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Mouse 마우스 Episode 14 Recap

Gao Wuzhi searches for the murderer who killed Li Zaozhi in the jungle. Zheng Barin flees in fright. Gao Wuzhi only finds Cui Hongzhu who was knocked out. Wu Fengyi considered repeatedly and flushed the USB flash drive from the toilet. The evidence showed that Zheng Barin killed Jiang Dexiu. She believed that Zheng Barin was taking revenge for her and didn’t want Zheng Barin to be involved.

The police played the video of Li Zaizhi before his death. He explained all the crimes committed in Shuicheng. The police found the bodies of the victims one by one according to the location he said. Zheng Barin downturned and went home. Seeing Wu Fengyi had been waiting for him, Zheng Barin couldn’t tell the truth that she was a murderer, so he pushed her away and went back to the house.

Gao Wuzhi rescued Cui Hongzhu and greeted her. Cui Hongzhu told her in detail what happened. When she heard the news of Li Jae-sik’s release from prison, she waited halfway and wanted to continue interviewing him. She also specially prepared an apple for Li Jae-sik and exposed him face to face. The murderer of the serial homicide, Lee Jae-sik, was completely exposed and dragged Cui Hongzhu into the jungle after knocking out. Cui Hongzhu did not see the person who killed Lee Jae-sik.

It turned out that Cui Hongzhu asked Zheng Barin about the address of Lee Jae-sik, and Zheng Barin was worried that Cui Hongzhu was in danger, so he followed.

Today is the wedding day for Police Officer Shen and Dorser. Gao Wuzhi, Zheng Barin, Cui Hongzhu and Wu Fengyi and others all came to attend. Dorser apologized to his father in public. His father was moved in tears. After the vegetation was released, Li, He was worried that his grievance could not be clarified, so he chose to hang himself. Thanks to Dong Jiu’s timely arrival and telling him that the murderer was Lee Jae-sik, he was able to attend his daughter’s wedding dignifiedly.

Zheng Barin went home and saw his aunt was helping him clean, only to realize that his aunt and Hun Seok were going to settle abroad with his uncle, and Zheng Barin gave the kitten to Hun Seok. Wu Fengyi kept calling Zheng Barin. He never answered. Wu Fengyi did not give up. He came to the police station in the rain and waited for Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin lied that he would not meet after a business trip. Wu Fengyi was on the phone. Expressing his heart to Zheng Barin, Gao Wuzhi came in and saw it, complaining that he should not betray Wu Fengyi’s feelings, Zheng Barin replied to Wu Fengyi and promised to have dinner together tomorrow night.

Wu Fengyi officially became a member of Cui Hongzhu’s team, Cui Hongzhu also printed her business card, Wu Fengyi specially put on the necklace Zheng Barin gave her, and wanted to have dinner with Zheng Barin. The program team received a call from a child Ming Gaonan for help. Wu Fengyi stopped by to see him and took him to the dating restaurant. Ming Gaonan claimed to be a detective. He found the murderer of the kitten and had conclusive evidence.

Zheng Barin came afterwards, he took the initiative to greet Ming Gaonan, Ming Gaonan avoided him, Zheng Barin suddenly received a call from Daniel, and hurriedly said goodbye to Wu Fengyi, Daniel asked Zheng Barin to collect the next target’s genes. Information, Zheng Barin flatly refused.

Ming Gaonan and Wu Fengyi made an appointment to meet tomorrow. Ming Gaonan saw Zheng Barin at the door after school. He hurriedly hid in fright. A crazy grandma stopped Zheng Barin and said to himself that he would kill the wild cat. Zheng Barin didn’t take it seriously either. Wu Fengyi came to the school to find Ming Gaonan, only to find that he was hiding in the laboratory warehouse, accidentally spilling the detergent stock solution on the shelf, causing violent burning, Ming Gaonan was sent to the hospital for rescue.

Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin came to the warehouse to investigate. They suspected that someone had deliberately caused the accident. They went to investigate separately. Zheng Barin found a set of keys under the cabinet of the warehouse. He learned from the Golden Patrol police in the jurisdiction that there was a barbecue nearby. In the shop, Jeong Barin carefully observes the actions of the boss, Kim Byung-tae. Afterwards, Zheng Barin came to the hospital to visit Luo Zhiguo, who was still in a coma.

Zheng Barin came to the grandmother’s house to investigate and found a bunch of keys. He tried to open the music box on the bookshelf and saw a few burned torn photos in it with Jin Bingtae on it. Zheng Barin returned to the reference room overnight. Looking at the evidence of the child sexual assault case, Zheng Barin collected Jin Bingtae’s belongings. Daniel found out that he had abnormal genes. Zheng Barin squatted at the barbecue restaurant and caught Jin Bingtae on the spot.

Zheng Barin restored the truth of the case. The grandmother witnessed the evidence that Jin Bingtae killed the cat, so she secretly hid the photos in the music box. Ming Gaonan accidentally found these photos, and he reported Jin Bingtae to Wu Fengyi. Jin Bingtae rushed to the school and wanted to confront Ming Gaonan. Ming Gaonan was only burned thanks to the old grandma who came to stop him in time for the murder. Zheng Barin took a bottle of cleansing solution and wanted to burn Jin Bingtai to death.

Zheng Barin found that he had slowly escaped the control of Cheng Yaohan’s brain and was turning back to the original Zheng Barin. He was very pleased that Wu Fengyi came to the appointment on time, and Zheng Barin couldn’t help kissing her. Early in the morning, Zheng Barin went to see his aunt and Hun Suk in person. He watched them get in the car and left. He heard the news that Ming Gao Nan was out of danger, and he was relieved.

Gao Wuzhi remembered that today was his brother’s birthday. He came to the church alone and couldn’t help thinking of his parents and brother who had died tragically. He burst into tears. Immediately afterwards, Gao Wuzhi bought wine and vegetables and came to Zheng Barin. The two of them drank happily. Gao Wuzhi spit out bitterness at him through the wine and showed him the family portrait preserved in the necklace. Zheng Barin was very envious. He has an older brother, and Gao Wuzhi regards him as a brother, and the two have become brothers since then.

Gao Wuzhi was too drunk and quickly became unconscious. He slept at Zheng Barin’s house that night. When he went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he accidentally stuck the necklace on the door leaf of the washbasin. Gao Wuzhi didn’t remember anything. He was early in the morning. I went to the data room to find the necklace. I accidentally discovered that the tool of the crime had been changed. I took the dagger to conduct a test. The blood stain on it was not Wu Fengyi, but Jiang Dexiu’s. Zheng Barin got up early to clean up and found the necklace of Gao Wuzhi.

When Zheng Barin came to work, he found that Gao Wuzhi was wearing the exact same necklace around his neck, and he immediately panicked. Gao Wuzhi received a call from the technical team and was shocked when he learned that the blood on the dagger was Jiang Dexiu’s. Zheng Barin pulled out the corsage that Grandma Wu carried with her from home, and saw Wu Fengyi wearing the necklace he gave again, and Ming Gaonan saw the necklace, Zheng Barin pulled it off his neck.

Zheng Barin ran home in one breath, opened the secret room in the yard, and discovered a shocking secret. Zheng Barin realized that Cheng Yaohan was not the real murderer. He was the real perverted murderer. Zheng Barin suddenly accepted Upon Dongjiu’s call, he learned that Luo Zhiguo had regained consciousness, and he was scared in a cold sweat.

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