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Fantasy Westward Journey 指尖少年 Episode 1 Recap

Female college student Gu Ling, studying at Nanzhen Comprehensive Experimental University, usually plays games and finds her world in games. Classmate Hu Miaomiao is an ordinary female college student with a very low sense of existence. Contrary to Hu Miaomiao, Bai Fumi has a very rich amateur life, dating different boys in different media. On this day, Bai Fumei took her and Hu Miaomiao to watch the boys play basketball. Among them was a classmate who was called the number two male god by Bai Fumei, but in Gu Ling’s eyes, he was just a bored man pretending to be cold. male.

Later, a handsome man named Li Yuan came, but Gu Ling just wanted to go back to do the task, and was not interested in them at all, and left soon. Any hero accompanies Li Yuan to catch the dragon turtle in the game, and many girls stop by them, their eyes almost sticking to Li Yuan. In the game, Li Yuan’s game character kills the wolf and any hero’s game character swordsman catches the dragon turtle. Any hero dies once and loses a lot of experience. The two once again joined forces to defeat the Dragon Turtle. Li Yuan invites any hero to go to Chang’an City for dinner, and encounters the famous bone elf by chance.

Gu Ling’s ID in the game is called “Sister Hardcore”, who sells equipment in Chang’an City and attracts many people’s attention. Any man joked that Li Yuan’s reputation as the number one in the entire server was even smaller than her. Li Yuan refused to accept it and sold the dragon turtle baby just now. Gu Ling couldn’t see it, and said a few words about Li Yuan. Any Xia persuaded her not to be nosy. Any Xia’s first love, Xiao Fei, is coming back. He happily pulls Li Yuan to wait, and practises his confession words to him. After Li Yuan leaves, Xiao Fei arrives.

What stunned any hero was that Xiao Fei actually brought back a boyfriend. The two had met on the plane for less than ten hours. Anyone pretends that he also has a girlfriend, and Gu Ling at the table next door scolds the scumbag, coincidentally as if scolding him. Any knight couldn’t help standing up and turning around, Gu Ling actually picked up the water and splashed the scumbag on him. Gu Ling returned to the dormitory and vowed that she would never help Bai Fumei cover her bag again, and persuaded her not to believe in such boring online dating in the future. Bai Fumei didn’t care, maybe Gu Ling would fall into a vigorous online dating and couldn’t help herself.

Any man who was broken in love asked Li Yuan to complain, Li Yuan changed the subject and asked him to take a look at his graduation study. He is studying artificial intelligence systems, and the front-end image can have a dialogue with people. Any Xia felt magical, but he also reminded Li Yuan that stealing data was illegal, but Li Yuan didn’t take it seriously.

They drove the tram in excitement and hurriedly on the road. Le Jisheng was in a car accident. Li Yuan was seriously injured with a broken leg and needed to be hospitalized for a week. In this way, he will not be able to return to school to submit a report, and may not be able to graduate. Any Xia helped him get the computer and begged his professor to agree to the video report.

However, Li Yuan did not make a report. When he was connected to the professor in the video, the other party asked him if he tried to hack into the game’s core server to steal data. Li Yuan admitted, but he refused to admit his mistake and was fined to suspend classes.

Bai Fumei was deceived by the bitch in the game, and Gu Ling promised to help her teach the bitch, but Li Yuan, who was upright, was regarded as the object of venting and attacked her extremely harshly. Either the hero appeared in time and saved Gu Ling, but the two also fell into the abyss because of this, and this was a world they had never seen before. At first I thought it was a system defect, but it seems not.

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