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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 3 Recap

Gu Ling was worried that any impulsive knight would do impulsive things, but any knight told her not to take care of herself. Hearing that Gu Ling had a one-hundred and fortieth-level spiritual rhinoceros sword, he changed his attitude, but Gu Ling was unwilling to give him the equipment and asked him to go to Li Yuan to single out. Any Xia had been leveling and fighting monsters online, and Gu Ling went into the game and scolded him.

After playing the game, both Hu Miaomiao and Bai Fumei could see that there was something wrong with Gu Ling. She kept chanting the name of any man, which seemed very abnormal to them, but Gu Ling didn’t know it herself. Later, Gu Ling chatted with any hero in private, and promised to lend him the equipment, but he had to go offline to a place and bring a helper.

In the middle of the night, any hero wakes up his roommate Dadong to accompany him. Gu Ling found a bunch of messy tools, scared Dadong and any Xia Xia very much. After an explanation, Ren Xia knew that she wanted to come over and let them move the game console. They were chased by the security guards while they were moving the game console.

The chubby security guards could not catch up with them, and they were very happy. Any Xia thanked them for helping them move back to the game console, and talked to them about the origin of the game console, and everyone understood that he and Li Yuan’s ten-year friendship was emotional. Any knight hesitated to challenge, Gu Ling persuaded him to challenge with confidence.

Any Xia asked her to accompany him to the challenge, and Gu Ling agreed. They also need to find a dad, who is the Xiaoyaosheng of Huasheng Temple. Gu Ling took advantage of his unpreparedness and beat any knight to mutilation. The Bodhisattva’s heart-hearted Xiaoyao gave birth to save his life, and promised to team up with them to fight against the barbarian king of Li Yuan.

They alone were not enough. Gu Ling took any hero to the building of the Fantasy Game Company to find the second strongest French Dragon Prince. Bai Fumei got a key card, and Gu Ling took the key card to enter the building, let any man pretend to be a staff member here, deceived the security, and the two entered the building to find Long Ziche.

At first, Long Ziche didn’t say anything, and motioned to the staff to call the security department. Gu Ling eagerly said the identity of the ruined world, let Long Ziche stop, and agreed to talk with them. Long Ziche was very arrogant, thinking that these students were ignorant and ignorant, and even arrogantly wanted to give them red envelopes and let them go home to sleep. Gu Ling deliberately irritated him, causing Long Ziche to be upset, and he wanted to challenge any hero.

Although Long Ziche is known as the second strongest legal system, it is still difficult to distinguish the winner or loser compared with any chivalrous man. If it weren’t for Long Ziche’s girlfriend to show up and let him remember his promise not to play games during working hours, they would probably continue to play.

Under Gu Ling and the radical generals and persuasion, Long Ziche was a little shaken. Seeing this, Gu Ling’s goal was achieved, and he was expected to agree to them, so he deliberately pretended to leave and gave Long Ziche down the steps. Sure enough, Long Ziche asked the staff to tell them that they could make an appointment tomorrow.

They united the front, and Long Ziche also brought his top ten girlfriends together. That night, the five faced Li Yuan. Li Yuan is very arrogant, and he also has arrogant capital. The Barbarian King has grown in just three days, and his strength should not be underestimated. The five people confronted the Barbarian King, and seemed a little powerless.

Long Ziche’s girlfriend said that to deal with the Barbarian King, he must first solve Li Yuan’s Killing Wolf. Any one fights against Li Yuan, and the other four fight against the devil. When they were fighting each other hard to distinguish the victory or defeat, a flash of lightning suddenly struck, and the computer screen of any man shattered after dazzling light. He was in a panic and found a drop of blood on his forehead.

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