed up and asked him if he was bored with him and asked him to invite himself to dinner tomorrow. Ouyang Ziyu was forced to agree. Up. The next day, Yan Wenxiu specially dressed up and appeared in front of Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni didn’t say anything. Yuanxiang felt that Ouyang Ziyu had eye problems before she fell in love with Yan Wenxiu. Chengtian said that Yuanxiang was not good-looking, and Xie Xiaoni hated iron. Not into steel. Xiaolu came to Xie Xiaoni and said that Ouyang Ziyu had something to ask her for help.

Ouyang Ziyu ordered the dishes and said that they had been preparing since yesterday. Yan Wenxiu was very warm, but he did not expect that Ouyang Ziyu invited Xie Xiaoni, Chengtian, Yuanxiang and other students, all except Yunniang. Now, Yan Wenxiu’s face is very bad, especially when he sees Ouyang Ziyu taking more care of Xie Xiaoni.

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