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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 2 Recap

This is a strange world, and any heroic character can’t make any effort at all. Just when he thought they were going to die here, Li Yuan appeared and pulled them out of that weird place. Withdrawing from the game, Gu Ling hasn’t recovered yet, she has never seen a game world like that. Any Xia immediately came to his door and asked if Li Yuan was using game resources to build his artificial intelligence system. Li Yuan admitted, but in turn accused him and the woman of discovering the game world he made. After Bai Fumi’s brother found Li Yuan’s address, Gu Ling brought Hu Miaomiao and Bai Fumi to the door, and found that the other party was Li Yuan and Any Xia.

Bai Fumei was a girl who looked at her face. Seeing that it was Li Yuan, her anger disappeared mostly. Li Yuan asked them to leave, and Gu Ling asked him to apologize and explain. Li Yuan was very impatient. Seeing that his system was about to succeed, it turned into an end that was about to be initialized. When he was angry, he would raise his hand to thresh Gu Ling.

Any Xia quickly stopped and asked them to leave as soon as possible. After the incident, any man on the rooftop once again bitterly persuaded Li Yuan not to do such illegal and disorderly things again, but Li Yuan was still stubborn. To help Gu Ling and Bai Fumei vent their anger, Hu Miaomiao wrote an exaggerated article.

Hu Miaomiao signed the bone elf’s name. Gu Ling was unwilling, but God made her accidentally press the send button. The next day, the incident went viral at school. Anyone found that everyone looked at his magic very strange. After being reminded by his classmates, he saw the exaggerated article on the Internet. Any Xia went to question Gu Ling. The two were making a lot of noise in the studio. Gu Ling accidentally broke her nose and got a nosebleed. Her photos went crazy in school posts. Gu Ling felt ashamed and became a joke at the school. In order to retaliate, she put a fake snake in any chivalrous bag and recorded his embarrassment.

Gu Ling also posted this video on the Internet, and any man who found it would go to her to settle accounts. The two competed heads-up in the game, but after the return of sanity, both of them found it funny. It was obviously caused by Bai Fume and Li Yuan, but in the end it was the two of them singly singled out here.

The two shook hands and made peace, and Gu Ling clearly told him that he planned to tell the game company what Li Yuan had done. After all, there were some things that could no longer be tolerated. Here, Li Yuan, in the game world he created, was counterattacked by the game company. The other party blocked Li Yuan’s account and his Xiao Barbarian King was attacked.

But he still escaped. The game company’s Long always gave his men twelve hours to get rid of the opponent. The school already knew what Li Yuan was doing. The professor reminded him not to make mistakes and let him suspend school first, but Li Yuan took the lead to drop out of school on his own, and he was sinking deeper and deeper.

Before leaving school, Li Yuan took a look at any man who was training and said that he was free, but before leaving school, he had one more thing to do. He wanted to find Gu Ling and give her a good start, but was stopped by any of the heroes, and the two confronted each other. The good brothers who had known each other for ten years turned against each other, Li Yuan said that they would no longer be brothers from now on, and then left.

Li Yuan’s little barbarian king had already learned to speak, and he began to wreak havoc in the game, leading out Gu Ling and any knight. He made an appointment to fight any knight, and three days later, he fought to the death in the devil’s cave. After quitting the game, any Xia went to look for him, but did not see anyone else. Seeing the childhood game console, any Xia wanted to move it back, but he couldn’t move it, so he went away without saying a word in annoyance.

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